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  1. Jake should have done what Tuch did in the Vegas series but he didn't.
  2. If he can have the career path of Blake Comeau, then it's a win..
  3. Maybe the Canucks Autism Network (CAN) can play a role here. I've seen them do good things.
  4. IIrc there were 2 Bob Kelly's - Bulldog with Philly and Battleship with Pittsburgh.
  5. Guessing that Patrick White became Erhoff.
  6. Good to get it out of his system but it's a hot dog move. Robbie Schremp once did a similar move at a Prospect game on a 2 on 1, iirc. Where did it get him? Islander/Oilers/German league. Risky hockey play but also dangerous - he could've skated over the defenseman's legs; his shot and/or stick could've hit player's head/face/eyes.
  7. Hutton, when carrying puck out of the d-zone never seemed to be aware of the backchecking pressure. Bieksa was like that also. I was always worried about them getting pickpocket-ed. Maybe it was their first couple steps - no acceleration at all. The Hughes and Rathbones have that acceleration and awareness. Also, I seem to remember the old Hutton Maine highlights. The year he scored 15 goals, he was in a rover position on the pp mainly and he scored from basically the Elias Petterson office. No way will you see him on the pp doing that on a Travis Green team.
  8. I want to watch Michigan vs Harvard next year, just to see Hughes vs Rathbone.
  9. Wow, Canuck picks get POTW in both OHL and WHL. Looks good.
  10. After watching last spring's World Championships and seeing Rielly and Tanev as a pairing, I thought for sure TO would be going after Tanev.