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We are an Elite Team who is just waiting to explode offensively


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I've watched every game except the LA game where we were apparently beaten handily.

As for the past few games like Det, Phx, Ana, SJ, & Dallas we clearly were the better team in all of those games. We dominated pretty much every category & period but have just been snake bitten with scoring. The puck possession shots chances, etc have all been clearly in our favor but the finishing hasn't bounced our way lately.

Just a matter of time before Burrows starts scoring & the Sedins start getting the bounces as well because the chances are there.

With the depth of secondary scorers like Kesler Higgins Santorelli, Kassian, Richardson Bieksa, Edler Garrison Hammer I think we'll be just fine come playoff time. So much more hockey & from the way our boys are playing I have no doubt we will win a lot more than lose if we keep playing the way we are.

Lu is playing quite well & we have a great coaching staff to get the job done.

A proper trade or 2 will put us with the Elite of the league & I'm hoping MG can pull that off & be a great GM.

Should be just a matter of time my friends.

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What's with people posting topics with the same line of thought as me right after or before me? :frantic: Haha, kudos dude. You're psychic.

EDIT: I guess I can take this as an opinion in response to mine as well. I guess our roster is bound to have a break through eventually on the offensive side of things, I just wonder if it'll be consistent.

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Things even out.


'Don;t be happy, don be sad, stay in the middle and you'll be glad'

Not our Canucks of course, but the fans. turn your gaze from the lens and point it in another direction, perhaps in the mirror.

************* INSERT RUSSIAN SAVIOR HERE **********************


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I disagree. I think were an average - good team, but we're definitely not elite and we're definitely not contenders.

Sure, we have dominated puck possession and also shots on goal, but are you seeing the quality of shots? Are you seeing how we are using the puck when we have it?

The shots aren't great and we're not using the puck very well, so all those stats become meaningless very quickly. It's one thing to look at the stats and go "oh we're dominating every game, look at the shots on goal...", and its another thing to assess those shots on goal and see why the numbers are so in our favour.

This is a transition year, and possibly next year too. I think at least 1-2 of our high end prospects will make the jump next year, develop and progress, Kassian will continue to grow and improve and in 2 years time that will be our shot at the Cup. When are young star prospects have a year of two of NHL experience in them, Kassian is in his prime, our defensive core is still strong and before Kesler/Sedin/etc. age too much to where they don't have the same impact as they do now.

Right now were simply lacking the offensive power to dominate games, take control and score enough goals, and next year I think our quality prospects who make the jump won't quite be ready.

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I would be optimisitic if guys were just slumping, but with the exception of Burrows, no one really is. Kesler and Daniel could have a couple more each, but they are pretty close to what is expected. Burrows will start scoring, he hits 25+ like clockwork. Don't think that's enough, Higgins,Hansen and Santo are what they are. There's no breakout coming for guys like that, just hot and cold, likely the latter when the playoffs roll around.

There's a big difference between guys not producing, and guys that don't produce much.

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... before repeatedly fizzling out on occasion and coming back on an inconsistent basis?

That's what every team is like though. One day Kes, Danny, Higgins and Santo are snipers and the next they don't get rewarded for anything (just like last game). Of course, if we can find more consistency out of these guys we would be good, although it's not like that's something that can be trained either. Consistency and the mythical top-notch sniper who happens to be available via trade are just like the unicorn, it's believed to be out there but it's extremely rare and hardly ever available. In other words, don't hold your breath.

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Canucks are underachieving and far from elite. Until they stop underachieving and scoring they wont be considered top anymore. They can suprise us at the end of the season but can they is the question and will the team be improved or stand pat until the kids come into the line up?

They could go into the playoffs underdogs and suprise. But they are not elite when it comes to offense, if they were we would have more wins because we would have more scoring coming within. This week Canucks need to find away to win and score!!! They can grind it out all they want which i think they can do in the playoffs but the hard work and hustle wont matter if they cant score.

They are no long AV's elite high scoring squad but Tortz hard working defensive players more complete all around.

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We have no secondary scoring.

We haven't had secondary scoring for 3 seasons now.

While I like your positive outlook OP, believing that guys like Higgins, Santorelli, Kassian, and Richardson are going to suddenly provide us with secondary scoring anytime, let alone in the playoffs, is not realistic. Once again, IF we make the playoffs, the opposition strategy will be what it's always been...that is to shut down the Sedin's and you'll probably win.

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