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  1. The Fed can only prop up the market for so long. Although I will concede that perhaps the Fed has been doing a great job at making sure the market comes down gently, rather than a doomsday crash.
  2. I think you should be fine. Like others have said, lots of opportunities to enter and exit with the volatility this thing is going though. I'm more nervous with broad market. Missed opportunity to short on the sell-off today. Next week will tell us whether the markets will bounce back off support or move to the next low.
  3. Haha appreciate the encouragement. Just kicking myself for not doing research this morning - they announced a bunch of pre-orders which is probably causing the run-up. SHLL will probably cool-off. I've got support marked at around $19-20.
  4. I made an incredibly dumb mistake by selling it all off. Made some nice gains, but I now I gotta wait for a nice dip to re-enter.
  5. If SPY has a clear break past 300, I'm re-entering my inverse ETF position. Chopping sideways on 301 right now.
  6. .... Honestly wouldn't mind if Trump builds up that wall of his along the Canada-US border now. On a temporary basis
  7. First successful trade with the inverse S&P 500 ETF today. I'll take home the 10% gain.
  8. I was impatient and didn't wait for the morning sell-off, still made some gains though. Realizing time and time again that my trading abilities have a lotttttt of room for improvement
  9. Put a small position in SHLL/HYLN. Let's see how this goes.
  10. I find there are a lot of people who forget what living under a democratic government entails. As a democracy we're entitled to several rights and freedoms, but we also agree to give up some by virtue of electing a government into power. Provinces have mostly been put under a "state of emergency." It's a phrase we throw around a lot these days, but I hope everyone understands that it gives the government extraordinary powers to use in order to stop the spread of COVID. We all seem to be doing fine with this reality and then suddenly there are people out there up in arms with a god damn app that's been proven to help stop the spread. The hypocrisy makes me livid.
  11. This contact tracing app is going to be useless if it's voluntary, especially given the hysteria around data privacy here. All of the data is anonymized. All of these people paranoid about their privacy is completely asinine. How self-centered do you have to be to think the government is out to breach your personal data in light of a pandemic. The government doesn't care about your embarrassing internet history, my god. Contact tracing has been proven to be a wide success in Korea and Hong Kong. The proof is in the number of cases in those countries.
  12. Monday will be interesting...huge spikes in coronavirus cases all this week in the US and today was pretty bad.
  13. Matthews has been in Arizona this entire time. Ontario's case numbers have been trending downwards for over a week.