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  1. I see. I did read your additional comments. Great game. Cheers I'm a long time reader so I have a lot of respect for what you bring to the forum. By the way ... who is that Ghostsof1994 impostor? Go Canucks!
  2. I don't have a link but I read a Canucks release in the GDT that said Trevor had a previous important (health/charity?) engagement but he is definitely in the plans moving forward, notably the Sedin retirement party in Feb, and another 50 years event. Ring of honor maybe.
  3. That guy has no class. He was a jackass last week too. He's really climbing up my hit list fast.
  4. I don't think you put players out in the last minute based on advanced stats. You put out the players you think will help you win the game based on how well their playing. Obviously he did a good job.
  5. Lol, you mean the guys that can see inside the coaches head from their couch? Probably sharpening their pitchforks for their next genius incision. Hahaha. Old Gonads.
  6. 7 minutes of $&!# and the babysitter gives them lollipops.
  7. Super weak by Tanev. Trade him while we can.
  8. Yeah. That guy has absolutely lost his marbles over a message board and a hockey team. Sad ... sad ... sad.
  9. Yeah. I think these guys love the limelight of hockey there. Markov and Kovalev seemed at home there.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised to see him click there. It's a Russian type of town.
  11. Sounds like 3/4 of CDC regarding Green or whatever the latest troll target is.
  12. I was wondering when you would stop in. Thanks for the information. Interesting stuff. Yeah, Wirtz was cheaper than dirt. Cheers to a good game. Go Nucks!
  13. hmm, that cake is delicious
  14. Alright Quinn, I'll change my mind and vote for you because you're awesome but I'm not watching you do menial tasks like you're on jersey shore. I could feed my family for years, I'm broke ... do I get a kickback from your $212,500 if we get in? I highly doubt it
  15. I don't know if this had been addressed before but the highlight when you tag someone like @StealthNuck, it's so hard to see. Can you make it lighter or am I blind?
  16. OMG, could you imagine TSN and Sportscenter. Kipper would wake everyone up in Canada like Santa Claus screaming, "leaves win cup, leaves win cup". And that's just one series.
  17. For those youngsters that don't know how the Hawks rose to power, previous to their fall from grace. Bill Wirtz was the owner/President of the Blackhawks for 41 years. He was an ahole and a rich one too. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer founder of America type guy. and the first guy that introduced home blackouts. According to Wilkipedia, "As Wirtz explained it, broadcasting regular-season home games was unfair to season-ticket holders.[5] Wirtz (via his stake in the Wirtz Corporation) was most notable as owner of the Chicago Blackhawks; Wirtz Realty, a large real estate owner in Chicago; and Judge & Dolph Ltd., a major liquor distributor selling over 33 percent of all liquor in Illinois. Wirtz Corp. also has interests in banking and insurance, and co-owned the United Center with Jerry Reinsdorf. Crain's Chicago Business in 2004 estimated the company's 2003 revenues as US$1.3 billion. Overall, it is estimated that Bill Wirtz's personal holdings (including stock in several companies, including Alberto-Culver and Firstar Bank) were worth about US$3 to $4 billion. I'll let you draw the conclusions., As I remember it in the 90's the Hawks vs the wings was a spectacle to behold, Probert at his best, Joey tough guy Kocur ... trust me he's tough .... Stu Grimson (The Grim Reaper), and Mike Peluso were absolutely insane. Throw in Yzerman, Fedorov, Larmer, Roenick (Kesler on steroids) It was beautiful. Anyways ... on to the recorded history of the Blackhawks from hockey db Especially notice the sucking from 1995 - 2006 ... this was in a day where there were no loser points and only 22 teams as of 1991. They had a deadly team in the early 90's and then Wild Bill got weird and started hoarding his money starting with the Blackhawks, they tire-fired for the next 13 years until he died in 2007 from fcancer. "His son Peter Wirtz was named the new owner of the Blackhawks the following day; Peter Wirtz eventually passed responsibility to his brother Rocky During a tribute and moment of silence for Bill Wirtz during the Blackhawks' home opener on October 6, 2007, the crowd booed the proceedings.[13][14] "Wikipedia"" So, after years and years of sucking they drafted Keith, Seabrook, Toews, Kane, Bufuglien, Burish, Brouwer, Jalmarsson, Crawford, Bolland, Bickell and won a couple cups. NOW THAT'S A TANK!!!!!! Unfortunately for the tank/draft pick crowd that $&!# doesn't fly in Canada. There is no way we're going to purposely fail like the Hawks for 13 years. It was part of Wirth's philosophy, he tightened up the purse strings as he got older like any Billionaire would do. Side note: I once had a staring contest with Doug Gilmour in the bowels of GM place. He was such a cool douche. 5'8, black leather jacket, and two 6 ft blonde models flanking his side. EDIT: This happened. Yep, you guessed er. I'm drunk! Go Canucks Go!!!
  18. If you use their real 4th line with Glass Malhotra/Lapierre Torres and insert Higgins and Hansen that decade kills this team. This way it's close. That Mitchell hit was deadly ... just goes to show you GM is a tricky business. I thought Gillis made the right decision ... but no
  19. On an athlete at this point in the season? Flying, and showing up for photo opportunities and running your ass off while the rest of the league gets 3 days off during this insane 82 game schedule right during crunch time. This isn't the SHL dude. Yeah ... it affects them huge.
  20. I absolutely hate the all star game. A complete farce. What a joke, these guys are already all stars ... now you have to stage a horrible hockey game so we can give away more money to them? Are we not already supporting these guys? It's like give away money for you're child's education fund so you can support a hockey player day. Atrocious, we haven't stroked their egos enough? Anyways, I hope that Hughes isn't that type of guy, although I suppose he gets an All Star bonus to add to his meager earnings. It's like going for a 3 hour coffee. Minute 12 you're like I've already had 2 cups now what, I'm going to claw my eyes out and stare blindly at this mess across the table for the next 2 hours and 48 minutes .... And the worst part is it's another 3 day break without any hockey .... ugh In case you couldn't tell he's not getting my vote.