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General managers with credentials and references please contact for open position in this league.

Fantrax Playoff Page



+0 (88FP)lvchw3qfsun2e7oc02kh2zxb6.gif@dmo1xf3z4pph27vmg3gf.gif(116FP) +16.8


CDCP Eastern Conference Finals

+9.2 (104.8 FP)yo3wysbjtagzmwj37tb11u0fh.gif@32tfs723a3bes0p0hb4hgcy1u.gif(70.8 FP) +0


Playoff Prizes:


The CDCP Stanley Cup Champion, will receive a baseball cap of their respective CDC Team. The Second place team will win a T-Shirt of theirs.  I want this league to be one of the best on CDC and would like to show my appreciation for all of your involvements in it.


This is in no way promoting gambling, this is simply showing appreciation to all of you for making this league what it is today, and sticking around during the tough times while doing your part to make this the league it is.

2016 CDCP Entry Draft

Conversation Thread

Draft Thread To be created at a later date



Draft Day: 11 AM PST - 9 PM PST, on the first Saturday after the CDCP Stanley Cup Champion is crowned

Time Limits: Half hour time limit per pick. Please supply Drewismyname with a list if you cannot make it to the draft.
Where: Canucks.com Forum thread.



CDCP 2016 Entry Draft Lottery Results:


  1. Calgary Flames 
  2. New York Islanders (Via BUF)
  3. Dallas Stars
  4. Arizona Coyotes
  5.  New York Islanders
  6.  St Louis Blues
  7.  Chicago Blackhawks
  8.  Columbus Bluejackets
  9.  Colorado Avalanche
  10.  Boston Bruins
  11.   Washington Capitals
  12. New York Islanders (Via TBL)
  13. Nashville Predators (Via MON)
  14. Ottawa Senators



League Executives:

Commish: Drewismyname

All inquiries are to be sent to Drewismyname


CDC Puck 2016 / 2017 Fantrax Site

small.png Anaheim Ducks - TheRussianRocket 
small.png Arizona Coyotes - Thejazz97 
small.png Boston Bruins -
small.png Buffalo Sabres -
small.png Calgary Flames - Keslerific 
small.png Carolina Hurricanes - Nail
small.png Chicago Blackhawks - Fox Mulder 
small.png Colorado Avalanche - Blunts4Breakfast 
small.png Columbus Blue Jackets - D-Money / Monty 
small.png Dallas Stars -
small.png Detroit Red Wings - Drewismyname 
small.png Edmonton Oilers - maroe
small.png Florida Panthers - AntonRodin 
small.png LA Kings - Captain Woodget
small.png Minnesota Wild - BaerOxHitman
small.png Montreal Canadiens - SwedeHockey 
small.png Nashville Predators - apollo 
small.png New Jersey Devils - somethingvery 
small.png New York Islanders - The Carpet and The Drapes
small.png New York Rangers - Master Mind / Peaches 
small.png Ottawa Senators - 
small.png Philadelphia Flyers - Mike Vanderhoek 
small.png Pittsburgh Penguins - Watermelons 
small.png San Jose Sharks - pmalina 
small.png St Louis Blues - LilBurrows
small.png Tampa Bay Lightning - Big Mike 
small.png Toronto Maple Leafs - Canuckledraggin 
small.png Vancouver Canucks - JimLahey 
small.png Washington Capitals - Grape 
small.png Winnipeg Jets - oldnews 


The Rules:

First and foremost, please send any league related issues/questions to the commissioner as opposed to posting in the league thread. Before joining this league we expect all potential GMs to familiarize themselves with the rules. Any changes or additions will be posted as an announcement at the top of this page and in the league thread.




Roster Requirements

  • 23 Players under contract required on all teams rosters at all times.
  • GMs will be required to ice a team of twelve forwards, six defensemen, and one goalie daily. The remaining players will be "benched" for that day.
  • The cutoff time for lineup changes will be one minute before the first NHL game that day.
    GMs have the ability to set "future lineups" in Fantrax, according to the NHL schedule.
  • Limit of 50 total under contract in AHL and NHL combined.
  • Nhl salary cap is 71.4 million. Cap floor is 52.8 million.
  • NHL Buyout rules apply.


