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  1. I would also guess it would be better than just silence like I viewed in the Bundesliga.
  2. boooooooooooo what a bad idea, Sutter is tradeable without giving away good players
  3. I can only hope he's done in Vancouver but you know the speculation and imaginary stories about his athletic prowess and hockey excellence will continue until next year when we finally relinquish his rights one way or another.
  4. So, you're making snap judgments about a once in a lifetime pre-preseason July scrimmage on day 4 out of 17 in a Covid Climate, and trying to compare to another pre-preseason practice based on you tube highlights? Sounds like Harry needs a hockey lesson.
  5. @filthycanuck with his A and B argument has pretty much has you on the ropes, concrete thought process right there. Much like his solid clad hockey arguments.
  6. Not really. You're answering a completely different question there. People do it all the time though.
  7. Exactly, not worth it. Call 9-11? Ah yeah, we got a non mask wearer at a 7-11 12 minutes away. Badge 34 on it. Yeah right.
  8. The real question is does Doctor Surrey agree?
  9. Yeah, the rest is key. Both Tanev and Edler rest while the power-play is on, take the hard defensive responsibilities outside of that, and then lead the PK. It's nice when your deployment works out that perfectly. Also, helped massively by the fact we have forwards capable of playing the other point on both PP's.
  10. Yeah, I never saw that player he imagines either. He did intimidate in that one game. Otherwise an awful lot of dumb penalties early in the year that he somewhat improved on.
  11. Yeah, i really hope we give some of these guys a shot. Management has been hasty. I really think this group could compete and all be lower value guys with high upside Tryamkin Sweatt Sauve Subban Hughes Pouliot
  12. Nice. Definitely a strength for us. Virtanen, Boeser, and Pearson on the second is a nice luxury.
  13. So, he was basically offered a two way deal and refused. Whew. Moving on.
  14. I can't see how Leivo is more than minimum wage 2 way contract guy at best. We have to many players as it is. I had him in the 10-15% chance of being re-signed before covid. That injury is something very serious, and with no stats or pedigree he's an afterthought to any NHL team at this point. We were losing Stretcher anyway. It has nothing to do with cap management, it has to do with NT and the choices he makes.
  15. Nice. Dodged a bullet on that one. Let us give that opportunity to a younger player who doesn't need guarantees, isn't entitled, isn't a complete wildcard, isn't afraid to compete for a job, and who shows more dedication to playing in the best league in the world.
  16. Sweet, I've had a couple humdingers. I just find as an athlete that's been in that position it's personal and medical. Neither or which we know. I remember one dude coming back in the playoffs. Dallas I think. He wouldn't be cleared today but he defied all the doctors orders and won the series for them. I mean it's really personal. That decision should only be made by yourself, doctors, trainers, coaches, and family. Not some dude on the internet. I'd be pissed if I was Michael and you're writing me off and killing my way of life. I get that you're concerned but that's an intensely intricate matter which you have close to zero knowledge of.
  17. My bad that was like 10 pages ago when you were getting assaulted from all directions. You're welcome.
  18. Hey sorry on that one man. I understand your stance on trading him because we can get good value. I understand that we are plentiful at the wing position, I understand that he's going to get a raise at $7.5 plus, I understand he has had some injuries, but in no way shape or form do I promote criticizing a young player because he's had some injuries. You're talking about a guy that's averaged 30.333 goals a game over 82 in his first three years and you're talking about trending? That part I don't agree with. Like I said I very much appreciate your commentary here so I will leave it as I disagree. This guy has undeniable skill. I think it would be foolhardy to write him off due to injury.
  19. Luckily I don't live in van so the only exposure I get is here on CDC. Absolute waste of skin though. He's ingratiating to listen to.
  20. Nope. I will never block people from speaking. I really enjoy your viewpoint.That's why I replied man. Because it bothered me. Maybe you should take the same advice. All I did was call you out because you've been trumpeting this idea for awhile and I don't think the reasoning is solid. Am I not allowed to voice my opinion? If you recall I was the same guy supporting you and giving you up-votes 2 pages ago. Bye for now.
  21. Your analysis is and always has been crap on this matter. You do have a strong hockey mind so I'm not dissing you. A statistician could teach you how to properly view that. Sheesh. I am not even going to say more. Here is another player trending in the wrong direction.