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Classless Tweets about St. Louis' Mom


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Seriously, is this a surprise to anyone?

There are idiots everywhere in the world, and Twitter is a way for them to show the rest of us how stupid and anti-social they really are.

You could completely jam these boards everyday with the crap that comes from Twitter.

Anyone who uses Twitter knows that for the most part it's a garbage dump of hate and idiocy.

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This kind of stuff is all Twitter is used for now.. Shut 'er down

Twitter is actually a great place to quickly and conveniently share information and keep up to date with news about hobbies/interests etc. I'd never even see this kind of stuff if it wasn't posted to CDC. It doesn't make sense to shut down something that is overall pretty great cause of a few morons.

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So you think a guy wanting to make fun of a guy for his mom dying isn't a big deal?

Lol well it's not something that deserves five or even half a minute of fame. Don't feed the trolls.

Statistically speaking four posts doesn't warrant the attention of the masses. I suppose I may be in the minority when I say that I would rather not give people like that even an ounce of recognition and encourage borderline idiots to go all out idiot by reading about them lol. I guess some of us thrive on stuff that isn't negative filth.

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