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Mafia: The Game [Cosi Grossi Testicoli] Game Over - Please Sign Up!


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Player List

1. Go Faulk Yourself

2. Not A Fruit

3. Dral

4. King Heffy

5. Drouin


7. Intoewsables

8. VICanucksfan5551

9. The Purple Panda

10. One one two

11. Alchemy Time

12. Kryten

13. OurTimeToShine

14. Peaches

15. otherwise


17. CL

18. Ryp

19. Burrdaman

20. JE14

21. ilduce39

22. mau5trap

23. Hodor

24. MikeyBoy44

25. GreenDemon

Fixed the player list (assuming Ryp is playing)

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11 pm is a more convenient nightfall for me because of school and all. Would give me time to think and not just rush to get a vote in.

Actually that does work best for me.

And no 9:30 option?

and sorry I won't be able to do 9:30s anymore :( I can do earlier like before 8 but 8-10 I have a commitment each night for the foreseeable future.

I won't be giving detailed nightfalls each night either, just sometimes.

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Didn't really come up last game as a save was submitted each round.

I understand, but the question is, should it come up? Forcing the Doc to use a save each round or risk using up a self-save hardly cripples the role but could potentially offer a little wrinkle in first and second round kill votes.

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I understand, but the question is, should it come up? Forcing the Doc to use a save each round or risk using up a self-save hardly cripples the role but could potentially offer a little wrinkle in first and second round kill votes.

Ok I will make it that way.
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The year is 1920, and the prohibition of alcohol has been made into law in most of the United States of America.


Although unpopular with the general population, the law is enforced with extreme prejudice.


Organized criminals begin to see the potential to make vast fortunes off of the illegal selling of alcohol. These organized criminals or “Mafia” will stop at nothing to capitalize on this money making cash cow.



The place is Hicksville USA. A quiet and small town near the US-Canadian border. The town is filled with decent, Aladeen-fearing, hard working, honest folk trying to make a living for themselves and their families during these hard economical times.


The Mafia has found this town to be an ideal place to move shipments of Canadian Whiskey through as a hub to major cities across the Midwest States. They are determined to take control of the town through violence and fear.


Fed up of being terrorized by the mafia, the town comes together in the hopes of weeding out and bringing to justice the would-be usurpers of their home.


They vote unanimously that each night there will be a lynching of those suspected of having ties to the Mafia. The lynchings will continue until the Mafia scum has been washed out of Hicksville once and for all.


Tonight, there is a storm passing through the town. It closes off the only two roads in and out of Hicksville. Communications are down but the resolve of the townspeople does not waiver.



The KingPin has declared war on the residents of Hicksville and with his henchmen is looking to break the will of the town. The Mafia Bosses in the City are getting short of patience with him and he is feeling the stress to get this matter resolved by any means necessary.

The Lackey is a young man who wants to join the mob and is looking for any way possible to get noticed by them.

The Nurse, is a beautiful woman who got tangled up with mob during her time in university, she owes the mafia money and is forced to work with them to pay off her debt. Every other night she must work in their underground bar as a serving and comfort girl.

The Sheriff is a stern man dedicated to upholding the law, but wants to be certain of each night’s lynching victims. He searches for the truth and investigates potential mafia targets.

The Vigilante is driven by his hatred for the mafia. His wife was one of their first victims when they came to town. Feeling that the town’s justice is too slow has taken matters into his own hands and is determined to end the mafia’s occupation swiftly and difinitively.

The Doctor lives his life by his oath: if he can protect life, he will. He also realizes his special skills are important and that the people of the town need him to be safe.

The Doppelganger is an educated, idealistic man who understands the need for the townspeople to have a jack of all trades in case the other special townspeople don’t live long enough to finish their respective jobs.

The TwinBlade is a religious fanatic. Seeing the evils of the mafia as coming purely from the Devil is ready to give his life for his faith, if he finds that it is necessary.

The Serial Killer is psychotic but also highly intelligent. He is able to blend in with normal folk except for his urges that come about each night. He cares nothing for the townspeople or the mafia and would be happiest if they were all dead.

And now the fate of the town is to be decided, who will take control of the Hicksville?

The game starts now!

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Why can't we all just get along and not hurt anyone?

The regime agrees. Though a pillar of justice for all to behold the thought of no alcohol to fuel his Bunga Bunga parties late into the night brings weakness to your Duce's knees. Shall he survive with only a strobe light, fog machine and hard drugs? Only time will tell. Perhaps if the Mafia Nurse were to visit on her nights off..

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