To move players to and from your NHL and AHL teams, use the fantrax controls on your "Team" Page. If waivers are required, see waivers info. 


To place a player on the IR, select player on fantrax, and move them to the red injured reserve area. Only players with a red flag next to their name are eligible to be placed in the fantrax IR.

When a player that has been placed on the IR becomes healthy (no red flag beside name in fantrax), the GM has two days remove them from the IR. If two days have elapsed and the player is still on the IR after he is deemed healthy, all transactions for this team will be locked until they move the player to the active roster.

While the rule is two days, GMs are urged, in the spirit of fair play, to move the player as soon as they are healthy.


Teams will not be permitted to ice their players out of position. Players listed as playing a position on one of the following sites that add to those Fantrax lists, may have those positions added:

Elite Prospects

Please send the commissioner a PM with a direct link for each players corresponding proof with "CDC Puck Player Positions" and your team name in the subject line.




Signing a Free Agent

Simply send a contract offer to Drewismyname. Be professional, letting the agent know what your plans are for their client on your team. Make sure you include the amount and term in your offer. 


Until 31 December, teams are permitted to discuss a new contract with two pending UFAs/RFAs
Between 1 January and the Trade Deadline Day, teams are permitted to discuss terms with any remaining pending UFAs/RFAs.
Not all players will wish to discuss contracts in-season; an inquiry made to a player will count as a discussion, so choose your offers wisely. Player agents will act in the players' interests. Hometown discounts may be given, or exorbitant requests made. It is up to GMs to manage their future cap situation and any GMs signing their team into future financial difficulties will be placed under intense scrutiny by the league. 

Unsigned Fantasy Drafted Players

Unsigned fantasy drafted players who were UFAs in real life (previously under contract in the NHL) at the time of their fantasy drafting in this league must honor their NHL contract at the time of it's signing and count as a roster player. It is up to the GM to notify a commissioner of the player's signing and request their addition to their respective team.

Unsigned fantasy drafted players who have never been under contract in the NHL may be signed by the team's GM at their discretion so long as it is within the two year grace period.


Player Happiness

Player happiness will not be proactively mandated (player demanding a trade etc) in an effort to keep this league as free of commissioner bias as possible. In the occasion of retaining your pending UFA, we may however dig deeper into the situation and use this variable in our decision to sign the player to your or another team's offer. If you offer 5m to your pending UFA star and another team offers 5m and is more likely to win the stanley cup, the player will ask for more money or take the new team's contract.

We do not want this to turn into a popularity contest so there won't be too much interpretation and thinking on behalf of NHL players, but we will use some basic factors in re-signings that may border on player happiness.

Buyouts / Contract Terminations

If a player on your roster retires or signs overseas, his contract will be terminated at no penalty to the GM.

RFA / UFA Status

An RFA is a player who is no longer considered to be entry-level, but does not qualify as an unrestricted free agent, becomes a restricted free agent when his contract expires. A player may only declare himself to be an unrestricted free agent if he is over the age of 27 or has played in the league for a minimum of 7 years.

CDCP will follow the NHL rules for ELC contract term limitation as pertains to age though will not enforce the contract dollar amounts as it is only fair that a first overall such as Connor McDavid should cost more than $925,000 etc





How To Place a Player on Waivers

Post in the thread that you want to place your player on waivers, and send Drewismyname a notification in your 'CDCP - YourTeam' conversation thread, with the intention of putting them on your minors team (If you simply state they are going on waivers it will be presumed you are placing them in the minors after they clear unless you state otherwise). After 48 hours, if no other team is interested in claiming them, they will stay on your minors team (to clear up room for your call ups your player will be placed on your minors team so you can bring up a replacement at the time of your posting).

Please indicate the player you intend to bring up, even though you can do it manually through fantrax without a commissioner. In the event that this is done before the daily roster movement cutoff, but a commissioner hasn't made the change yet, we will need to know who to replace the moving player with when we backdate the transaction.


Waiver Eligibility

Skaters that are at least 27 years old or have 150 games played in the NHL are subject to waivers. Goalies, if they are at least 27 years old and have played in 80 games in the NHL and

Individual players waivers will be re evaluated each game by fantrax. If you cannot move your player to the minors and could a few days earlier, most likely they reached 150 games or the age of 27.

