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  1. What's a good place to buy Leafs tickets other than StubHub? Trying to get tickets for the Canucks vs. Leafs game in January...

  2. Had fun playing against Stecher over some paintball. Made sure to not hit him - don't want him getting injured haha. Side note: dude looks jacked as hell.

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    2. Jimmy McGill
    3. Blömqvist


      Sweet!!! Over in Tsawwassen? 

    4. KoreanHockeyFan


      Nope. Maple Ridge. 


      Wanted to talk more, but it looked like he was out with a bunch of friends - didn't want to bother him. 

  3. Whoa Gary Thorne is calling NHL games again - 



    1. Jam126


      I forgot how lively he is when someone scores. lol

    2. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      He has been calling games of the NHL video game series and doing baseball nationally for the playoffs as well as Baltimore Orioles local broadcasts.


      I love when he yells "SCORING OPPORTUNITY"!!! He  also butchers Matt Stajan's name in the video game series calling Matt "Stay-on" instead of Matt "Stay-jan"

  4. Re-watched Torts' end of season press conference 2 years back...the guy doesn't get enough credit for being the very first trigger for this rebuild. Blatantly called out the lack of youth on the team several times. 

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    2. Nuxfanabroad


      Don't push this...

    3. Green Building

      Green Building

      I remember that presser well. I was on and off the Torts train all year long, but the guy was not the coach we needed at all. I laugh at all the people who said "You wait and see what he does with CBJ this year, you'll see". Well, where are all of you now?


      Nevertheless, he nailed it with the core being stale, rebuilding on the fly is tough to do, but not impossible, you need to have some luck, and some prospects that are somewhat ready to jump in right away, and cap space, or moveable players. We were working with a short hand. 


      Add in the question about what ownership says about roster moves and who's to say Tort's was the guy responsible? All I say is he was the 1st one to put it that way bluntly in public. Then he and MG were fired an they still tried to compete. 


      So yeah I find it interesting, but still don't think he was the trigger. Maybe I'm wrong.



    4. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      2006-2012... a big black hole in drafting. That's why we are where we are now. Horvat and Co. and the twins. About a 15 year gap where the reigns are being passed

  5. want san jose to have the worst goal song? well then vote for this beauty: 


  6. so the virtanen-chloe moretz things is apparently becoming true...slowly...

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    2. chon derry

      chon derry

      he,ll want to go to the duck,s or king,s  now. lol.

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      If he tames her with a strict leather belt, he'll likely develop into a bold, muscular PWF...(least that's what Gran'pa would say)

    4. TheOgRook


      @GS. What I was getting at is she doesn't need to date make to get attention.  His star status is way lower ;p. I never commented on her quality of character.  But who are we to judge. She could be a real sweetheart. Or the female version of Jakob Hoggard lol

  7. morning hockey games in korea; 16 hour time zone difference can't stop me.

  8. 8 months in ottawa was a great experience, but its time to go back home. helllooooo vancouver.

  9. and so the 2015 federal election campaign period begins...

  10. dorm application rejected for exchange university. so what do you do? find a place to stay just outside of campus within 8 hours.

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    2. StealthNuck


      There must be homestays or sharehouses close to the University?

    3. KoreanHockeyFan


      lol read the op. i scrambled after the application rejection and found a place within hours.

    4. debluvscanucks


      It translated poorly and sounded like a to do list, not an actual success story.

  11. hoping the twins do this again next season....

  12. what's with all these companies squeezing in 4k/QHD displays on 13 inch laptops? waste of money and battery life .

    1. Mimerez


      I thought I was the only one who believed that :)

  13. Backwards compatibility for Xbox One? COD4 better make that list of compatible games soon. I want my COD4 multiplayer back.

    1. Piggy Bank

      Piggy Bank

      if xbox one does that, imma have to sell the ps4 so i can get me sum cod4

  14. watched "Fed Up" the documentary. I am so ****ing scared of sugar now.

    1. Webster6


      It's the drug everyone is silently addicted to.