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Instagram's stupid IMO. People are leaving Facebook, but realistically whatever you can do on Instagram you can do on Facebook, plus so much more. Same with twitter, except you don't have to deal with the stupid character limit when you post stuff.

Can someone explain the appeal?

The simplicity is the appeal. Facebook is extremely bloated these days. As others have said, it's refreshing that you can just scroll down your feed and connect with your friends without seeing ads, political activism, or stupid Buzzfeed articles.

80% of my Facebook use is limited to Messenger these days.

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Question for you young'uns. Someone said to me once that Facebook is for parents now and Twitter/Instagram is for the kids. Is that how most people feel these days?

Snapchat n kik r 4 da kidz yo

But seriously though, most "young'uns" have gotten a bit sick of Facebook. I only use it to keep track of friends, I barely post on there anymore.

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Snapchat Bruh

Have it but I'm not a fan. Ever since installing it, it's just seemed ridiculous why someone would want to post a picture for only a few seconds when on I.G. you can just have a gallery esp. if you're a good photographer (that's the reason for me to want to see your pictures in the first place! :P).

I'd say that it does have value as a visual journal of sorts e.g. with friends who live in other places in the world, but if you're going to post something that only lasts a few seconds then I'd think that your moment wouldn't be a very significant one that you'd want others to remember but rather just everyday life photos of food, what you're doing and your latest selfie, which is the common thing to do. Outside of a select few that I'd hope to see their life details, I could honestly care less about your toast box. Also no, I'm okay for nudes if that's anyone's answer for why they value Snapchat.


Buzz Killington

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