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Mafia: Propaganda


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I'm heading out, so I'll give my last words now:

I strongly urge you to vote Reigning Champ due to his efforts to frame me once you find out I'm innocent.

I don't know man something tells me that champ could be vig or sherriff. The good news is I didn't vote ya! While there's no telling of you're playing us or not but I see a few others as more suspicious so I left you alone.

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@Mikey I agree with you that those two are suspicious but I'm assuming they'll be god killed if they're inactive. I'd check whether they're about to be killed or not but it's too hard on mobile.

Anyways, I'll vote Kiwis as well. Not even convinced that he's Mafia but there's not much to go on right now.

Start talking to each other, guys. It's the only way to get someone to slip up.

I'm changing my vote to mufasa as in te past games rocket was pretty vocal and to not see him post now I am starting to think inactivity. We'll see in the end for sure.

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Kiwis' luck was running out. Having just nearly dodged a bullet last night, he was being extra cautious today. But the town didnt like the fact that someone wanted him dead... So the town decides to skin the kiwi and make a fruit platter... Kiwi is killed by the town via a giant skin peeler....

Intoewsable was sleeping at home when a Yakuza mafia member ran in and yelled AHHHHHH GODZILLAAAAAAAA and bit his head off....Intoewsable is beheaded by the Yakuza Mafia

Apples was at Intoewsable's funeral when the Triad members saw the sticker on his forehead that said....FUJI Apples... this angered the Triad because Fuji was in Japan, so the Triad mafia ripped off the sticker and stuck a Gala Apple sticker on and made Gala Apple Juice from Apples....Apples is juiced by the Triad Mafia

The vigilante felt as though he wanted to carry on with the fruits and vegetable killings recently so he kills Carrots....Carrots is killed by the Vig

Kiwis is lynched

Apples is killed by Triad

Intoewsable is killed by Yakuza

Carrots is killed by Vig

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1. Snozberries [TP]

2. Captain Aerosex

3. Tiger Singh [TP]

4. Mau5trap [Mafia]

5. Peaches

6. JE14 [Mafia]

7. Intoewsables [Mafia]

8. Kiwis [TP]

9. Reigning Champ

10. Apples [Mafia]

11. RussianRocket

12. Go Faulk Yourself

13. Kryten [TP]

14. Blueberries

15. Malkin Cookies

16. Mikeyboy44

17. Beluga Whale

18. Alchemy time

19. Gally [Mafia]

20. Federer [TP]

21. Where's Wellwood

22. Carrots [Mafia]

23. Crom

24. Mufasa

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I'm not mafia, but I knew kiwis was something other than a tp, I'm not sure who to vote for since I was wrong on kiwis, about him being a mafia, but I'm certainly not mafia, and the trend of people who have been getting killed are people who have flown under the radar, btw, there is probably only two mafia left in the whole game, so we're in great shape

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I think rather than taking another wild swing at one of the fruits being mafia without a solid reason, we should go hang someone who has given us a reason to. There really is only one person who has given us a reason. Although it might cost me my life if I am wrong, but I feel as if Reigning Champ who supposedly cost us a TP should be hung for what he has done.

There is no point in going after RussianRocket or Mufasa as they SHOULD be god killed already. One of them might just be the SK and missed their kill who knows.

Once again this might cost me my life but

Vote Reigning Champ

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