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  1. Just noticed that Abby and Tucson's logos are very similar.
  2. If former Green-coached Winterhawk players like baerschi and leipzig couldn't fit in on the Canucks, what are Petan's chances?
  3. I see Rathbone getting more votes for Calder vs Podz.
  4. IMO, based on the first couple pre-season games so far, we could see a line of Podz/Focht/Lockwood in Abby.
  5. Wrong Farhan - a right shot forward hit Rathbone. Gadjovich didnt even touch him.
  6. Amex line Euro line and 2 N.A. lines
  7. Alas, it was only for 10 games or so until Orr got injured, iirc.
  8. You could say McCann was also gifted a spot that year, yet he seems to have had a decent career. I remember that video of JV, McCann and a third player out on the town in NY and they stopped at a hot dog stand, where JV was caught on camera munching on a hot dog while McCann abstained from that fatty diet. That was a very illustrative scenario. Like most are saying, this sad state of affairs is on Jake. You would think he would have learnt a lesson from watching Kassian's career fall apart (before his resurrection).
  9. Namestniikov, so he can join that rare group of father/son Canucks ( so far consisting of Bubla/\Slegr, the Tambellinis and Gagners.). Was their another father/son combo that I missed?
  10. Would it be too much to ask for a Hoglander-like season from Podz next year? Maybe not in points but in effort.
  11. The Squeeze documentary 'Take Me, I'm Yours' provided some context to this tribute to the passing of Glenn Tilbrook's first girlfriend who had encouraged Glenn to answer Chris Difford's ad looking to form a band 20 years earlier.
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