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  1. Aren't the Sens one of the few teams who actually might have trouble reaching the cap floor? I could be wrong. but if I'm not wrong...Eriksson...? In all seriousness though, I wonder if Eriksson would actually be considered? Most of his salary is paid out and it's just the cap hit that'll be carried over. Might be a cheap option for a cash-strapped team like the Sens to reach the floor? Salary aside, Eriksson brings in as much value as Ryan, arguable even more because of his defensive play.
  2. Wallstreetbets sub-reddit is a total doozy to read this morning And wow, look at NKLA go.
  3. SHLL dropped 20%, but it's recovered a lot since. Opportunity for me to just buy more shares
  4. Ontario's ever-growing testing capacity is putting BC's to shame: Ontario's been testing 30,000 a day easy.
  5. If the NDP choke on their housing efforts by the end of the next 4 years and the Liberals come up with a better housing plan, yes I'm definitely willing to consider voting Liberal. I made an edit to the post you quoted, but I'll repeat it here, my vote isn't tied to partisanship and party ideology, it's tied to policy directions.
  6. That "fundamental trap" is caused by our provincial 2-party system. If there is ever a vote to switch to proportional representation, I'm all for it. But the current parameters of our electoral system incline me to vote NDP to prevent the Liberals from gaining power. As a millennial, housing and transit are extremely important to me and success in those two areas are a huge part of how we'll create more livable and affordable cities. I want to make sure the NDP have a few more years to follow through on this progress. If they don't by the end of their (hopefully) second term, I'm more than happy to re-consider who I will vote for. My votes aren't tied to ideology, they're tied to policy directions. I've spent some time living in Toronto, and you won't believe the amount of back and forth between governments that province has gone through and how that's stunted affordable housing and public transit efforts. For me, moving forward on those issues are more important than the immorality behind the timing of this election, which I fully recognize.
  7. I've made the argument that this incentivizes opportunistic, politically selfish behaviour, but those who think the contrary can chime in.
  8. I agree with you. The political scheming and strategizing behind the timing of this election is as blatant as it gets. My argument is that, given my personal policy positions and how they're more aligned with NDP, a politically selfish move is not enough to sway me to the other side. Pick your poison: vote for the government that forced this ill-timed election upon the province or vote for the Liberals. It's a risk-reward assessment for me. And I'm not willing to vote Liberal and run the risk of them reversing course on the progress the NDP have made. We gave the Liberals 16 years. An additional 4 for the NDP isn't that big of a deal for me in my opinion. I think 7 years is a fair amount of time to assess their performance, but not 3.
  9. I completely understand. But I guess I also have my fair share of biases. My educational background in public policy and urban planning has probably conditioned me to become hyper focused on policy decisions/outcomes from government rather than how political leaders and their demeanour are publicly perceived
  10. Yeah you have a point on the public transit front. I've also noticed the municipalities carrying the burden of the load for those projects. I'm still with the NDP on the housing front though. Liberals took forever to do anything on housing until it was too late. The only meaningful policy measure they took was at the very end of their reign by reeling in the Real Estate Council, and I guess implementing the foreign buyers tax, but the impact of that has been arguable.
  11. Well then I guess we're stuck between a rock and a hard place in that specific regard. I don't see politicians giving up a juicy electoral victory for any reason, even for a pandemic. Incentives alter behaviour, not morals - as sad as that may sound.
  12. Well, not the electoral system per-say, but our system as a whole which permits the government in power to call snap elections. By permitting it, you essentially incentivize the government to call elections at the most politically opportune time - just ban it to get rid of that incentive. Governments do this all the time. Harper did it once (or twice?) at the Federal level a while back. The only difference here is that there is a pandemic going on, which makes this especially ill-timed, so from a PR standpoint, this isn't the greatest look for Horgan. But what I'm saying is...who cares? I'd rather focus on the action, or the inaction (from other people's point of view), him and his government have taken on policies that impact us on a day-to-day basis. Housing and public transit are quite important to me, so I guess from my perspective, an ill-timed election isn't enough to sway me to vote Liberal - I want to see the follow-through with the work the NDP have already put into these two issues. If they suddenly reverse course and do terribly with respect to these issues, well then the next election will be a great time for me to re-consider.
  13. Then people should be annoyed with our electoral system.
  14. That's quite disappointing to hear then. This is why I made my earlier comment of voting with the longer term in mind instead of focusing on an out-of-the-blue pandemic. If you've hated the NDP's policy decisions from Day 1, then by all means go vote Liberal, but if it's solely coming out of some rage towards the "timing of the election" or because "COVID cases are the largest per capita in the country," please re-assess and really think about the policy platforms for each party.