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  1. I'm all for changing the team to improve. I would move Demko in a trade for an established top 3/4 if it were possible but in this scenario youre trading a somewhat unknown for a completely unknown. There have been comments where some have argued they don't see Byram's offense translating to the NHL as well as most people are hoping.
  2. Chicago sits at 3 and has 4 highly touted defensive prospects and 2 that are ready to make the leap to the NHL. I think they target a potential 2c or a skilled winger to play with Debrincat or Toews. Likely Turcotte or Podkolzin go #3. Colorado needs a 2c. They are top heavy and need the secondary scoring to continue competing. They likely opt for one of Turcotte/Podkolzin or Cozens. Byram gets selected outside the top 4 for sure, you heard it here first. I could see LA opting for a forward instead of defenseman as well given Vilardi and his development over the last two years. My prediction Byram goes to Detroit or Edmonton.
  3. What if this season for Markstrom was an exception and he goes back to being the Markstrom of old? How far along is DiPietro? Personally, I would like to hang onto Demko until we know for sure what Markstrom is really about. Also, I don't think that package get us #4 as it isn't any different than acquiring #3 and no way a top 3 pick gets moved except for an overpayment.
  4. What could we offer Edmonton for their 8th OA? Goldobin, Hutton, 2nd in 2019 or 2020 for Lucic and 8th OA? We can retain 25% (1.5mil) on Lucic and send him out east for a 4th or 5th rounder. Lucic at 4.5mil is a lot more valuable than Lucic at 6mil. We could also give Lucic a few games on the 4th line and see if the change of scenery does anything for him a la Luke Schenn. Edmonton receives a top 6 winger in Goldobin, a top 4 D in Hutton which would allow them to get rid of one of their more expensive Dmen, and they get rid of Lucic. Lots of cap space and young players that can immediately play for them. Edmonton can then use the cap space and go after a UFA or explore trade opportunities with Florida for Hoffman who they likely have to move if they sign BOB and PANARIN. We get 8OA whilst hanging onto 10OA. Find a left winger for Pettersson and a right winger for Horvat. Two of Zegras/Caufield/Boldy/Krebs/Dach. Our new forward core begins to look a lot more filled out and impressive Horvat Pettersson Boeser Gaudette Virtanen Krebs Zegras Madden Works out for Edmonton, Vancouver, and Florida....hmmm maybe a 3 way could work.
  5. Trading up for one of the top 2 picks is going to gut our team and the focus should be on 4,5,6,7 as I don't believe any of the top 3 teams is going to select Bowen Byram and its likely Byram falls outside the top 5. 4th and 5th OA will be tough given the needs of the Avalanche and the Kings. Colorado at 4th likely says no to just about anything we are willing to offer as they are desperate for a 2C and likely are unwilling to trade away a chance at Turcotte/Dach/Cozens. Same goes for LA who outside of Kopitar don't have much in terms of elite offense. This leaves Detroit and Buffalo. I have a strong feeling that Byram is Benning's guy this draft and he will do what he can to move up far enough to make that happen. I propose: 3rd in 2019, 6th in 2019, Will Lockwood and 10OA for 6th or 7th OA Does this get it done? Do we have to add? This leaves us with a shot at Dach/Byram I predict the following as the top 5 (no specific order) *Podkolzin although by consensus #3 on most rankings, has the highest chance of falling due to the Russian Factor Hughes (NJ) Kakko (NYR) Podkolzin (CHI) Turcotte (COL) Cozens (LA) This leaves Byram Dach Zegras Krebs Boldy Caufield Newhook Broberg Maybe trade away some of our existing cast to get another late 1st or an additional 2nd. So many possibilities this draft. It really sucks that we played ourselves out of the top 9. Some would argue that 4-10 is the next tier. In my opinion, after the first two, the second tier of talent is made up of Podkolzin, Byram, Cozens, Dach, Turcotte, Krebs, and Zegras. Unless a team reaches for someone earlier, we are picking in the 3rd tier (Boldy, Caufield, Brogerg, Soderstrom, etc)
  6. This is the first year where the 1OA isn’t a big deal for me as long as we get 2 or 3. Hughes would be great but Kakko or Byram would also be two pieces that would be of immense help to our rebuild. Here’s hoping for any of 1,2 or 3!
