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What are you listening to? Metal version!

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Sweet blend of bands like Mastodon & Elder. Lots of groovy riffs and singing, but still heavy:



Favourite metal band of all time:




Shameless self promotion - my band just released the single from our upcoming album. Whoever uploaded the track thinks we're from Germany and not Vancouver though :lol:



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15 minutes ago, Coconuts said:

We've got a few of these threads floating around already and it's nice being able to check out what everyone listens to as we've all got different taste. So without further ado, what are you listening to?


I'm using the term "metal" pretty loosely here as everyone's got a different take on what's metal and what's not metal. Let's hear what you've got? From crossover thrash to doom, from power to death, from symphonic to black and every genre and subgenre under the metal umbrella you can think of.


I'll get us started I suppose?


+1 for Katatonia! Seen them in Vancouver a couple times and they always impress.

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Digging the new overkill album, finest hour makes me happy.




Waiting on the rest of Mastodons new album, Sultans Curse isn't half bad but just uploaded some of their older stuff to my iPod, Motherload still top 3 in my must have mastodon tracks




Also trying to get my buddy to agree Metallica's newest album is hands down better than Death Magnetic.




Barring that there's always Kreator



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I don't have access to youtube at work so I can never see what you guys are listening to but for me:


Megadeth - Rust in Peace(my fav. metal album of all time)


Shout out to:  Goatwhore, Graveworm, Animals as Leaders


I actually been jamming(I play geets) to a bunch of metal backing tracks, my favs being neoclassical and thrash.  I'd post a vid but everytime I record myself it doesn't sound as good as it could be, plus setting up a camera phone is kinda hard to do.  We'll see...

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King Woman's new album is a droney, doomed sounding affair. I like it a lot. The lead singer/songwriter Kristina Esfandiari is rad as hell. Her solo project Miserable is also quite good (prefer those heavy tones played at a calmer volume, creates more atmosphere for my ears). 


Other than that, I was playing early Death and Kreator last week and enjoying both immensely. Some crusty ol' Buzzoven, too. 

Bleed the Pigs is another current favorite. 

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For me, nothing beats the first 6 Black Sabbath albums with Ozzy(from BS to Sabotage). Though the first album with Dio, the Heaven and Hell is also fantastic. But to mention something not that famous:


Band: Witchfinder General
Album: Death Penalty



Unbelievably good.:wub: And nice artwork, especially the back cover.-_-

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