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Mafia: The Game [Omertà]

Captain Aerosex

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Unvote Lemons

My first real suspicions are susraiders and peaches. It's really hard to tell at this point for sure until the specials are able get into it. While some decent points are made towards beluga unfortunately the old cliched "my gut feeling" is directing towards the former two. Pretty quick to follow suit with easy one line sentence then vanish till next round technique.

Vote Peaches

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I'll agree with Mikey this time. I truly believe Susradiers and Peaches are both very suspicious. I already said why I didn't want to vote Lemons round one, as well as Beluga does this all the time so it's really not at all surprising that he might have caught a few eyes in the first round for going against the grain after people voted for Lemons and unvoted him after.

For now, I think Peaches or Susradiers will be the proper way to vote. Both equally suspicious.

Unvote Abstain

Vote Peaches

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People who have not spoken since the game has begun.


Alchemy Time


Snake Doctor (He just quoted what Intoewsables said so really hasn't said anything)

JE14 is excused for now because he'll be back tomorrow from his suspension

Susraiders, Beluga Whale, and Peaches have all bandwagon'd votes so far in the first round.

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