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Our stars underperformed, while their's took over. Refs being inconsistent AF, with some particularly weak ass calls that kept going one way.


Overall just a dismal second half to watch as a fan.

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3 hours ago, Jiggs50 said:

Close game. Lowry and Derozan had an awful game. It's all good. Raps will bounce back.  

They're feeling the pressure of representing all of Canada and having to get past the first round this year.

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38 minutes ago, MSG said:

Hope they can hold this lead 

With Paul George being Paul George, it's not an easy order.


Also, if the refs keep calling weak bumps one way and not the other, it could be hard. These two games have been pretty harsh against the Raps. 


Not like they haven't had thing going there way this season with many/most ref calls, but it's hard to win close games in this context. And this is them at home. I'd hate to see how it goes when they head on the road.

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On 22/04/2016 at 9:19 PM, Jiggs50 said:

Raptors baby! This is a different and deep team. If Derozan and Lowry are on then the Raps will be in conf finals. 

are you sure about this?


raptors are pretty bad, dezoran and lowry don't have the it factor in the playoffs, Basketball relies on all-stars in the playoffs. 

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2 minutes ago, desiboynux4lifee******* said:

just use the internet lol

Shaw controls the cable and the internet, hence why I said internet as well. I've come to getting used to their non-service but this timing is atrocious. God, they suck. 


I'm stuck to using my phone for now.

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