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New image, new identity... New jerseys?


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I don't mind the logo right now, I just wish they'd enlarge the Orca, make a bit of tweaks here and there, and get rid of the ugly "Vancouver" spewed across the jersey.... almost like how San Jose's jerseys (which look much better now) have changed throughout the past couple years while keeping the shark. LOL @ the people suggesting the Johnny Canuck Logo. Seriously?? I mean sure its a neat analogy with our team being the canucks and having Johnny Canuck on the front, but honestly, leave that type of design for the AHL. The logo looks more fitting for a minor league rather than professional league. In hindsight, would it really be worth it to have the official symbol for the only professional sports franchise in this city, to be a lumberjack with a pair of skates and a stick on the front? A fictional, action character as our logo for 10+ years? Johnny Canuck doesn't even have any relevance to the city of Vancouver other than the name, "Johnny Canuck". If any change; the "V", the skate, or the stick in the rink >>> Johnny Canuck.

Last time I checked BC was pretty big on forestry.

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I think the blue and green kinda reflects our province. the beautiful ocean and greenery. I hope we keep those colors besides we sold the Olympics as the beautiful British Columbia. I would hate to go back to the orange, red, black style. Not a very popular jersey not many free agents would be coming our way with those colors lol. Besides we strike fear into teams with our green, blue, and white. Lets just re-group and mix it up a bit. I like the stripes across the jersey and a circle with logo inside. the V up there above is sick 2.

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No to the stick in the rink please, I dont think there has ever in the history of the NHL been a more bland boring logo.

Now that Trevor is in charge, if there is to be a change we should bring back the uniform of his glory days. No adjustments to it either, the blue and green version is an absolute abomination.

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i made this concept a while ago

So tired of these threads. Enough is enough; however these are Very nice. If I may add a suggestion; I'd blue and green striping at the bottom like we currently have. This is close to the only acceptable replacement IMO

Also keep the black, yellow skate in the 80s/90s. I grew up withe these jerseys and they need to stay in the past. Blue and green ftw

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Given the price of season tickets and the fans being unsure. That might be a great way to get members to renew easier next year.

Wish I was a season ticket holder but heck I would buy a new Jersey if we kept the blue and green theme with a new design and or logo.

I personally like the top left one here:


I like these personally.

However, I wouldn't want them to change their current ones. Maybe wear the stick in rink more often. Thats all.

On a separate note, the 90's era skate/plate of spaghetti jersey is fugly. If they bring those back I'll be furious.


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