Once a waiver eligible player is put on waivers in the League Thread, the other teams have 48 hours to claim said player.

The waiver Priority order is the reverse order of the standings. If a claimed player is waived within a week of their claiming, the team who originally waived them has first dibs on claiming said player.

If a player is claimed and then waived again within 24 Hours, the team who originally waived the player may retain them on their minors team without going through waivers provided no other team put in a claim other than the original claiming team.

Cap Circumvention

If a waiver eligible player is demoted to their minor league affiliate, and has a contract over 1m, their team will have a cap penalty of the amount over 1m. (e.g. 2m contract demoted to ahl, 1m still on the books.)

Because the GM has the ability to recall these players without contacting commissioner, you must PM Drewismyname to remove the cap penalty upon recalling the player to avoid an illegal roster or unfounded cap penalty against your team. 

The best method would be to let us move the player back to your team (and backdate the move if need be) so it is all done simultaneously, though you may choose to move the player and have us correct the cap hit later.

Remember To Balance Your Roster

If waiving a player leaves your team short a player and you do not specify in your waiver post in the league thread, which player you wish to bring up from the minors, your team will be illegal until you do this by your own action on Fantrax. If you waive or claim a player, please indicate in your post and the message posted in your 'CDCP - YourTeam' private message thread who will be replacing that player on your roster and if they will be active or in the reserve. 






+/-: .75
Blk: .75
Fight: 3
Goal: 5
Assist: 4
Game winning goal: +1
Hit: .5
Hat Trick: +3
Ot Goal: +1
Short handed Point: +1

Assist: 4
Overtime/Shootout loss: 5
Shut-out: +5
Win: 10





Playoff Structure

CDC Puck Follows the NHL playoff structure.

The top three teams in each division will make up the first 12 teams in the playoffs. The remaining four spots will be filled by the next two highest-placed finishers in each conference, based on regular-season record and regardless of division. It is possible for one division in each conference to send five teams to the postseason while the other sends just three.

In the First Round, the division winner with the best record in each conference will be matched against the wild-card team with the lesser record; the wild card team with the better record will play the other division winner.

The teams finishing second and third in each division will meet in the First Round within the bracket headed by their respective division winners. First-round winners within each bracket play one another in the Second Round to determine the four participants in the Conference Finals.



The playoffs will be decided by the final point total of each team after that round is fully over. While it is a head to head playoff structure, series will not be decided by four days in a row of having more points that your opponent. Again, the team with more points at the end of the round wins. 


There will be no waivers or minimum roster restrictions. Also, salary cap restrictions do not apply. 


League Schedule:



TBD (First Saturday folllowing the completion of the playoffs) - Draft: 11 AM - 9PM PST (Pending the conclusion of the playoffs)
July 1 - Free Agency





How To Make a Trade

Upon completion of trade negotiations with a fellow GM in this league, send the trade to Commissioner Drewismyname via a private message. Both GMs must sign off on the trade before it is valid. Trades processed after the day of the trade will be back dated accordingly.

Remember To Balance Your Roster

If your trade leaves your team short a player (or with too many) and you do not specify in the submitted confirmation PM which player you wish to send down/bring up to/from the minors (and if they are to be placed on your active roster or reserve), your roster will be locked until you do this by your own action on Fantrax. If the trade requires a player to be waived or sent down, please indicate the player to be moved instead.

Trade Deadline

The trade deadline will mirror the NHL's each year. This year it is Monday February 29th. Upon completion of the regular season, general managers may make trades, though they will not affect the rosters in the playoffs.



Optional Fantrax Payment



This is a free league and we do not charge a fee to join, but we are open to accepting payment if a GM chooses to do so. 1/30 of 100 is approximately $3.50 PM Drewismyname for paypal info if you want to help.


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Cap Relieved Players


Players who have cap retained in special circumstances (other than simply retained for the duration of their contract)


Michael Frolik (ANA) - 50% Cap Retained by Arizona in trade (2015/11/29). Will resume contract of $4,300,000 AAV EXP 2020, at the start of the 2016/2017 season.

