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[PTO] Brandon Yip and Brendan Bell with Ducks

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agree.. hes also from vancouver... and probably could have gotten more asians here into hockey :lol:

YESSSSS!!!!! Because Zach Yuen is the next big thing to the Asian community and Canucks hockey in Vancouver!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMGGGGGGGGG!!!! Winnipeg picked Yuen ONE pick before Vancouver!!! Yip is an '11 Predators playoff hero!!!!!!!! FIRE GILLIS!!!!!! And FIRE TAKAHASHI!!!!! He didn't give Yuen the Asian Vancouver boy pep talk he needed to want to play here! No free agents want to sign in Vancouver!!!! FIIIIIIIIIIRE GILLLLIIIIS! FIIIIIIIIIRE VIGNEAULT!!!!!! HEEEEEEEE'S ANNNN IIIIIIDIOT!!!!

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