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[Report] James Oleksiak suspended 2 games

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2 hours ago, The Weasel said:

lol, what a joke. &^@# this league.


they seriously hate the sedins and have no respect for them or their health.

 I have been bitching for years about the league and it's clear match management. Specifically in how penalties called/not called.   It is blatantly obvious how much corruption there is in officiating just by the ridiculous outcomes of these hearings by the POS that run the DOPES.  but i am the crazy one lol


THE NHL can seriously GFI !

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4 hours ago, Rocksterh8 said:

Depends who did the hitting and what Team they are on. This will never change.  Welcome to the NHL, Bettman's TO League.

3 hours ago, Wilbur said:

I guess if you lightly brush somewhere else on the body you can still make main contact with the head.

3 hours ago, pluralsight said:

Curious, it looks almost identical to this hit:


Image result for kadri hit sedin gif


Clearly still some people upset over the Kadri non-suspension. I still hold that it should have been a suspension, and more than a game or two considering his history, but these hits are only similar, not the same.


Oleksiak doesn't even brush the leading shoulder of VandeVelde, so there's no way to defend his hit. Of course if Oleksiak had taken a better line, or at least cut into VandeVelde to make the hit squarely through the body, he could have avoided this being a suspendable play.


The ruling of the DoPS that Kadri making any contact at all with Daniel's shoulder is still a joke (as it's nowhere near hitting squarely through the body), but the difference in the shoulder contact is what clearly sets these two rulings apart. Complain that they still should have suspended Kadri, sure, but don't complain that these are exactly the same and evidence that there's a conspiracy to not suspend because of the jerseys players are wearing.

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