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(DISCUSSION) Which goalie would you trade?


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Id rather trade Lack. I think Markstrom is going to be the better goalie. I got a feeling Markstrom will take lacks job this season with miller out. Im expecting a rusty first game because of nerves (could be wrong) but after he settles he is going to do great. He may even force benning to move Miller to SJ (miller wants to be close to wife), possibly Calgary? If thats the case lack stays as our back up.

Lack trade- if Markstrom proves he is better than lack but not capable of being #1

Markstrom trade- if he is unable to prove he is better than Lack

Miller trade- if Markstrom proves he can be a solid starter (very possible)

We will see by the end of the season how this plays out.

My prediction is Markstrom plays great but has a few bad games and benning trades Lack and goes with the miller markstrom duo next year. Which id prefer miller being a mentor for markstom so when miller is done markstrom can take over until demko is ready

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Wait until the draft to tradr one of them. There's not enough time to fully evaluate Markstrom IMO and I'd like to see at least 10-15 games with the Canuvks now before trading Lack and putting so much pressure on Markstrom to backup Miller nect year and then become our starter the folloeing year.

Lack had the future staryer job at the start of the season but his inconsistent play this year has caused him to open that door wide open again.

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Right now you really can't move any of them with Miller out by the trade deadline. Markstrom is coming back up to the NHL after an amazing stint in the AHL, and Lack is the main man in the pipes for the first time in nearly a year.

Although everyone sees starter material in Eddie, I'm up and down on him. I love his personality, but Miller seems to have the more calming effect on the team when things get rough. We just don't play as well in front of Eddie right now, which is one of my concerns moving forward this season as we make a playoff push. Eddie's certainly great for a spectacular play here and there, but we need to see him step it up a notch and prove that he can be consistent.

Markstrom is a complete question mark until we see him play. I think he can be good, but right now we know about as much of him as we do Eddie. We need to see him on the ice this year to see how he improved.

To me you could move any of these guys, but you're not going to get the value out of any of them right now because of how the league is shaking out. They might have more value headed into the draft when teams start questioning their guy between the pipes.

I think Lack is most likely to move, unless we honestly think he's playing as good as Miller and can do it all year long. Then we dump Miller to free up cap space.

Markstrom could even move if someone is willing to give up a lot for him.

I don't think anyone being moved would be a surprise. I think Eddie would hurt the most from a personality stand point, just because he's such an awesome dude.

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