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Nashville has yet to lose 2 games in a row this season

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Sign of a really good and well coached team when they don't string losses together.The Preds are 14-2-1 at home and 10-7-2 on the road, last ten games 7-2-1.

Look out for the Preds this year.

flames beat them 2 times so far :shock:

: :D : :D : :D : :D : :D : :D

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Well the Predators success is even better at the turnstiles.

A warm climate expansion team success story.

Proof, A well run team can thrive in a warm climate City.


The Predators are a popular ticket this season in Nashville.

The latest sign was Tuesday night's draw of 17,401 fans at Bridgestone Arena. The crowd set the franchise's single-game home attendance record in the 3-2 win over Central Divison rival St. Louis.

"I think it starts with what the guys on the ice are doing; it's just an incredible year," Predators CEO Jeff Cogen said. "Certainly our passionate fans are appreciating that and coming out in droves. And our success has created additional fans."

Tuesday's attendance topped the previous record of 17,355 set on April 12 against Chicago in the final home game last season.

Of the 17 games played at Bridgestone Arena this season, 13 have been sold out, including eight standing room-only crowds.

"It's clearly more casual fans buying individual game night tickets," Cogen said. "It's also the people who were buying individual tickets are now stepping up and buying mini plans, the people who were buying mini plans are upgrading to fulls — there's just this positive momentum across all facets to what we're doing."

The Predators are 14-2-1 at home after Tuesday's win, and no team in the NHL has fewer home losses. Nashville is contending for first place in the Central Division with Chicago and St. Louis, holding the top spot for most of October and November.

Cogen said there are other contributing factors in the attendance figures.

He cited the two new ice sheets at Antioch's Ford Ice Center in exposing new fans to the game, increased television ratings, and sales and marketing efforts.

"I think if you throw all of those elements together it ends up with the relative success we're having," he said.

The Predators have drawn an announced total of 287,646 fans to home games this season, which puts Bridgestone Arena at 98.9 percent of capacity.

The best percentage in franchise history was during the lockout-shortened season in 2012-13 at 99.2 percent in 24 games.

Last season, the Predators sold out 19 of their 41 home games and drew 680,619 fans.

Predators' home attendance

Capacity 17,113

Dec. 30 vs. St. Louis: 17,401

Dec. 27 vs. Philadelphia: 17,315

Dec. 16 vs. Boston: 17,113

Dec. 6 vs. Chicago: 17,212

Dec. 4 vs. St. Louis: 16,409

Nov. 29 vs. Columbus: 16,548

Nov. 27 vs. Edmonton: 17,113

Nov. 25 vs. Los Angeles: 17,181

Nov. 22 vs. Florida: 17,163

Nov. 15 vs. Winnipeg: 17,113

Nov. 11 vs. Edmonton: 17,129

Oct. 25 vs. Pittsburgh: 17,218

Oct. 23 vs. Chicago: 17,157

Oct. 21 vs. Arizona: 15,694

Oct. 14 vs. Calgary: 15,654

Oct. 11 vs. Dallas: 17,113

Oct. 9 vs. Ottawa: 17,113

Total: 287,646

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