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[Rumour] Liles to be bought out

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Liles is a very underrated player and despite the Leafs buying him out, guess they have to sign Kadri and Franson with the extra money.

...while Liles may not play the best defensively, he sure knows how to produce points and in that way is a bit of an Ehrhoff type player. Wouldn't mind if Canucks signed him if they want to keep Corrado in the minors for this year. Unlikely to happen, but just throwing it out there...I personally wanna see Fistric signed...big Canadian dman who hits anything moving. I'd take that over another offensive dman anyday.

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Why do people suggest they trade Kulemin? This is what the Leafs' roster will look like once they re-sign Kadri and Franson/buy out Liles:

JVR - Bozak - Kessel

Lupul - Kadri - Clarkson

XXXXX - Bolland - Kulemin

Mclaren - McClement - Orr

Phaneuf - Gunnarsson

Gardiner - Franson

Reilly - Ranger



Their top six is set and they can afford to trade/buy out Liles since they have guys like Morgan Reilly and Paul Ranger to replace him. The Leafs already have a hole to fill at the third line LW, trading Kulemin would give them two. Unless Nonis packages him for an upgrade that would not be very good GM'ing.

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You're missing Joe Colborne on the 3rd and then they have some guy named Trevor Smith signed for a year..

edit: honestly, I'd rather see them trade Kulemin, sign both Kadri and Franson, and use Paul Ranger as a forward on the 3rd/4th line. I know he's better at D but think about it, it could turn out to be another Brent Burns project

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So Colbourne is gonna out play Dave Bolland for the 3C position? And that's logical fallacy. The only reason Brent Burns has succeeded at forward is because he played forward in junior, also note that he plays with Joe Thornton. Paul Ranger is a defenseman. Period. If the Leafs don't sign a 3LW they can use a prospect (Biggs?).

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