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2014/2015 Canucks, Excess Cap Room, UFA's and Kesler Irony


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noun \ˈī-rə-nē also ˈī(-ə)r-nē\

1. the use of words that mean the opposite of what you really think especially in order to be funny

2. a situation that is strange or funny because things happen in a way that seems to be the opposite of what you expected


Given Benning's great moves to free up cap space prior to UFA/July 1, his terrific draft day moves, the view from Benning that while we are re-vamping we are not necessarily 'tanking' and can still compete, one thing came to mind, the potential irony that may befall our friend Kesler in his desire to win.

His view was this team was 3-4 years away, was rebuilding, was not able to compete for a cup in the near term.

Most of us, including myself, believed this as well until we saw the moves Benning made to free up cap space and remove a few of the handcuffing salaries/ntc's that our friend MG bound our Canucks with.

Booth, Garrison - overpaid not playing to their salaries, Kesler while playing hard, unhappy and a large salary, etc.

Now with a bankroll to play with, some young players able to hopefully take the next step and contribute more (Kassian/Jensen/Tanev/Horvat), and an increasing UFA (Erhoff, Del Zotto, Iginla) list and potentially unhappy RFAs (Johansen/O'Reilly) who may be open to being moved....its very possible we could see some spending of that excess cap space to really bolster this group.

If so, ie adding an Erhoff, Iginla, and a proven netminder, this team (assuming our young players can make meaningful contriutions) will easily be a playoff group and will actually have a mix that if they get hot could surprise.

I am not saying they will, we still have to see what moves Benning has up his sleeve, but it would be incredible ironic, to see Kesler leave and go to the team that we will knock out of the first round of the 2015 playoffs.

Go Canucks Go!

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If we finish ahead of Anaheim I will literally be laughing at the end of the year. Even if we both missed the playoffs.

I doubt Anaheim misses the playoffs but i can see them regressing from last year as they try and figure out what to do with Kesler.

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Its hard to read this thread and think "Ya.... that can happen"...

But in saying that, if Vancouver was to upset Anaheim first round of the 2015 playoffs, Ill laugh through the whole summer.

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It should have been done over the last couple years when we had better assets. Kes is probably still here if that's the case. FA deals now seem too little too late.

Maybe TL and JB were playing lip service to the rest of the league/upping trade value by suggesting they still wanted Kesler here?

What if they actually didn't given his desire to move. Didn't JB say he wanted players that wanted to play in Vancouver? Hmm....

Maybe moving Kesler was part of the plan all along to increase cap space and flexibility and remove a cancer, and still win....because they know it may be addition by subtraction in his case....

Makes alot of sense to me, perfectly aligned with what Benning has been saying all along

A. We are going to compete for the playoffs / cup = going to spend

B. Want players who want to be here and compete = not me first attitude

C. Issues with that (bound by MG's decisions/cap) = remove the issues

D. Go sign/trade for the players you need while not selling the farm of youth, best way? UFA's to support your players who are ready and can stick around 3 yrs or so to help the next group

E. You say FA's won't help? You assume last year was not an aberation, I do. Our group will be a playoff team simply from playing to their abilities, add in some UFA's and as I said some good steps in development from the 4 young guys I mentioned and we can push in the playoffs.

Look at Mtl and the Rangers, those teams are certainly not 'stacked'. Systems, effort, four lines and a team concept can actually take you pretty far.

Let Benning work his magic before you assume!

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I'm glad someone else sees the potential that this group has. With a few ufa signings we have ourselves a very good team with plenty of depth. This is an example.

Sedin Sedin Burrows

Jokinen Stastny Kassian

Higgins Matthias Bonino

Dorsett Richardson Vey


Hansen, Sestito, Jensen, Archibald, Lain

Edler Tanev

Bieksa Hamhuis

Stanton Sbisa


Corrado Weber




Either Lack or Markstrom will have to be traded sadly and personally I would rather see Lack get traded as he would net us some real return and Markstrom has a ton of potential. (Incoming flame)





Other options include going with lack and Markstrom while signing Ehrhoff, signing Moulson etc...

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Well said. There are some sad people on here.

my post had nothing to do with spite. it had to do with irony.

if you both read my original post, I said that EVEN I believed this group to be 3-4 years away, and many here did as well - how that is viewed as spite vs kesler ummm, I am not really sure, as it would mean I spite myself for thinking the same thing

there are many people here simply trolling because they are angry, respond with comments such as yours and the post you responded to because they themselves live in a space of anger and frustration, so they assume others do as well...as per the immediate bias/assumptions of both posts.

I suggested it would simply be ironic if the Canucks ended up playing the Ducks in the first round (plausible as we are likely in the bottom 3 of the playoff teams and Ducks top three)and beat them.

That was the point of this post and its also a view that our group has more potential than many think now that Benning has indeed started making some bold moves!

take care!

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Do we really want to go down a spite road? The guy gave us 11 years of his career. Lets thank him for that and wish him the best.

I don't think you can necessarily call it flaming when realistically it was Kelser who left the sour taste in peoples mouths. I don't want to say that I don't appreciate the time he's spent here but he shouldn't have become the proverbial "Elephant in the room" to the staff or other players, etc etc. People have this tendency to pick up more on the negatives especially if its the last thing they do or say before they are no longer a part of an organization. It's just the way it is.

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