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Canucks replace young fans damaged collection


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Quite a nice little story and some positivity


Two weeks ago in Hamilton, ON, 15-year old Austin Sabourin was playing video games in the bedroom of his family's ground-floor apartment when an intruder crashed through the window. Covered in blood, the man stumbled around the room, seriously damaging the young boy's collection of hockey cards and other Vancouver Canucks related memorabilia, including several hats, T-shirts, pennants, a welcome mat and a vintage sweater from the '80s featuring the team's logo.

Upon reading the story in the Hamilton Spectator and learning that Austin has been a Canucks fan "since he was born", the team reached out to the newspaper in order to contact the family. Harold Cecchetti, a community partnership associate with Canucks Sports & Entertainment, emailed the paper with the following message: "I was hoping that you might put us in touch with the family so that we might replace some of the memorabilia for him."

Austin is currently away on summer vacation, but he is said to be "excited" about the news. Austin's mother, Cheryl, added the following: "It's so exciting. It's a very delightful surprise. In spite of everything that happened, it's so generous."

It's a nice move by the Canucks, and hopefully Austin can start rebuilding his collection with their generous assistance.

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Yes there are Canuck fans in this area of Ontario. Not so many in the 70-80's but plently now.

An intruder who jumped headfirst through three residential windows is dead and an elderly woman injured after a strange pair of early morning break-ins on Hamilton Mountain.

In the first instance, the 23-year-old man jumped through a home's front window, sustained cuts from broken glass and was then given a small “whack” with a cane by the elderly woman living in the house. She was cut by the intruder and treated at hospital.

The man fled by diving through the house's rear window, and 10 minutes later tried to jump through another window, this time of a ground-level apartment. He left a trail of bloody barefoot footprints between homes. When police arrived at the second home, the intruder was badly hurt. He later died in hospital.

The bizarre sequence started just after midnight Tuesday. A man was seen walking on the east side of Lilacside Drive and crossed the street to a home. He jumped over the porch railing and went headfirst through one of the front windows, said Hamilton police Const. Debbie McGreal-Dinning.

The 86-year-old woman who lived there was stabbed. When the culprit came through the window, she gave him “a little whack” with her cane, McGreal-Dinning said.

"This is an 86-year-old woman that walks with the assistance of a cane," she said. "A guy jumps through her house, her initial reaction was to whack him with the cane. Then he holds a knife to her and cuts her."

The man left by jumping through the back window of the home, jumped the fence and ran toward Mohawk Road East. The elderly woman went out onto the street and screamed to neighbours for help. Her injuries were not life threatening.

Ten minutes later, a man broke into an apartment at 494 Mohawk Rd. E., where he encountered a startled 15-year-old boy who ran out of the room and called to his mother. The mother called the police.

When police and EMS responded, the man was in “medical distress,” McGreal-Dinning said. He was transported to hospital where he died.

The woman's cane strike was not responsible for his wounds, McGreal-Dinning said. "Obviously putting your body through three different windows, you're going to come out of that with some injuries," she said.

The man was injured by going through the windows, but the cause of death is still unknown, she said. The coroners office is investigating.

The front window of the elderly woman's house was broken Tuesday morning, the stairwell littered with glass. A man who identified himself as her grandson told CBC Hamilton that she had sustained cuts, but declined further comment.

Julia Claus, whose son lives nearby, said the elderly woman had been worried about recent break-ins in the neighbourhood.

"She told me twice last week there's been a lot of break-ins in the neighbourhood and to be careful," she said. "She was really worried."

Outside 494 Mohawk Rd. E. on Tuesday morning, there was a long trail of blood and several bloody footprints.

Police are still investigating why the man entered the residences. His name is being withheld at his family's request.

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