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  1. Just what I was thinking... No pressure on the kids, except what they put on themselves. Canucks historically have been overachievers when underdogs and somehow crumble when favorites. We changed the narrative this year so far, as we were slight favorites coming into the wild series. Now going forward they can play free, have fun and learn. I like our odds!
  2. Absolutely agree... I was only being half sarcastic (if that makes any sense). I'm hopeful as well. It's just blows my mind that it's even in the realm of possibilities...
  3. Appreciate your post... First time in franchise history having so many 1st rounders workout... Just waiting for Podkolzin to have your statement be 100% verified Should be a reality by 2021.
  4. Keep this quote... Pull it out in 3 or 4 years... I'm hopefully it ages well!!!!
  5. That's all that matters. That last game was a sight to behold. Watching him work his way through traffic WITH contact... So much confidence. Just so AMAZING and just the beginning. When we got Boeser and watched his rookie year and Calder finalist, I was overjoyed to finally see a solid piece of the future in place beyond Horvat. Then Petey was drafted. Watched him take the league by storm and win the Calder. How could it get any better right?! Franchise center wow!!! Then we draft Hughes a year later... I wasn't sure he was the best choice but I understood he definitely dropped to us so I get when management went for him. And now... After last night's game I'm thinking... This guy is already the best player on this team... Which I can't even believe in saying... BUT come even as early as next year top 2 or 3 in the entire league... And just getting better. Man just wow. Sooo happy to finally get players of high end hall of fame caliber on our team and still so young! I just don't understand... Despite management mistakes... How could any canuck fan be upset or want Benning gone? I mean, Podkolzin and Hoglander aren't even here yet. Rathbone isn't either. Juolevi is just starting and looks good... AND though we could have drafted Tkachuk... He's elite in talent but lacks in quality character no thanks we already had one of those in Kesler.
  6. Ferland Petey Boeser Pearson Horvat Toffoli Gaudette Miller Virtanen Sutter Beagle Motte
  7. Watching the Blues Avalanche game... Commentators are talking about the poor ice. Also mentioned it during Edmonton Hawks game. That may a hard adjustment for canucks and favors the wild for their playing style. These first 2 games will be hard for van to play their game. Will have to adapt and do a more dump and chase style, play patient opportunist hockey. Don't expect many goals off the rush.
  8. Green said Virtanen was part of the main group in practice today along with Eriksson (practiced with 14 forwards MacEwen being the extra skater). There's to much hand ringing going on here. Travis knows Jake inside and out. He knows how to motivate him. Travis is letting Jake know that nothing's being handed to him. He's got to earn it. You can't rest on the successes of the regular season. This is about now... And Green is getting Jake prepared because Jake needs that push. He'll be in by game 2 at the latest.
  9. That's a tongue twister there... Am I stoned...?.... or do you not make any sense at all?
  10. Okay... Fer is in then... Yahhh... Just stay healthy.... AND EAT!!!!
  11. +1 Campbell or Rafalski shouldn't and won't be in the conversation... Housley on the other hand.... Good comparison. This young man... Short of major injuries, will be a hall of fame player. He's already changing what defence puck possession style is becoming in the new area of hockey. Quinn is a big part of it.
  12. Hogs & Podz

    NFL thread

    Russel Wilson has a new addition to his family Win Wilson.... AND a new addition to his extended family Adams!!! Adams + Win= Winning!!!! Go Hawks!!!!
  13. I wouldn't bet on it... I think seattle will be a competitive team with the first 3 years. Maybe not like Vegas but close... Mostly because to the market place change due to covid (and the positive deals they will be able to make as a result). As good as the canucks will be for years to come, we will still have to contend with Edmonton and Vegas for the next 2 or 3 years (at least) and by then one of the California teams will start rising up again... And thats just our own division. So Seattle may find it hard to make it to the playoffs for the first while but I don't think they will be pushovers.
  14. I'll tuck this statement away for safe keeping. Cause if the nucks win it all... Loui will have played an important roll in achieving their goal of winning the cup.... And that means you have a crystal ball hidden away somewhere! 1000000 to 1 odds!
  15. Not as deep but never had a Quinn caliber type of defender either... So there is an argument to be made that with Quinn, overall comparison equal out.
  16. Yah, it was designed to highlight what (I believe) this teams greatest strengths are in order to have a 'snowballs chance in August' to win it all. If per chance the hockey gods shine down upon us and award our Nucks the cup, we can come back here and debate what were the main components in importance (prioritize) that led us to the grail.... Or maybe we'll be to busy partying our asses off all fall long... Yah that sounds more like it.
  17. I was thinking the same thing in relation to Eriksson... I mean maybe last season off the rush once?... I know I've seen more hole in one's sporadically watching golf highlights then loui scoring outside the blue paint! What did Imac say?
  18. I know right?! Embarrassment of riches! Quite honestly... He's our most complete player. He checks the boxes in so many categories, he's a category within his own.
  19. Hey different strokes different folks! No judgement here lol! Maybe Greener knows something we don't? Didn't know glimmer had such a different connotation than twinkle... Who knew lol!
  20. No expectations from my side... Hope and cautious optimism are a lot different then expectations... Let a brother be excited! No need to be a Debbie downer. (I don't mean you Deb lol!) These are Greens words, though relaying with cautious optimism himself, you can see his excitement when talking about Ferland... Very encouaging!