  7. That is incorrect. In the context of the draft/prospects, a tier is a grouping of players of similar skills and talents. Just because they are grouped together does not suggest they are equally talented. You can still have players that can be arranged hierarchically within a tier. eg. Tier 2 = Turcotte, Cozens, Dach, Krebs, Byram, Podkolzin. Arguably BPA would be arrange in the following: Cozens, Byram, Podkolzin, Turcotte, Dach, Krebs.
  8. I just went through the same thing. Ran the simulator 20 times, EDM picked in the top 3 14 times. WTH!!
  9. Would you not want to add Dach, Turcotte, Zegras or Cozens to that core? I understand what you're trying to do and whilst the cap relief would allow us to go after guys like Panarin or Karlsson. But, what if they don't want to come here? I think we have a good cap situation and moving forward I don't see us having any difficulty with the cap or signing our players. Eriksson, Edler, Tanev, and Sutter will all be off the books in 2 years. That's $20 million in cap space. I would also prefer to wait till 2020 and try to sign Taylor Hall or Alex Petreiangelo, maybe even Nugent Hopkins to play RW with Horvat. Its been a long time since we were in the playoffs and I can see why some may want to go after that heavy hitter free agent to finally get us to the playoffs. Nevertheless, we are rebuilding the right way now and I would like to see this all the way through for at least this year. Next year lets make a splash and go after that elusive big contract elite level talent. Pettersson, Horvat, Boeser, Hughes, Juolevi, Woo, Madden, Demko, Gaudette Virtanen, Dach/Turcotte, and next years 1st round pick (15-20OA). Once all our guys have 1-2 years under their belt in the NHL, we will be a very good team (speed, size and skill). All players we are hoping will be a part of the next core are projecting well and its only a matter of time before we begin competing for a playoff spot (I predict we make it next year). ??? - Pettersson - Boeser Dach - Horvat - ??? Madden Gaudette Virtanen Hughes Woo Juolevi ??? Demko Just need a two top 6 wingers (LW, RW) and top 4 RHD (unless Trymakin returns) and we have enough prospects that we could still fill those positions from within the organization, possibly....
  10. I don't know...that offer is quite tempting. Jack Hughes, a potential #1 defenseman, another mid 1st round pick, and Jost. I think Colarado would need to add another 1st in 2020 but that would get Edmonton thinking for sure.
  11. respectfully disagree. Risto is atrocious in his own zone. Horrible defensive coverage. Definitely not a player I would want at this team, especially at the expense of Demko or Marky. I would however, try and trade Marky now with a piece like Baertschi, Sutter or Goldobin to see if we can get an additional late first or a young RHD.
  12. Fingers crossed, hoping for 1,2 or 3. If we pick 3rd, we likely trade down for additional picks/prospects - possibly even an additional 1st in the 15-20th range if Anaheim or NYR really like a player at 3. Whilst I love Byram, I think Benning goes for a forward this year. I realize the Canucks have issues on defense but we have some decent prospects in Juolevi, Woo and Hughes, all of whom I expect to be top 4 defenseman in the league - you could also include Trymakin if he ever makes his way back. Our biggest concern is lack of scoring. We've been shut out 10 times this year and have scored less than 2 goals on 38 occasions. My new list in terms of what I would expect/want the Canucks draft board to look like Hughes Kakko Dach Turcotte Byram Cozens Zegras Podkolzin Boldy Krebs Broberg Caufield It would be a huge step forward for the Canucks if we could get any of the first 5. Dach/Turcotte to play with Horvat doesn't just give us an elite winger. It gives Horvat the opportunity to finally play with some elite level talent and increase his productions as well. Eventually, I would like to see Baertschi replaced with a top line LW and that would give us a lineup that would be perfect for the playoffs. (Maybe we can get Caufield, if we get an extra 1st and put him on the Pettersson/Boeser line) Baertschi - Boeser - Pettersson Virtanen - Horvat - Dach/Turcotte Pearson - Gaudette - Leivo Roussel Beagle Motte
  13. I disagree with this. Given the injuries to Sutter and Beagle this year, Horvat has been expected to take on much of the defensive burden and was out for almost every defensive zone face-off this year during that time. He has played with guys like Goldobin, Baertschi, and Roussell for most of the year. Despite these disadvantages is on pace for 65-70 points. I think with more talented line mates, he hits 70 every year. Playing with either Boeser or potentially Hughes for 82 games, Horvat is a ppg center.
