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Sestito Is gone from this org.


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"I know what got me here and I won't change a thing about it"

- Tom Sestito when challenged by Tortorella to get it together.

Good riddance. There no place in any work place for that kind of attitude.

Wow way too much hate for him... No idea what's wrong with people.

The guys stood up for his team NIGHT IN NIGHT OUT. Yet he's somehow got very little respect. He's got way more talent than everyone gives him credit for. It's too bad, hopefully he does well moving forward.

It dosen't matter what you do or how much talent you have, if you have a s**** attitude your not going to get far.

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Tough situation.

You have to feel for Tom but at the same time he's not being very realistic about things.

Imagine Tortorella mistaking him for a top 6 at times did not help the matter. Tom just not fit in the style of hockey this franchise is playing/building. When players as talented as Kassian, Vey, Jensen are healthy scratches, and the team has the likes of Hansen and Dorsett skating on their fourth line, the writing is pretty much on the wall.

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Good, he's completely unnecessary and acted too good for the AHL when he's not at all. He probably does have enough skill to be a contributor in the AHL, he's just too stubborn to admit he belongs there. That attitude obviously didn't go over well on a team of young players. Tom blew it, I'd be shocked to see him back in NHL.

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Obviously there is not a demand for his type of player anymore.

The NHL has had its share of scandals relating to fighting in the game... with the deaths of many enforcers, and I think the writing is on the wall... the teams will not take a chance on being sued for continuing to encourage these types of guys and unrestrained fighting.

Too bad he could not adapt, he did have some other skills... puck handling and shooting were actually not too bad... but he lacked the crucial speed and his attitude of '...my way or the hiway.' has him on the road.

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I initially didn't mind having him on the 4th line, providing that he will just play a clean and simple game. Be a fearsome forechecker, screen the goalie if they are in the offensive zone and try to be responsible.

Unfortunately, he seems to be really slow and lost in the defensive zone.

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Tom Sestito Out for the Season

By Mark Caswell Jr.

Updated: February 23, 2015


The Vancouver Canucks and Utica Comets jointly announced today that forward Tom Sestito will not play for either club for the remainder of this season.

Sestito will workout on his own and will continue to receive his salary while the Canucks work to identify a new club where he can continue his career.

The Canucks and Comets thank Tom for his contributions and wish him luck in the future.


If I'm being perfectly honest, Tom's had a fairly bad attitute and his play certainly didn't warrant him playing more, he took the demotion like an insult and had a bad attitude in utica. he can't cut it in either league, too slow, he's part of a dying breed of hockey player, and there just isn't room for him anymore. I'd be surprised if the team were to find a suitor willing to take him, to be honest.

Swiss league perhaps?

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Too much depth with too little roster spaces. When healthy, he was, 17th on the forward depth chart at best currently. Not a good position to be in if you think you are too good for the AHL.

Sedin Sedin Burrows

Higgins Bonino Vrbata

Richardson Matthias Kassian

Kenins Horvat Hansen

Dorsett Vey McMillan

Jensen... Sestito?

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