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Corrado or Ballard


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Corrado. There no more, "if" he brings this or that back, or "if" he plays llike he did in Florida, i'm not waiting for that crap anymore. Corrado demostrated to me tonight, that he can keep plays alive either making the safe plays, sending up Kesler multiple times with oncoming attacking Duck player, quite poised actually, Corrado for me. Ballard is barely used anyways, plus Edler plays better automatically with Corrado as his linemate.

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I would take Ballard for several reasons.

1. He is willing to fight and stick up for teammates so Bieksa does not have to as often.

2. He seems to have the knack of driving the oppositions best players out of their minds, a very valuable asset come playoff time. He gets guys running around and seems to draw more than his share of penalties as a result.

3. He hits to hurt when he uses his hipchecks. Hopefully he will be allowed to play his style as it certainly helped knocking Kopecky out against CHI during the cup run, flattening Tootoo to keep him from running around, and jumping Marchand for his sneak attack on Daniel in the finals when no one else stood up. He brings that edge.

4. Experience. Like it or not he has a lot more time playing the team's system and playoff experience.

5. He fits well with any partner he has so he adds some versatility.

Corrado is the future but not the right now, imo.

IF Corrado is in the lineup it will only be because Bieksa and/or Tanev are out. Garrison has adjusted well to the right with Hamhuis. Bieksa has a guaranteed roster spot. Tanev seems to as well. I would actually expect both Ballard and Corrado could be out with Alberts in once all hands are on deck.

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Corrado has been great, but I really like what Ballard can bring. He was great in last years playoffs, and when Bally is focused and on his game he is one of our better defenders IMO.

Hamhuis - Garrison

Edler - Bieksa

Ballard - Tanev

Corrado, Alberts

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Right handed shot that we've lacking.





Every unit looks good, shutdown:Hammer-Tanev.

Edler's and Garrison's can play with sedins.

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1. Hamhuis and Tanev looked terrible together. The only team they shut down was their own.

2. Hamhuis and Garrison >>>>>>>>>>>> than Hamhuis and Bieksa (at least in the past two years)

3. Edler will never be out of the top 4 with AV as coach. NEVER.

You want to now go to the opposite extreme and move Garrison - who has made a seamless transition to the right side and is on fire both offensively and defensively - in order to find a spot for a 3rd right handed shot? I am sorry but I don't care which way Garrison shoots, it is still much more valuable than Corrado being right handed.

With Tanev and Bieksa in we no longer have any issue with not enough right handed shots. Corrado will only be in as a possible replacement for one of those two.

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