  14. You win 1st OA and you pick Hughes and play him on Horvat's wing or you pick Kakko and play him on Pettersons wing, allowing Boeser to play with Horvat. If you pick 3OA, you trade down a few spots and pick Byram. Moving out of the top 3, I would want Anaheims additional 1st, NYR additional 1st, or 2 2nds from any team that has them and is willing to up a few spots for that price. Ive said this before but I do not see Byram going in the top 3. There are too many talented forwards in Dach, Podkolzin, Cozens, and Krebs. All of whom could go before Byram. Colorado, LA, NJ, Ana, Buff, all have a pressing need for top end forwards more than a potential top pairing defenseman. If nothing were to change with the lotto, this is how I see it playing out. I predict if we are drafting in the top 7, Byram falls to us and is the first defenseman drafted. COL - Hughes LA - Kakko DET - Cozens NJ - Dach NYR - Podkolzin BUF - Turcotte ANA - Krebs VAN - Byram What do you guys think? Am I on the money, or out to lunch?
  15. I would rather trade up to 5th or 6th with a small add like a 2nd rounder in 2020 for Byram. No way I am trading Horvat who is on pace for 65 points this year whilst playing with the likes of Roussel, Eriksson, Leivo and Pearson and bearing most of the defensive responsibilities. Boeser is a non starter. 7th-9th plus 2nd in 2020 for 4-6th
  16. I likely would have agreed with this at some point, but having a look at his defensive metrics, taking into account the overall defensive play of the team, its more than likely that its not his IQ that is the issue. Whilst I am not of the opinion that he has a high IQ, I would argue that to be defensively responsible and put up numbers he has on a team with one of the worst defenses in the league, he seems to have the IQ on the defensive side of the game. With Jake, its all confidence. I think rushing him into the league was a shock for him. He came from Juniors where he was dominant and didn't need to put out a strong effort and still be successful. With the NHL, it was a wakeup call for him and the experience in the first year has left him with the feeling that he isn't good enough to do things he did in junior. Its just a matter of time when he realizes that his toolbox has some pretty cool tools. He will continue to progress and develop and as that happens, he will become more and more confident. Breakout year in 2021 30/30 guy. I have faith in him. The OP broke it down very nicely as a comparison to Horvat. As long as Virtanen keeps developing, the drive and aggression will begin to surface, as will his confidence. I believe he will be a top 6 forward that all the other teams will covet and wish they had an opportunity to draft him. ???? - Petterson - Kakko/Hughes Virtanen Horvat Boeser pray to the hockey gods we get 1,2,3 in this years draft and we are a top line LW away from being a powerhouse team. Size, speed, and skill in that top 6 (happy dance)
  17. I don't expect, nor would I want our defense to look like that next year. This is the 2021 projected lineup. When Hughes, Fabbro, Juolevi, and Woo have 2 more years of development and Stecher and Ghost shore up their games further.
  18. Thanks, wasn't sure. I wouldn't mind helping out the oilers. I'd want some competition in the division over the next 5-10 years. LA and Anaheim will need to start their rebuild and soon enough SJ will be middle of the pack, approaching their own rebuild. Vegas, Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton as the top 4 teams in the division moving forward.
  19. It would only be like 1.33 million though, no? The assets alone would be worth it. Would his cap hit still be 6 mil?
  20. lol, ive read some of his other posts and sometimes, albeit rarely, you find something of substance. For the most part it makes no sense, or is him whining and complaining about one thing or another. If you've been unhappy with this team for this long and cant seem to find a single reason to actually get excited then go find another team to cheer for. Stop ruining the mood in here with your crap.
