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Would you support a "loan" system?

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I was thinking about this today. Would you support a "loan" system like in soccer, only you can trade for players in the NHL?

For example. If the Canucks were out of the playoffs for 2013, but had booth under contract for another 3 years, they could loan booth out for the rest of the season at the deadline for let's say a 2nd round pick.

It would make the deadline more exciting, give weak teams a chance to improve their team and retain their core in the future, would give guys like Iginla a better chance to win a cup (can be loaned every year at deadline if their team Isnt making the playoffs) but still be apart of their franchise at the end of the loan.

I personally would support it.

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After giving it more thought against it for sure.

Can you imagine someone like say.. Stamkos for example being loaned?? Or someone like Eberle or Tavares being loaned out? It's a great opportunity for the individual players, but as a teammate I'd be pretty choked about having a team mate loaned out. Especially if you're a heart and soul kind of player like Doan. Sure, you'd want to be professional about it but I don't imagine the majority of players would be happy with that kind of situation.

It would also be a convenient way to build up assets for the teams rich with talent, which leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Again, it's an interesting idea but there are just too many cons for my liking.

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Imagine. Team has flukey injuries that somehow finds a way to make it to the playoffs.

Players get healthy, but now they have $20+m in cap room.

Its just a loan, and its GUARANTEED to be returned for the next season, so they'd be worth LESS than current pending UFA's as loaners.

So now you go out and basically add an entire first line + top D pairing.

So its not actually Team vs Team, its who manipulates the cap the best and juts buys rentals every deadline.

Edit - so I guess the Canucks would win?

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I don't like it personally. IMO the only league this might work in would be the MLB and only because they have so few playoff spots, prospects take much longer to develop, and each team has a different budget making it actually a challenge for certain teams to survive. The NHL is not a hard league to turn a team around in.

Plus this would get abused and could get unstable. Teams would strong elements can still miss the playoffs and exploit this the loaning team has nothing to lose why not rent out an entire line. Not to mention this will encourage teams to start signing long term contracts again and throw off the entire trade deadline as far as actual trades go. Why give all this talent to own Iginla when the Penguins can rent Stamkos or Weber or a Staal maybe even Giroux one of those teams will go cheaper then what Pitts gave up because they have nothing to lose anything is better than nothing.

Plus you would always have a team or two who overdo it and numerous players who worked hard all year will get cut or demoted.

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Pittsburgh loans Malkin and Crosby to Vancouver

Chicago loans Toews and Keith to Vancouver

Tampa Bay loans Stamkos to Vancouver.

Nashville loans Weber to Vancouver

Malkin Crosby Kesler

Sedin Sedin Stamkos

Burrows Toews Roy

Higgins Lappy Hansen

Hamhuis Weber

Keith Bieksa

Garrison Edler





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How would a GM build a team to contest for the CUP not having any idea if his opposition would 'borrow' a player. Like someone else said it would be a slap down of the players who played 82 games to get to the playoffs. It smacks of elitism.

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Loans in soccer don't usually occur within the same league, so it's not usually an issue. It's usually rich teams like Manchester United or Manchester City loaning out their young prospects to clubs around the world so that they can actually play and continue to develop.

It's not teams loaning big-name players to the top teams so they can buy a championship. Not really how it works.

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