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What line should Kesler play on?


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Just going to put this right out there! Ryan Kesler is a great defensive Center and should be played on the PP and on a line of Higgins/Kesler/Hansen against everyones first line. My bet is they would out score most 1st lines when played Head to head. I actually think they would out score all 1st lines in the NHL.......... by doing so, you would think they would also get the most ice time of any Canuck line. Hense the third line beomes the 1st line!!!Keslers goals might be down a little, but if.............

Sedin/Sedin/Burrows are a + 12 on average


Higgins/Kesler/Hansen..............should be a + line my guess

Weise/Lappy/pinni/Sestito/ kassian/Ballard ( Don't laugh )

PP Units.....Sedins/Kesler


PK Units......Kesler/Hansen/Higgins/Roy/Raymond/Lappy

Before all the injuries, we were a deep team. We look better all of a sudden, and I as a Canuck fan I am going to tie myself to the band wagon, and will be on it even if it flips, this give me hope! Final Four hope!SCF hope! We just became faster and with Kes back and Roy, it is an addition of 50+ goals a season. That is alot! This will be a nightmare for the opposition!

Now if we can flip Lui for a upgrade somewhere + a pick/prospect.........well you fill in the rest.......Hockey has just got fun again! Here's hoping!

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Untill kesler learns how to use his line mates and when on the pp to not stand in the same spot with your stick in the air game in and game out, put him 3c give roy 2ndC with raymond and higgins and let the secound line produce! Its needs a facelift. Roy deserves that opportunity.

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Sedin - Sedin - Kassian

Raymond - Kesler - Burrows

Higgins - Roy - Hansen

(Booth?) - Lapierre - Weise

Holy crap, boy did i overreact for not getting anyone. If everyone is healthy, which is a huge if, that is definitely a cup winning top 9. Kesler just has to show up. Sedins rarely score anyways, unless we're playing the Sharks.. Kesler is the only question mark going into the playoffs.

Which is good, give him a reason to do well. He has the 2nd biggest ego on the team, time for him to regain his throne.

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I'd rather 3 scoring lines than loading Kesler on the top line. Here's a playoff-ready lineup with size, speed and skill consistently throughout the lineup. That's how Boston and L.A won Cups, and is what MG has been trying to emulate by drafting big guys with skill.

Sedin - Sedin - Kassian (this line worked well and Kassian has some confidence coming from the AHL and scoring a beauty)

Burrows - Kesler - Higgins (Burr-Kes have proven chemistry, Higgins is leading us with takeaways: a great defensive line)

Raymond - Roy - Hansen (very speedy line but all 3 guys are great defensively)

Jensen - Lapierre - Weise/Sestito (good size and skill to score as well, Booth comes in when he's healthy)

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