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  1. [PGT] Colorado Avalanche vs. Vancouver Canucks

    5 power play goals against damn the canucks suck i thought we just reinked a pk specialist ? a shut down defender what happened last i heard it was 4 - 1 canucks
  2. so gud is signed decent term, decent annual value there are no trade restrictions he is an established nhl dman what would he now fetch in a trade? (and btw, i'm sure i'm going to hear a lot of response that he will now not be traded.. you are right.. my point is the hypothetical.. how does this contract increase his asset value?) i'm thinking he would easily fetch a 2nd rounder, maybe even a 1st round pick, now in a trade
  3. i agree he is really a straight shooter and a fair guy from what i've seen
  4. The Gudbranson overpayment

    you seem quite upset at this is the money coming out of your own pocket for this contract??? i think not
  5. The Gudbranson overpayment

    asset management ? we retained an asset on a shorter term decent value contract that is free from trade restrictions it appears there was not much of a trade market for him and this is better then letting him walk for nothing as he would have got this value on the free agent market mostly likely
  6. not sure about that i heard jb has been taking a lot of keenan pills lately a term in his new contract i guess he might just become hard core and burn bridges with as many people as possible you know the vancouver record.... keenan, torts.. now? .. jb ?
  7. Stealth-Rejig Is Potentially 93% Finito!

    people bettman already wrote it down in ink he's not gonna change his mind good luck though canucks get 5th overall pick no matter where they finish surely we are used to this by now you all have to move on to acceptance reduces a lot of stress in one's life
  8. good thing the leafs did not give him away but then again we did get hansen pretty late in a draft and that worked out pretty well still quite a bit of a long shot there i'm sure san jose had a hard look at the draft pool and concluded there would be not much there at pick 200 something
  9. Tanev out long term

    nah don't argue against yourself or 5 years of history we already can add in tanev's next 20 games or so and we are bound to lose another dman to injury this season still so the stats do back up your initial point and i share the same worries about stetcher demonstrating tanev like injury traits
  10. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Erik Gudbranson

    is any one seriously going to argue that this new contract makes gud less valuable? it is an average annual salary payment for a player who is established as an nhl dman the contract increases his trade value it is a win for the team they can keep him or move him relatively easily asset management achieved in this deal
  11. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Erik Gudbranson

    you really think arguing with apollo about this stuff makes any difference at all to him you clearly do not know what sort of ardent fan he is of the canucks and all things canadian
  12. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Erik Gudbranson

    so gud is now signed good stuff sbisa's contract is up this year as well i'm in a betting mood i bet a buck he'll end up being signed for higher value then gud any thoughts on this ?
  13. Tanev out long term

    wow really 58 is our average that does seem quite low overall so on average our dmen miss 24 games each year almost 1/3 of each season we need 9 dmen then
  14. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Erik Gudbranson

    wow his trade value just went up with this deal just go do it jb
  15. Richard Bachman in Vancouver, Markstrom has minor injury

    yeah a little kid shot a puck at him and now he has an owie
  16. Richard Bachman in Vancouver, Markstrom has minor injury

    yeah great then he can start tonight against the avs
  17. Third-graders Selling AR-15 Raffle Tickets in Missouri

    it appears the gun was powerful enough and stating as fact a gun description that ignores the harm it caused when the gun manufacturer description is basically what you appear to be espousing and when the only reason you even discuss this gun now is because of what in fact happened is a tad insensitive
  18. Tanev out long term

    i guess we'll see i did not count the number of games he'll miss and you assume gud won't get injured again while tanev is out gud has not strung 20 games together in a really long time that is a bit of a gamble on your part don' you think ?
  19. Tanev out long term

    you realize that if you look at things today he has still played 20 more games then gud over the last 2 seasons his durability is still higher even with this injury and recovery he'll likely still be ahead of gud in games played since the start of last season i hope that gud contract is not too high of an annual salary
  20. Third-graders Selling AR-15 Raffle Tickets in Missouri

    you are welcome ask yourself why you even felt the need to respond to my post and why you seem defensive about yours you might gain some insight
  21. Third-graders Selling AR-15 Raffle Tickets in Missouri

    i'm sure the dead kids in florida are relieved to know this thanks
  22. Third-graders Selling AR-15 Raffle Tickets in Missouri

    nah don't worry the fbi is on it
  23. Canucks future #1 center

    vanek has it we can keep him and have playmaking coming from the opposite wing seemed to work fine for a bit there
  24. wow all these posters with special access to information it does seem a bit odd

    um lucic has a no movement clause just like loui or they would not have signed with the teams that signed them his contract is also basically by out proof not quite as bad as loui but more then half his pay is designated as bonuses and those are paid 100% in a buyout situation it is an ugly contract and the oilers married him when they signed him \