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[GDT] Nucks @ Pens 27/11/2019 - 4PM Pacific - Live on SNP

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Just now, swizzey said:

You guys complaining are a f$&@‘n@ disgrace. This game was no ones fault. It was an entertaining good battle bothers ways so stop your f$&@‘n@ five year old temper tantrum and grow th f$&@ up. 

it was a good challenge too. 

It was a crap challenge.....dough boy green knew when when he laughed when he called it. I am sick of this guy.....


...but the lazy play from the team for more than half the game was no better.

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1 minute ago, CptCanuck16 said:

That's not what I am saying. I'm saying it's on Green and the coaching staff to recognize who can be a difference maker in games and who is a plug. They've obviously got them mixed up. Just another blunder in a long line of blunders by Green.

It wouldn't be fair to play Hughes and Petey 60 minutes by themselves....

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3 minutes ago, KelownaCanucksFan said:

For the last time: YOU CANT PUT YOURSELF OFFSIDE WHEN YOU HAVE CONTROL OF THE PUCK, it was a stupid challenge that mitigated any opportunity to score the tying goal

Rule 72. Off-sides
(a) Players of the attacking team must not precede the
puck into the attacking zone.
Note 1: If a pass deflects off a defending player, his
skates or his stick, causing an attacking player to precede
the puck into the attacking zone, the off-side rule
shall apply.
Note 2: A player actually propelling the puck who shall
cross the line ahead of the puck, shall not be considered
off-side, providing he is actually in possession and
control of the puck with one skate in the neutral zone
before crossing the blue line.

Both of Malkin's feet were past the line. He was offside. 

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Just now, bree2 said:

why do you watch the games when you are always putting the players down, Edler is still a good defenseman.

No. He isn't. He's currently tied with Benn for worst defenseman on the team. He was good early in the season. He was good last game and he was meh the game before, but he's been consistently playing like he has tonight for a while. 

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