David Desharnais (NJD) - 50% Cap Retained by Arizona in trade (2016/1/9). Will resume contract of $3,500,000 start of the 2016/2017 season

Antti Niemi (NYR) - 44.44% Cap Retained by Philadelphia in trade (2016/01/27). Will resume contract of $4,500,000 start of the 2016/2017 season

Vincent Lacavalier (NJD) - 50% Cap Retained by Calgary in trade (2016/01/28). Will resume contract of $4,500,000 start of the 2016/2017 season

Dwight King (NJD) - 50% Cap Retained by New York Islanders in trade (2016/01/30). Will resume contract of $1,950,000 start of the 2016/2017 season

Pavel Datsyuk (TOR)Arizona will retain 50.00% ($3,750,000) of Datsyuk's contract for the 2015-16 season, and 26.67% ($2,000,000) for the 2016-17 season.


Re-Signed Players


Sean Monahan - 2 Years, $4,500,000 AAV. 

Jason Zucker - 2 Years, $3,000,000 AAV
Elias Lindholm - 3 Years, $4,000,000 AAV.
Scott Harrington - 2 Years, $1,000,000 AAV
Michael Stone - 3 Years, $3,500,000 AAV

Nazem Kadri - 5 Years, $6,000,000 AAV

Frank Corrado - 2 Years,  $1,200,000 AAV



Andrew Aggozino - 2 Years, $800,000 AAV

Chad Johnson - 2 Years, $1,500,000 AAV

Colin Miller - 2 Years, $1,500,000 AAV

Marcus Kruger - 3 Years, $1,500,000 AAV

Patrick Wiercioch - 2 Years, $1,750,000 AAV

Spencer Watson - 3 Years, $800,000 AAV ELC

Erik Johnson - 4 Years, $6,160,000 AAV

Mattias Backman - 2 Years, $975,000 AAV

Mathew Grzelcyk - 2 Years, $870,000 AAV ELC

Michael Raffl - 2 Years, $2,100,000 AAV

Rob O'Gara - 2 Years, $600,000 AAV ELC


Jamie Oleksiak - 2 Years, $1,000,000 AAV
Jared Tinordi - 2 Years, $1,000,000 AAV
Ryan Murray - 3 Years, $4,000,000 AAV



Jakob Voracek - 4 Years, $7,500,000 AAV



Anders Lindback - 2 Years, $850,000 AAV

Cam Talbot - 5 Years, $4,000,000 AAV

Matt Donovan - 2 Years, $825,000 AAV

Nathan Gerbe - 1 Year, $1,000,000

Petr Straka - 3 Years, $1,000,000 AAV

Sam Gagner - 4 Years, $3,500,000 AAV

Tim Schaller - 2 Years, $900,000 AAV

Yannik Weber - 2 Years, $1,200,000 AAV

Zach Boychuck - 3 Years, $600,000 AAV

Joe Whitney - 2 Years, $800,000 AAV

Justin Schultz - 2 Years, $2,750,000 AAV

Petter Emanuelsson - 3 Years, $800,000 AAV


Dmitri Orlov - 5 Years, $3,750,000 AAV
Cody Eakin - 6 Years, $4,400,000 AAV
Johan Larsson - 2 Years, $900,000 AAV
Matt Tennyson - 1 Year, $775,000

David Savard - 3 Years, $4,000,000 AAV
Mark Scheifele - 4 Years, $4,750,000 AAV

Mike Hoffman - 5 Years, $5,750,000 AAV

Zach Redmond - 2 Years, $1,100,000 AAV



Brent Seabrook - 6 Years, $7,000,000 AAV. 
Chris Wagner - 2 Years, $900,000 AAV. 
Vernon Fiddler - 1 Year, $1,000,000.
Brayden McNabb - 2 Years, $2,300,000 AAV.
Kyle Quincey  - 3 Years, $4,590,000 AAV
Chris Stewart - 2 Years, $2,250,000 AAV.
Cody Hodgson - 1 year, $1,000,000. 
Tom McCollum  - 1 year, $700,000 
Christian Thomas  - 2 years, $900,000 AAV 
Jonas Gustavsson  - 2 years, $1,500,000 AAV



