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[Signing] Capitals re-sign Pheonix Copley

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3 minutes ago, The Lock said:

I would hate my parents if they did that to me. My name as it is often gets spelled wrong. His probably never gets spelled right.

Ya that'a not even like Chris vs Kris or Steven vs Stephen. That's just not how you spell it haha

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2 minutes ago, Alflives said:

Ya, I wondered about that misspelling.  I wonder if his parents did that intentionally?

In this day and age I wouldn't doubt anything parents try to name their kids. Even names like Buckshot and Sadman are apparently a thing.

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1 hour ago, SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME said:


At least we have Mackenze Stewart off the books. 


Although I have to hand it to Mackenze. The kid was such a team player, he removed the “I” from his name. ;) 

If 50% of CDC can't spell Stecher, thank goodness Mackenze Stewart was seldom mentioned.


PS.........also in the often misspelled zone......Morgan Rielly. I wonder if the TML forum struggles with his name.

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Spelling names has in general been an issue on these boards for the past 15 years.


I think I made a topic back in the day with just correct names so that people could check it if they had trouble spelling, Kessler(sp?), Shneider, Norenen, Elder, Bieska etc.


Or maybe I only planned to do that and never did - but I should have. :)

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