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The Prototype Super Canuck

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Here's something frivolous to do in the down time before the next game.

If you could build the prototype of a Super Canuck made up of the qualities of any Canuck, past or present, what would he be like? Here's mine:

The skill set of Pavel Bure

The smarts of Henrik Sedin

The heart of Stan Smyl

The class of Trevor Linden

The toughness of Curt Fraser

The physique of Ryan Kesler

The wit of Kevin Bieksa

Did I miss anything? What qualities would you add? Can you build a better Super Canuck?


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Bure's speed, Linden's leadership, nastiness of Tiger Williams, and Torres' hitting. Late-


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slap shot of Garisson..with the aim of the Sedins

Pretty sure there was a Canuck with a harder shot.... Salo?

LOL at some of the posts! Go crazy!


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Salo best shot was a mile faster then Garrison, but Garrison said he felt like he could have done fast then he shot.. and that it was his first super skills contest.. so I'm thinking his might be faster then Salo's.


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Since the fanbase's expectations of players are super-high around here, the prototype Super Canuck needs to be able to play goaltender, defence, and forward, coach and be the GM at the same time to satisfy everyone, so he needs:

The athleticism of Roberto Luongo

The positioning and lateral movement of Cory Schneider

The composure of Kirk McLean

The speed, shot, and hands of Pavel Bure

The passing ability and intelligence of Henrik Sedin

The drive and determination of Trevor Linden (or Ryan Kesler)

The aggressiveness of Marc Crawford

The passion of John Tortorella

The craftiness of Pat Quinn

The ability to negotiate contracts of Mike Gillis

The ability to orchestrate trades of Brian Burke

Most importantly, he needs the ability to do absolutely no wrong in order to keep everyone happy. Trevor Linden probably has that, too. Plus Harold Snepsts' mustache so he can look bada$$ while doing it.

Hire Burke as GM2 and keep Gillis as GM1 .Gillis works with scouts and finds potential free agents. Burke does lopsided deals in our favor and brings in proven scorers.

Imagine the fights they'd get into over who to keep and who to trade. :lol:

Gillis: Horvat will be proven player in this league he will shut down the opposition.

Burke: They are asking for Horvat and two first's for Kessel your saying your going to turn down a 30 goal scorer for a third liner. He hasn't even played a game in this league.



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