Cody Ceci - 2 Years, $2,000,000 AAV
Chris Kreider - 3 Years, $4,500,000 AAV
Justin Abdelkader - 4 Years, $4,650,000 AAV
Lee Stempniak - 1 Year, $1,000,000



 Ryan Kesler - 7 Years, $6,400,000 AAV

 Eric Staal - 3 Years, $4,000,000 AAV

 Jaden Schwart - 4 Years, $4,600,000 AAV

 Troy Brouwer - 4 Years, $4,200,000 AAV

 Justin Fontaine - 2 Years, $1,200,000 AAV

 Jordie Benn - 3 Years, $1,700,000 AAV

 Paul Byron - 2 Years, $1,250,000 AAV

 Phillip Danault - 2 Years, $1,100,000 AAV
 Cedric Paquette - 4 Years, $1,900,000 AAV

 Jake McCabe - 3 Years, $1,500,000 AAV

 Michael Paliotta - 2 Years, $1,000,000 AAV

Andrew Ladd - 3 Years, $6,200,000 AAV
Darcy Kuemper - 2 Years, $1,800,000 AAV
Jonas Enroth - 2 Years, $1,800,000 AAV
Tobias Reider - 2 Years, $3,000,000 AAV
Zach Trotman - 2 Years, $900,000 AAV
Alex Goligoski - 2 Years, $4,990,000 AAV

Filip Forsberg - 2 Years, $5,700,000 AAV

Lucas Lessio - 2 Years, $900,000 AAV

Petter Granberg - 2 Years, $1,000,000 AAV

Ryan O'Reilly - 2 years, $5,500,000 AAV. 


Radim Vrbata - 2 years $4,000,000 AAV.
Colton Sceviour - 3 years $1,000,000 AAV.
Brad Malone - 2 Years, $850,000 AAV
Korbinian Holzer - 2 Years, $750,000 AAV

Andrey Makarov - 3 Years, $750,000 AAV

Brett Sutter - 1 Year, $600,000

Jayson Megna - 3 Years, $850,000 AAV

Taylor Fedun - 1 Year, $600,000

Mike Weber - 1 Year, $1,500,000
Casey Bailey - 3 Years, $1,000,000 AAV
Kevan Miller - 3 Years, $2,925,000 AAV
Morgan Rielly - 2 Years, $2,700,000 AAV


New York Islanders

Klas Dahlbeck - 2 Years, $2,400,000 AAV
Alan Quine - 3 Years, $1,000,000 AAV

Ben Scrivens - 1 Year, $1,000,000

Connor Murphy - 3 Years, $3,000,000 AAV

Drew Shore - 3 Years, $1,000,000 AAV

JC Lipon - 3 Years, $1,200,000 AAV

Jordan Tootoo - 2 Years, $1,000,000 AAV

Josh Jooris - 1 Year, $1,100,000

Kyle Chipchura - 3 Years, $1,000,000 AAV

Linden Vey - 2 Years, $1,300,000 AAV
Nate Guenin - 1 Year, $900,000

Victor Bartley - 1 Year, $1,000,000

PA Parenteau - 3 Years, $1,600,000 AA


New York Rangers
Anton Forsberg - 2 Years, $900,000 AAV
Brandon Gormley - 1 Year, $875,000
Brett Pollock - 3 Years, $1,097,000 AAV
Calle Jarnkrok - 3 Years, $925,000 AAV
Markus Granlund - 2 Years, $950,000 AAV
Marcus Foligno - 2 Years, $2,000,000 AAV. 
Jori Lehtera - 2 Years, $3,700,000 AAV. 

