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Why can't we wait till after the 2015 Draft to start winning?


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With the moves Benning is making, it's pretty obvious he still wants to be competitive this coming season; albeit, the picks we go this weekend will not pan out for awhile (along with last years prospect group). The thing is, this team needs more than 1 summer retool, we need a full on rebuilt and whoever does not agree with this is in denial; Botchford said it best after the Kesler trade: "The Canucks now only have 2 top-6 forwards, and that is the Sedins". Do we want to be a playoff team for the next few years or a contender in 4 or 5?

Yes we have lots of cap room to improve our deficient roster but I don't see why any coveted FA would want to come here seeing how the team is starting to look divided, with half of the old team still here with parts of the new regime's team coming in.

Most contending teams right now, Chicago, LA and Anaheim all had many bad years in the league's basement, and drafted high (Toews, Kane, Doughty) but also insulated them with with good depth through drafting. We're starting to get some of that in the last 2 drafts but we still lack at No.1 elite offensive talent whether it's on backend or upfront.

This is where I am confused as to why we wouldn't want to tank this coming season as this next draft seems to have the best tandem since the 04' draft with Ovi and Malkin going 1-2. If we could have a chance at Eichel or McDavid, why not tank and then reset for the 15-16 season. Obviously it's a risk considering we still have much of the original core that's well into their prime (Sedins, Bieksa and Hamhuis) but it's worth noting that if we could land an Eichel or McDavid and you factor in our pretty deep prospect pool, we could likely be a contender with amazing depth down the road when the Sedins start to really tail off.

It's just one more year!

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I agree... I am okay with not making the playoffs next year. All the competitive teams were in the basement for years accumulating high draft picks that ended up being the cornerstones of their respective franchises.

Chicago - Toews - 3rd overall, Kane 1st overall, Keith 2nd round, Seabrooke 14th overall etc.

LA - Schenn who became Richards, Kopitar, Doughty etc.

Colorado - Mackinnon, Stastny, Landeskog, Duchene, Stewart/Shattenkirk who became Johnson etc.

Pittsburgh - Malkin, Crosby, Letang, Goligoski, Staal, Fleury (he's awful but 1st overall)

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I think they key is they want to show they are changing hence the new marketing campaign "Change is Coming".

They are trying to more transparent by having q and a s and posting videos about Linden, and Benning and what their thought process is in making moves.

So far they have neglected using the buzzword "rebuild" because they are trying to secure season ticket holders and are only willing to admit they are trying to get younger.

They can't totally strip down the core because they don't have any NHL ready prospects yet that can step in right away outside of maybe Linden Vey who they acquired from the Kings.

Linden knowing the Sedins, Bieksa, and Burrows who have been pillars on this team for so long wants to make sure the show them they want to get younger but better for both the future and try to find guys to help them be a competitive team.

With full rebuilds and with the Canucks bad luck with prospects getting injured I don't see the Canucks getting a top 3 pick. Actually I would not at all be surprised if some change energizes the old guard and the Canucks bounce back this year to squeak into the playoffs.

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Only year to tank since canucks wont go all the way this year anyways:

Get to top 3 to draft McDavid or Eichel or even Barzal.

Shinkaruk - McDavid/Eichel - Kassian

Virtanen - Horvat/McCann - Jensen

Then you have Gaunce, Vey, Cassels, other 2015 drafted players to compete for a spot or use as trade baits .

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