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Kesler on the top line next season?

Angry Goose

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My dream lineup to start the year

line 1: sedin - sedin - jensen (Nicklas just comes to camp and finds some sick chemistry with Danny and Hank, he's got the size and release to put up numbers at this position.)

line 2: horvat - kesler - burrows (I still believe that Horvat is going to fit the Torterella philosophy too well to send him back to Jr. This line has potential to be our most clutch unit, as well as play the shutdown role against any teams top line. Also to note that Horvat could take draws on Keslers weak side as hes a lefty.)

line 3a: booth - schroeder - kassian (I just have a feeling that this group will have amazing chemistry. I really liked what little I saw between Kassian and Booth last year. Both JS and ZK can make plays, DB can drive the net and put pucks on goal, while both he and ZK can forecheck, crash the crease, and play garbage man.)

line 3b: higgins - richardson - hansen (The 3b line is the 3a lines alter ego. this line would be deployed moreso when defending leads, while the 3a line would get more ice when in need of a goal.)

This would be a fun lineup. BUT Jensen would have to step up HUGE!! If that was to happen

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In a contract year I'm up for splitting up the Sedins. It would completely foster competition between them even higher. I don't think it would hurt our chances at a playoff birth. But if they were to say under perform we could possibly afford to offer them contacts closer to the open market value. And if they shine and really show why their super stars in this league that's so much better.

Sedin Kesler Hansen

Burr Sedin Kassian

Higg Shredder Booth

Lain Rich Weise

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This is my unpredictable move for next season.

What do you think? My intuition is that the top line would be strong in both ends of the rink. All three players have excellent chemistry with each other. My only concern is whether Henrik could play wing of if Kesler would be better suited at the wing position? I know we are all used to kesler being the primary seconday centre, but I think it could be really interesting to see VAN stack their top line.

Considering we have already heard from Canucks management that they might have Kesler focus more on defensive hockey this year, I don't see it happening.

Schroeder is not making the team barring an injury, there is just little likelihood that there is a spot open. He hasn't shown much at the NHL level and doesn't bring more bite to the team. If we see a rookie centre on the roster it is almost certainly going to be Gaunce on the 3rd line.










Garrison will be getting lots of minutes on the PP so people shouldn't get their shorts in a knot about him being on the correct side in a 3rd pairing.

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That would leave us with a weak 2nd line. I doubt Schroeder would be able to put up numbers that we would need him to if he's getting all those minutes.

But if he can, then it would be an option worth trying out.


At the very least, Kesler will probably be on the PP with the Twins, and on with them when we need a goal late in a game

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IF Kesler was moved up with the Sedins, I think he'd be the winger, not Henrik.

This is obviously right. Henrik is an excellent playmaker. Kesler isn't.

On defensive zone faceoffs, Henrik can take faceoffs on the left side and Kesler can take faceoffs on the right side.

However, I think playing Kesler with the Sedins is unlikely. Still, if Gaunce and Schroeder show they are ready to play centre in the NHL it is a possibility.

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If Hank and Daniel can't take us to the final this season I would like to see this lineup next year.










This team needs push back with the talent. Love my canucks and love the twins but we have not won a cup with them. Plus our team needs to get a bit younger.

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I understand the theory of splitting the twins but honestly they perform magic together and it's tough to split them up for that.

I would focus more on 2nd and 3rd line performance because when teams have to worry about them it decreases top-pairing matchups and pressure for the first line.

My start of season line-up would probably be

Sedin - Sedin - Kassian

Booth - Kesler - Burrows

Higgins - Schroeder / Gaunce - Hansen

Weise - Richardson - Lain


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So we are already short of qualified centres and the OP wishes to turn one our two best into a winger and elevate a midget who has failed to distinguish himself even in the AHL in his place. What could be wrong with that idea? Well, in the history of bad ideas this is up there with using sandals for safety boots in a steel mill. May I suggest that the OP should not view coaching in the NHL as a viable future vocation.

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