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Possible Revelation* Could the Nuck's possibly have lost against Calgary Due to Substance Abuse?


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I know this sounds absurd but if you watched the press conference it was quite clear that Tanev, Lack and Matthias were high on marijuana. Do you think that the players possibly could have been indulging in green before the games? Perhaps in some games they were too "stoned" to maintain focus and compete hard enough. This seems to make sense for Tanev especially as he was a bit off his game.

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This is the order of how I felt upon reading this.

:picard: I can't even...

Quite possibly the worst thread I've ever seen on CDC, and that's saying something.

strike this clown hockeydude474 with the BAN HAMMER.

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Oh good God. I hope you are truly trolling.

They got their rear-ends handed to them. Get over it already...

I disagree, I would say they actually outplayed calgary. No where near getting their asses handed to them at any rate. But yes, I hope this is a troll thread.

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