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The most expensive home games next season


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So I'm super bored today, and I thought this would be interesting. Here's a preview of what games are predicted to be the most expensive Canucks games next season, based on current stubhub prices. These are the lowest prices available for any ticket as of the time of this post. Obviously these will change as the season gets closer, but I think it's a damn good predictor so far:

$195.00 - SAT.NOV.02.2013 - Toronto Maple Leafs

$193.90 - SAT.DEC.14.2013 - Boston Bruins

$193.90 - TUE.JAN.07.2014 - Pittsburgh Penguins

$191.70 - SAT.OCT.12.2013 - Montreal Canadiens

$166.40 - SAT.NOV.23.2013 - Chicago Blackhawks

$155.40 - MON.OCT.28.2013 - Washington Capitals

$145.50 - TUE.MAR.29.2014 - New York Rangers

$143.30 - WED.OCT.30.2013 - Detroit Red Wings

$138.90 - WED.JAN.29.2014 - Chicago Blackhawks

$133.40 - TUE.OCT.08.2013 - New Jersey Devils

$133.40 - SUN.DEC.22.2013 - Winnipeg Jets

And since I'm SUPER bored... what the hell... if you're on a budget, the least expensive games appear to be:

$99.30 - SUN.NOV.17.2013 - Dallas Stars

$99.30 - SUN.JAN.26.2014 - Phoenix Coyotes

$100.40 - FRI.NOV.22.2013 - Columbus Blue Jackets

$100.40 - SUN.DEC.08.2013 - Colorado Avalanche

$100.40 - THU.JAN.23.2014 - Nashville Predators

$100.40 - FRI.FEB.28.2014 - Minnesota Wild

$100.40 - WED.MAR.19.2014 - Nashville Predators

$100.40 - THU.APR.10.2014 - Colorado Avalanche

$101.50 - TUE.NOV.19.2013 - Florida Panthers

$101.50 - FRI.DEC.06.2013 - Phoenix Coyotes

$101.50 - MON.DEC.09.2013 - Carolina Hurricanes

I maintain that the Boston game is what I am looking forward to the most. I'd rather see that then the Maple Leafs game. It's going to be awesome.

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The Canucks record "sell out" is a joke. Half of the tickets are bought by corporations that dont even use them. if you ever go to a game, there are so many empty seats. I never buy tickets at top dollar. Why would I spend 250 bucks to sit in the lowerbowl when I could spend 80 for upper bowl seats and sit in the lowerbowl seats. The hosts dont care. I know, I went to 16 games in the last two years, and I always sat where ever I wanted...I even sat front row for 10 mins before the people finally came and I ended up in the province !! The playoff game that I went to I sat 15 rows up. Its so easy, all you have to do is look at craigslist mins before the game, see where there are still people looking for tickets and if the ad is still up, I go sit there...or meh, I pick an area where there are 4-8 open seats and usually sit in the isle, so I can easily move...I have been bumped maybe a hand full of times...and yes I have been to games vs Chicago, San Jose, Montreal, Detroit, Winnipeg etc etc...and I still sit where ever I want. Like I said, the hosts dont care. *shrugs*...best spot is section 118. Just saying.

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Looks like my live hockey experience this year will be the Vancouver Giants...$100 for a single ticket to see Carolina? No thank you. Especially if the on ice product is not that entertaining. I'll take my TV and beer that doesn't cost $10 thanks.

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Why is Rogers arena quiet again? Oh, right, because the regular, working joes who are usually the loudest at games can't afford to spend a half a pay check to go to games.

The cheapest Toronto tickets would cost me roughly $1000.00 just to take my family, before hotel, parking, meals, etc. It's an absolute joke that prices are that out of whack. Glad satellite is so cheap. Better seats, louder crowd at home.

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Never understood why a conpany like that was allowed to obviously have access to tickets for good games, bulk buy tons of them, and resell them for twice the price.

Hoping for the day, soon, where they'll be getting rid of those for half the price because nobody wants them anyways.

Happened in the playoffs last year, will happen again this year, bet on it.

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ticketmaster always has sales that put stubhub to shame

2010-2011 season i saw about 15 games no Canadian teams but saw teams like dallas,colorado,detroit,nashville, anaheim, carolina and tampa bay

never paid more than 75 bucks always sat between around the corner area sometimes got lucky and closer to the middle and never sat higher than row 6

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