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  1. Got Boots and Babes concert tickets. *Does happy dance*

  2. That moment when youre making out with a girl at a concert and you realise you dont even know her name #PassThePenicillinPlease

  3. Kip Moore concert tonight. Stoked!

  4. No nip slip. We all lose the Super Bowl

    1. Sly_Paragon


      Did you change your bet?

    2. c00kies


      You can still pull out a win in O.T. by googling.

  5. Due to a last minute gamble that would be worth thousands to me. I am praying for a 31-27 Patriots win.

    1. Sly_Paragon


      You should take that back and bet on the hawks. Its still 0-0

  6. That was an awful call.

  7. Got my 24, my couch and my chicken wings. I am ready for today's sporgy. (sport's orgy)

  8. Sportsnet still thinks Luongo plays for us lol.

  9. Just got back from Vegas. My liver is sore.

    1. Mathew Barzal

      Mathew Barzal

      Well, if you've already gone past your limit I suggest not turning on the game ...

    2. Magikal


      too late. cracking into my duty free whiskey due to such a crap game

  10. [Value of] McDonalds Value Meal items. Which item do you think has the most value for $1.39?

    1. Armada
    2. viking mama

      viking mama

      what fillers do they put into their food now to offer it so cheap,..soylent green?!

    3. logic


      Junior chicken yo

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  11. I love how the fans called everyone out for not voting the Slovkian goalie for Player of the Game award. That kid played amazing.

  12. That Sharov kid is pretty good huh

  13. I really want to see a Canada vs Russia final but at the sametime I just hate team Russia. Don't think I will cheer for anyone in this match.

  14. It's almost creepy how much Tanev is starting to look like Sopel

    1. Gross-Misconduct


      have you ever seen them together?....

    2. Magikal


      The plot thickens!!!

    3. Ghostsof1915
  15. ATDHE you are letting me down....

    1. c00kies


      Firstrowsports or, my personal favorite, wiziwig.

  16. Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger is the only Canadian premier with a lower approval rating the Christy Clark. Interesting.

    1. Ghostsof1915


      That's even possible??

    2. Grapefruits


      Everyone know the original cost was far too low. Hydro rates were going up no matter what, the rates were announced years ago on a 3 year plan, or something like that. Not sure why people are so shocked when they go up every year during those years. They still haven't gone up nearly what they initially said they were. This isn't a short term project either. It's one of those ones where the benefits likely wont be felt for years to come. Lets just hope when its up and running, th...

    3. Grapefruits


      ...ey sell off the extra for a decent profit like they once did.

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  17. 4 games and CDC loses their heads. Lol classic.

    1. Brad Marchand
    2. Grapefruits


      It's not just the 4 games. Signs of what killed us last season are starting to creep back into their game.

    3. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      It's how they lost them that is alarming.

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  18. Now that SoA is over we can begin the real important debate. Is the homeless woman a symbol of death, a guardian angel, Jesus or other????

    1. TheRussianRocket.


      Idk atm but that caught my eye for sure. Was mystifying and Godly for sure. Will look into it after I'm done school this week just for personal curiosity. Love things like that in shows/'s more than just effects/popular actors/explosions...the small, hidden elements like this which majority don't catch or understand or bother attempting to understand are the real keys.

    2. Magikal


      I'm kind of leaning towards Santa Muerte or the Angel of Death.

    3. TheRussianRocket.


      ^was my initial assumption while watching but nonetheless, was a beautiful scene.

  19. Anyone else having issues with Rogers cellphone service right now? Cant seem to text

    1. Gross-Misconduct


      I can help. I sent you a text with the details.

  20. Wow, just wow. Are people actually this stupid? Modern day feminism is a load of garbage.
    1. Magikal


      Actually you are the one who is incorrect. You assume that my only experience with people who claim to be feminists are the extreme ones on the internet. You are also assuming I am focusing only on the male victim complex. You are completely ignoring the other parts of the problem. If I am to fight fire with fire I could simply focus on things like the female victim complex that has been blown out proportion. Do not sit there and claim that I never hear about the positive things feminism does...

    2. Newsflash


      Female victim complex is an important reason for feminist extremism, but again, feminist extremism is a minor issue when talking about gender. I have met maybe one? extreme feminist outside the internet, and she was laughed at by everyone. I doubt you've met a great deal of people in real life whose sole intent is to slander men.

    3. Magikal


      Again that is simply ana ssumption of yours. It holds no merit so focus on facts. The truth is feminism has caused a lot of problems and done a lot fo damage in the past 25 years. It also has done a lot of good and helped make much needed changes in our society. But it is getting out of control and my generation and the younger generation are being poisoned by it. Schools are being designed with focus on a feminine atmosphere and behavioural protocol causing males to underachieve and fall beh...

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  21. The Walking Dead really knows how to piss me off :/

    1. TimberWolf


      Stopped watching a long time ago when it was clear they were only killing characters off for shock over a decent plot. It's like when everyone was a bloody cylon in Battlestar it stops becoming interesting.

    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Z nation baby ! epic cheese at its finest !

    3. Mike Vanderhoek

      Mike Vanderhoek

      they all die in the end, they are the " walking dead " the characters I mean

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  22. Where the heck is global warming when you need it?!?!?

    1. BanTSN


      Renamed to climate change a few years ago.

    2. Xbox


      Global Warming doesn't mean warm weather year round.

      It means warmer Summers and Colder Winters. I think everyone would be in favour of a year round summer.

    3. Heretic


      ^^^^ - not really, Global Warming means the average temperature of the entire earth is warmer. That's why it's called "Global".

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