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Best Available At #9 In NHL Draft In June


Best Prospect Available At #9  

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As much as Canucks fans need to know which was the right pick, or who won a trade right away, only time will tell.

No one can say if either was the better pick at this point. For all we know the best pick could have been Josh Morrisey at number 13. It's too early to tell.

If picks always stayed at their value when they're drafted, people would still be saying Filatov was a better pick than Hodgson. :lol:

Horvat may never be the most offensive player we could have picked, but he brings things this team needs. So therefore he was the right pick for us. Time will tell if he can develop into the player we hope he can in our system. Now it's up to him and the Canucks developmental staff.

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Assuming Lu doesn't want to play in Van too much longer.

-Imagine he has a great season.

-Imagine the cap goes up significantly.(70 mill, or so) Imagine we lose Booth's contract.

They could probably do a Lu-deal, where we cover 2 mill, for 4 or 5 seasons(starting 2014-15). Mainly because all Van contracts are such reasonable cap hits, we can handle giving up 2 mill in cap. If we get good prospects for both Schneids & Lu, Gillis' patience will have been a great attribute.

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After reading a few posts in this thread, I can't help but reply to the specific posts about the possibility of 'waiving' Luongo.

Those people are sniffing glue and need to stop.

Why would you put your franchise goalie (who btw is a leader in a number of stats) on WAIVERS? Are you serious?

Also, I believe Luongo has a NMC (no movement clause), so putting him on waivers is not an option.

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