Casey Cizikas - 3 Years, $2,888,000 AAV

David Schlemko - 1 Year, $1,500,000

Jamie McGinn - 2 Years, $2,700,000 AAV

Joel Edmundson - 2 Years, $1,200,000 AAV

Zack Smith - 2 Years, $1,800,000 AAV
✓ Nic Dowd - 2 Years, $1,000,000 AAV
✓ Alex Chiasson - 2 Years, $1,300,000 AAV


New Jersey Devils

Braydon Coburn - 3 Years, $3,700,000 AAV

Jiri Sekec - 2 Years, $1,500,000 AAV

Kyle Okposo - 5 Years, $5,600,000 AAV

Scott Mayfield - 1 Year, $1,775,000

William Karlsson - 2 Years, $1,600,000 AAV

JT Berube - 1 Year, $750,000

JT Brown - 2 Years, $2,200,000 AAV

Kevin Hayes - 2 Years, $2,750,000 AAV

Michael Hutchinson - 1 Year, $1,200,000 AAV

Nikita Kucherov - 2 Years, $3,800,000 AAV

Sami Vatanen - 5 Years, $4,800,000 AAV
Scott Mayfield - 1 Year, $1,775,000

Alex Biega - 1 Year, $650,000
Alex Grenier - 1 Year, $600,000
Matej Stransky - 2 Years, $2,000,000 AAV

Philadelphia Flyers
Andrew Shaw - 3 Years, $3,333,333 AAV
Beau Bennett - 2 Years, $1,500,000 AAV
Nicolas Deslauriers - 2 Years, $1,300,000 AAV
Dan DeKeyser - 2 Years, $3,600,000 AAV
Steven Stamkos - 8 Years, $12,500,000 AAV
Torey Krug - 4 Years, $5,500,000 AAV
Anton Zlobin - 3 Years, $800,000 AAV
Tommy Cross - 2 Years, $800,000 AAV



Alex Killorn - 2 Years, $3,500,000 AAV

J.T. Miller - 2 Years, $3,500,000 AAV

Patrick Eaves - 2 Years, $1,750,000 AAV

Shane Prince - 2 Years, $1,100,000 AAV
Nick Cousins - 2 Years, $1,250,000 AAV

San Jose
Kris Russell - 4 Years $4,000,000 AAV
Petr Mrazek - 2 Years, $3,750,000 AAV
Darren Helm - 3 Years, $2,330,000 AAV
Jack Skille -1 Year, $1,000,000
Alexey Marchenko - 2 Years, $1,250,000 AAV
Dimitrij Jaskin - 2 Years, $1,760,000 AAV
Radko Gudas - 3 Years, $3,750,000 AAV
Radko Gudas - 1 Year, $1,000,000
Viktor Stalberg - 2 Years, $1,666,000 AAV
Chris Porter - 1 Year, $716,666



Tom Kuhnhackl - 2 Years, $1,200,000 AAV
Sven Andrighetto - 2 Years, $1,200,000 AAV


Anze Kopitar - 8 Years, $9,800,000 AAV. 
Keith Yandle - 6 Years, $6,250,000 AAV.
Rickard Rakell - 4 Years, $3,000,000 AAV
Frans Nielsen - 4 Years, $3,850,000 AAV
Tom Wilson - 3 Years, $2,000,000 AAV

Mark Giordano - 5 Years, $7,000,000 AAV. 
Tomas Plekanec - 2 Years, $6,000,000 AAV.
Boone Jenner - 3 Years, $3,000,000 AAV
Emerson Etem - 3 Years, $2,500,000 AAV
Jacob Trouba - 3 Years, $3,000,000 AAV
John Gibson - 3 Years, $2,300,000 AAV
Mark McNeil - 3 Years, $1,000,000 AAV
Oscar Klefbom - 7 Years, $4,167,000 AAV
Ryan Strome - 3 Years, $3,000,000 AAV


2015-2016 Regular Season Trades


To Anaheim: Duncan Keith
To Calgary: Anaheim 2016 1st Round Pick, Anaheim 2016 2nd Round Pick, Jon Gillies, Jarred Tinordi, Vincent Lacavalier


To Montreal : Riley Sheahan, NSH 2016 1st
To Nashville : Tomas Jurco, MTL 2016 1st


To Arizona : David Desharnais, Jakob Forsbacka-Karlsson, 2nd Rd. Pick, 2016
To Minnesota : Jonathan Huberdeau, Radek Faksa


To Buffalo : Jyrki Jokkipakka, Patteri Linbohm
To Minnesota : Erik Gustafsson, Alex Petrovic, Buffalo 2016 2nd Round Pick

To Buffalo : Tobias Enstrom
To Tampa Bay : BUF 2016 3rd Round Pick, BUF 2016 5th Round Pick, Carter Verhaeghe


To Buffalo: Jimmy Hayes, 2016 1st Round Pick, 2017 3rd Round Pick.
To New York Islanders: Victor Rask, 2016 2nd Round Pick.


