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So first off i have no idea where this topic should be posted so excuse me and i apologize. I just had a great idea for a long running topic. basically anybody could theoretically come here and whrite about over hyped prospects, ex nhlers, and where they are now (ex:europe,khl,echl).

Oooor people could ask about past prospects/ex-nhlers and anybody else can post thier report on the player, if this is a good idea i could remake the topic or we could just use this one, either way works for me, please let me know what you guys/girls think, and make sure to give supportive ideas!

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Sergei Shirokov: Former Canucks pre-season hero. Scored 1 NHL goal in 8 games. A goal that AV didn't want him to score, apparently.

He was involved in a KHL blockbuster trade this season. He and a couple others went to Omsk and Frolov, former one-dimensional floater for the Kings, and others went the other way.

He is performing a bit better offensively for Omsk, but has lately been a source of secondary offense for KHL teams.

During the pre-season of glory here, he caused a lot of excitement and had the koolaid drinkers thinking he was somehow the next Malkin (a giant franchise center). Shirokov (a smallish playmaking winger) didn't really have what it takes to make it in the NHL and while at least he gave it a shot in the AHL, he didn't garner enough interest to be dressed by AV or acquired by another teams' GM.

He was a classic overhyped prospect here. Steve Kariya and Brandon Reid-like, with a little Jason King thrown in. The media didn't help, as they covered the story for the entire spat. He came in thinking that he was going to be a superhero. And when he did nothing in the regular season, that was pretty much it for him.

This is not confirmed, but apparently even Xavier Laflamme from 'Goon' was more a character guy than Sergei Shirokov.

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Remember Daniel Rahimi, the other guy in the Hoff trade with San Jose?

Currently playing in the Swedish League with Linkopings HC.

48 games, 9 points, and 48 PIMS.

Goalie Prospect Johnathan Iilathi.

Currently in Timra IK a division 2 league in Sweden. 8 wins, 13 losses, 2.06 GAA, and .918 save percentage.

Does anyone know what happened to David Honzik, a third round pick in 2011? Hockeydb doesn't show him playing anywhere. Not even in the Czech Republic.

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2007 2nd round pick (33rd overall) Taylor Ellington: playing in Denmark (EfB Ishockey of the Danish AL-Bank Ligaen)

Honestly not that disappointed, since there were worse picks:
in the 1st round: Zach Hamill, Colton GIllies, Angelo Esposito who I remembered was supposed to be good but never panned out
in the 2nd it's full of AHL players and guys who are also in Europe (like Oscar Moller). Of course there's two star-level guys in PK Subban and Wayne Simmonds but I doubt anyone knew how they would pan out. Surprising the later rounds yielded Jamie Benn (5th round) and guys like Alex Killorn and Nick Bonino, but even then it was a crap-shoot.

Mario Bliznak, with 1 goal in 6 NHL games: in the KHL with Bratislava

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