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[Waivers] Canucks claimed Tom Sestito


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Well there goes the belief that Volpatti was sent down to free up a roster space.

If we can pick someone else up, it means we sent him down because we thought we could do better.

Sestito isn't really much different... bigger version, not a an accomplished fighter though... at least as a heavyweight.

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I made a thread to acquire this guy a few years ago back when he was with Columbus.


He scored 53 goals in 79 games his last year in the OHL so it seems like he has some decent mitts. Hits hard, skates well for a big guy, fights ALOT (even if he isn't the best at it). Willing to stand up for teammates as well.

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I wouldn't say it's an upgrade, but i feel like GMMG truthfully believed Volpatti wouldn't be claimed, as stupid as that sounds. It's not a shot at who's better, it's just Volpatti was claimed when GMMG thought he wouldn't be.

The guy's huge, scored 53 Goals in the OHL.. Hopefully he can chip in more than Volpatti's 3 goals in like 60 games or something.

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