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Internet on Plane?

Johnny Hockey is 99

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I was responding more so to his ability to use his mobile data, but yeah, I suppose satellite internet would be an option if he had a prior subscription. That said, if he did, he probably wouldn't be asking.

Not to mention it costs a ton and has awful speed.

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I took a long haul 12 hour flight from Frankfurt to São Paulo yesterday and yes, there was Wi-Fi access with Lufthansa. It was expensive and painfully slow but good enough for general browsing and keeping up with the Canucks score.

what the hell you´re doing in São Paulo?

you gonna take more time going from the Airport to the hotel (and vice-versa) than actually travelling back to Germany :frantic:

also. avoid Corinthians fans, protests, flood near Tiete, traffic jams, protest and pollution...

and also. protests...

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hi, I have a flight in 13 hours and I was wondering if I would still get Internet on the plane and if I did, would I be able to use it? I have airtel

1) do you have some PSP/Ipad or notebook with some games you can pass the time while flying? if yes use them (works for me)

2) you will not pass 13 hours awake. you gonna sleep for at least 6 hours, eat for more 2 and spend 1 hour walking around the plane to do some "exercise"...

3) you´re still in school calendar right? what about study a little bit?

4) buy tons of snacks before boar the plane, and eat them during the flight. you will find that awesome since you can´t do that normally...

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