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Salary Cap set at 71.4 million...

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^Sure, it's helped promote the notion of team-equality/competitive-fairness.

Just keep purchasing the overpriced ducats in Canada, & help sustain their southern welfare-scheme. Celebrate TDL & DD, for there's no Cdn Cup parade for two decades,+.

Unbelievable hoax..incredibly strong addiction we suffer from.

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Now that the cap is set to an exact number, we should start to see trade dominoes falling shortly, if not by Thur, Friday is going to be a big and busy day. I think we might actually see a record number of transactions and picks moved in this draft.

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This is great news for those teams that are or were in cap trouble. Canucks were one of those teams that could have been in cap trouble, but I think at $71.4 their situation is manageable. They won't have room for big ticket free agents or be able to benefit from other teams shedding cap by trade unless some move(s) happen(s) to reduce their cap hit.

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As economists like to say, are they just kicking the can further down the road? Sooner or later the BOG/NHLPA vision of perpetual & endless growth will run head-onto a contracting economy.

Or perhaps the entity that provides ice sheets in deserts will continue to defy gravity?

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Minus the number Kenins got, after Lack is dealt canucks will have 6.75 in space to sign 6 players to give us our 23 man roster.

Assuming it’s Markstrom Corrado, Clendening, Vey, Baertschi, Weber

Again assuming there are all signed at the league minimum to what they can be offered as RFA’s, Only Weber and possibly Vey have any bargaining power based off their last seasons. I also imagine that most deals signed are only 1 year deals as canucks have a ton more space opening up next year.

Kenins = 690

Vey = 775

Weber = 900

Clendening = 975

Corrado = 630

Markstrom 1.2

Baertschi 1.51

= 6.68

Just enough space. Although I fully expect there to be another trade made. Bieska adds 4.6 extra in cap space, Higgins would add another 2.5

Ideally canucks give Weber and Vey qualifying offers and move Bieska this offseason and that 4.6 cap is used to fill a top 4 D hole. If Virtanen can show that he makes the team, that will allow us to move Higgins before Christmas and canucks can use the Higgins cap saving into re-upping Weber and Vey (if we decide to). Then in the following offseason if we haven’t traded them by deadline, Vbrata and Hamhuis could come off the books opening up another 9.5 mil in cap space.

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