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1 hour ago, SingleThorn said:


JS is a good example of why more  picks doesn't really help our rebuild. Under the 50 player roster, you can't roll the dice too much, especially if it means locking into a 3 year contract. We need quality ( top 3 rounds ) picks, not 4th or lower.


The 50 man roster limit cannot be taken lightly. JS would/ will have no problem playing at the AHL level. JB just can't get too close to 50 signings. Carl Neill probably wasn't signed because of this. Our AHL depth really suffered this year with injuries at both the NHL and AHL level.


We need the roster limit to be raised. Our injury situation is not unique. The top quote from @Jimmy McGill, shows us as above average, but others are there too. Depth needs to extend into ECHL affiliates.

Agree with you on the depth needs to extend into the ECHL affiliates but that requires proper evaluation before signing players to contracts.  Not including goaltenders the Canucks currently have three players in Kalamazoo under contract.  Mackenzie Stewart and Anton Cederholm both on NHL contracts and Danny Moynihan on an AHL deal.  The Comets have used 48 skaters so far this season but yet the three under contract could not stick around because the PTO of the week were better options.  All three did get some games in Utica but Stewart was just awful while Cederholm and Moynihan are below average but not awful.  The point being is there needs to be better depth up and down the entire organization.  

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3 hours ago, SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME said:

Can’t help wondering what might have been if we’d held onto picks #33 and #55 that year.


At least we added Dahlén (drafted at #42 in 2016).

Gudbranson + Dahlen + Candella for McCann, Burrows, Asplund, Ang doesn't sound so bad.  Then again, if we had the 33rd we would have likely taken Dahlen and ended up with something else for Burrows.

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2 hours ago, JamesBlondage said:

Agree about Stukel. He is fast but in every game I've seen him play for the Hitmen he not only looks fast but he seems out of control 90% of the time.


2 hours ago, CRAZY_4_NAZZY said:

Good decision not to offer the ELC.  Watched a lot of Calgary Hitmen games and Jakob Stukel is far too one dimensional of a scorer.  One trick pony who scores off the rush and that is about it.  Doesn't add anything else, and in the pro leagues he would suffer greatly because he can't seem to find to use his speed and skill in other facets of the game.


That 2016 draft class looking mighty shady right about now.


Media and fans already losing patience with Juolevi, injury prone Lockwood may have to reshape his game that made him enticing, wasted picks on guys Abols, Mckenzie, Stukel who were already overagers and could've been signed either as UFA's or rather become prospects invites, and Cole Candella who has had an up and down development since being drafted.

Sounds like a worse Virtanen??? 

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4 hours ago, SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME said:

Hmm, the off-season... let’s see.


Definitely some players moved at the draft for picks. That’s top of the agenda. 


My list of trade candidates is pretty wide open (like anyone not named Horvat or Boeser). I wouldn’t want to see them completely gut the team but I would hope they’d look to get value wherever they can. Other than the two I mentioned, no current roster player should be off the table. 


I won’t get into specific names of players who need to be moved. Like I said, my list of possibilities is long.


I’d try to move a major defenseman if the return was there. I’d also hope to see one of the lesser LHDs moved. I’d definitely look to move a winger. Maybe even two. Feels like there’s a glut right now on the roster and our prospects are better potential options waiting in the wings. See if there’s a deal out there for any of our older guys carrying big ticket salaries, even if it means basically a dump or low return to get them off the books.


I wouldn’t expect all those moves to happen. But hopefully a couple of them.


I’d like to see us acquire 2-3 more picks in the top-100, hopefully including at least one top-50 pick, and also add a few more late picks as well. Maybe even more if we pull off a significant move.


Also I’d like to see us make another deal or two where we move down and add volume. Like something along similar lines to last year’s deal where we turned our 4th into a 5th and a 6th. Increase our pick volume in the mid to late rounds and give the scouts some extra darts.


Ideally we come out of this draft with selections in the double digits. That would really help the prospects pool. It’s looking pretty good right now but I’d still like to see us a lot deeper at nearly every position when it comes to our prospects.


Also, I’d hope we are very active on the NCAA free agent front. Some good players are available this year (like every year).


As for NHL players free agency, I’d hope we go short and cheap on deals for filler players and depth. Maybe score a good flippable player or two for next deadline. Add enough system depth to cover slots on both the NHL and AHL club. But also leave some room for our prospects to step in (especially the guys coming from Europe and the NCAA).


Finally, the twins. I’m not nearly as opposed to re-signing them as most people seem to be these days. They’re pretty far down my list of roster players who are actually “blocking” our prospects or “stealing spots” from younger players. I’d clear out several others before looking to kick the twins. If they want to come back, then bring them back. 

Very similar to my own thoughts. Trade some of our  wingers such as Baertschi and Gagner as well as Del Zotto and Tanev. Maybe even Hutton as well. Sign some cheap one-two year UFA deals and let kids have room to step in over the next couple years.


I doubt a lot of this happens but there needs to be a change this offseason and through next year so we can start to be competitive the year after next.

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The Canucks gave Stukel two years to develop his game around his speed but Stukel never did. It's a shame it didn't work out but maybe he'll end up with an AHL contract or go the way of Carl Neill and head to University, both fine paths.


He was a 6th rounder. Would have been great to find a gem but it's not like this is heartbreaking for the organization. Most 6th rounders never materialize.





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No real development here. His goal and point totals have not progressed basically at all. You would expect at least a 15-20% improvement with age in the juniors...nope.

@Quantum, dead on. He was a 6th round pick, not like he will truly be missed. Good luck to him...maybe he can carve out an AHL career, or go overseas.

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Don't watch a lot of his games, but his showing in the last 2 young stars classic suggests that he has the legs and he can skate, but he doesn't have the hands or the ice-q to compliment his speed. In this case, I don't think he is a much of a loss anyways. Wish him luck though.

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