  21. Whilst most believe next year to be the make or break year, I hold a different opinion. I think next year is the last year before the Canucks become a playoff contender. This year, I believe the Canucks will begin the final phase of the rebuilding phase. Getting rid of stop gaps, players not considered to be a part of the core or the future, and to see which of their youngsters will be with the club moving forward, as well as acquiring picks and prospects. I propose an honest attempt in doing the following (some luck will definitely be needed). Benning will need to get creative and weaponize the cap. Sign Dante Fabbro - I do not believe he will sign with Nashville and have a feeling would love an opportunity to play for his hometown Trade Hutton to Winnipeg for Kristian Vesalainen. They will need a cheap replacement for Trouba/Myers and I don't believe Vesalainen really has a spot in their top 6. We need a LW Trade Goldobin, 1st in 2020 unprotected, for Shane Gostisbehere and cap dump - may need to add more. Phi needs cap space and skilled wingers. We need dman. They also get a 1st Hopefully draft Kakko (lottery luck) On the fence with this one but - acquire Lucic (2m retained) and Pujuljarvi. Retain 1 million on Lucic and flip him to whoever is willing to take a chance on him for 3m. Pray Pujuljarvi gets back on track Trade Schaller, Tanev, Granlund, Pearson, Baertschi and Sutter for draft picks 2021 Lineup Pujuljarvi Petterson Kakko Vesalainen Horvat Boeser Eriksson Gaudette Virtanen Roussel Beagle Leivo Hughes Fabbro Juolevi Gostisbehere Stecher Woo Demko Markstrom
  22. I try not to reply to any of your posts and leave you be. However, this one is absolutely atrocious. You haven't considered any of the positives at all. You give credit for the 5th round pick but no credit for making the pick. Sorry but this is absolutely horrible and lacks merit. Couldve picked Glass or Villardi - picked Pettersson - you were probably one of those that were upset by this In a redraft, Boeser goes top 10 and it was Benning who realized the potential and skill was there Picked Gaudette with the 5th Picked Madden with a 3rd Picked up Woo when there were other dman available just as highly touted. Woo has had a better seasons than all those other defenseman this year Picked DiPietro with the 2nd or 3rd Drafted Lockwood in the later rounds Juolevi is still a good pick and will end up being a top 4 dman - has a skillset that is much stronger than Sergachev and Chychrun just needs to develop a tad bit longer Hughes dropped several spots and Benning could've passed on him as well for someone like Dobson, Bouchard or Wahlstrom but he didn't. Baertschi for a 2nd was a win Granlund for Shinkaruk was a win the first couple years as well Leivo for Carcone was an absolute win Moved out veterans like Burrows, Hansen, Del Zotto, and Gagne and got decent returns for diminishing assets. Roussel has had a career year Beagle has provided the expertise that was required of him as a verteran - cant have all kids like Edmonton Eriksson at the time of the signing was a good signing. No way for JB to predict a 30 goal scorer would never reach that milestone again Could not trade Edler, teams were not giving enough value for Tanev. Kesler handcuffed the team. People need to stop bringing this sh*t up now. With that being said, he has made his share of mistakes as well. Gudbrandson trade, Gudbrandson and Sutter extensions, etc. However, his wins outweigh the losses. The only complaint I have with Benning is he needs to be more creative with his trades but that is also limited by what other teams are willing to do. Our trade assets are not all that valuable and mean more to the Canucks then to other teams so its not easy getting draft picks when something like a 5th,6th, or 7th is all that is being offered. Some of you need to understand that Benning cant just go out there and do what he pleases and no one on here is aware of the inner happenings of the organization. How do you know JB hasn't tried to obtain a top 4 dman or tried getting rid of Tanev, or tried to weaponize the cap space. Not everything gets leaked to the media. They are playing meaningful games right now! With a win today, we are 4 points out with 8 games to play. So to the OP - sit down or go home. tired of wasting my time on the garbage you're spewing on here. I'm all for constructive criticism but you just seem to be trolling now.
  23. What if the Avalanche miss the playoffs... and get picks 1 & 2
  24. Could someone clarify please. Given his age and contract status he would not be eligible for the AHL. It would either have to be back to the WHL or the NHL? Could he not go over to Europe? Maybe train and develop under the guidance of Sami Salo, similar to Juolevi? Woo has the physical tools and size to play in the NHL today. However, I don't believe his game is up to that level yet and would benefit most from playing in a professional league in Europe with the big boys. I definitely agree he should be given a look and whilst it is not expected, the possibility is always there that he knocks the socks off of the organization this season/next fall and stays up with the big club.