To Arizona : Zdeno Chara + Scott Mayfield + 2016 VAN 3rd round pick
To Vancouver : Keith Yandle


To Philadelphia : Anton Zlobin
To Arizona : Richard Panik


To Arizona : Boone Jenner, Matt Calvert, 2017 1st Round Pick
To San Jose : Ryan Getzlaf


To Philidelphia : Jonathan Quick, Peter Cehlarik, Beau Bennett
To Buffalo : Melker Karlsson, Simon Despres, Steve Mason, PHI 2016 2nd Round Pick


To Dallas Stars : Jason Spezza, Morgan Klimchuk, Philadelphia 2016 1st Round Pick
To Philadelphia Flyers : Phil Kessel, Mirco Mueller


To Toronto : Brandon Saad, Brian Elliot
To Montreal : Devin Dubynk, Matt Martin, Cody Mcleod, Toronto 2016 3rd Round Pick


To Florida : Zdeno Chara, Arizona 2016 5th Round Pick
To Arizona : Ben Hutton, Florida 2016 2nd Round Pick


To Arizona Coyotes : Jacob Markstrom, Pavel Datsyuk
To Tampa Bay Lighting : Craig Anderson, Minnesota Wild 2016 2nd Round Pick


To Arizona Coyotes : Antoine Vermette, Nic Kerdiles, Winnipeg Jets 2016 2nd Round Pick
To Winnipeg Jets : Boone Jenner, Arizona Coyotes 2017 3rd Round Pick


To Montreal Canadiens : Scott Wilson, TJ Tynan, Tyson Strachan
To Winnipeg Jets : Cole Cassels


To Columbus Blue Jackets : Connor Bleackley, Dylan Sadowy, Jacob Larsson, Philadelphia Flyers 2016 3rd Round Pick.
To Philadelphia Flyers : Torey Krug (50% Retained Cap hit)


To Washington Capitals: Calvin De Haan, Jayce Hawryluk.
To Philadelphia Flyers: Alec Martinez


To Colorado: Travis Moen (50% Retained Cap Hit), Dylan Blujus, Linus Soderstrom
To Winnipeg: Thomas Plekanec


To Minnesota: Brendn Guhle, Winnipeg 2016 3rd Round Pick
To Winnipeg: Brian Boyle, Minnesota 2016 4th Round Pick


To Winnipeg: Erik Foley
To Philadelphia: Arizona Coyotes 2017 3rd Round Pick


To Florida Panthers: Steve Ott, Chris Neil, Philadelphia Flyers 2016 4th Round Pick
To Philadelphia Flyers: Brandon Montour, Florida Panthers 2017 3rd Round Pick


To Minnesota: Minnesota Wild 2016 Fourth Round Pick
To Winnipeg: Matt Hendricks


To Philadelphia Flyers: Christian Ehrhoff, Patric Hornqvist
To San Jose Sharks: Brent Burns


To Montreal: Lars Eller, Jared Boll
To San Jose: Mike Santorelli, Villi Saarijarvi, Montreal Canadiens 2016 3rd Round Pick


To Philadelphia: Teddy Blueger
To Winnipeg: Jake Walman


To Calgary Flames: NJ 2016 2nd Round Pick, Andy Andreoff
To New Jersey Devils: Joel Ward


To Columbus Bluejackets: Paul Martin, NSH 2016 3rd Round Pick, NSH 2016 5th Round Pick. 
To Nashville Predators: Luca Sbisa, Guillaume Brisebois, CBJ 2016 2nd Round Pick, PHI 2016 3rd Round Pick.


To Columbus: Brock McGinn, Mattias Janmark, WPG 2016 3rd Round Pick
To Minnesota : Andrew Ladd, NSH 2015 5th Round Pick


To New Jersey : PK Subban
To Toronto: Johnny Oduya, Matt Stajan, Cody Goloubef


To New Jersey: Johnny Oduya
To TorontoFrancois Beuchemin


To Florida: Adam Cracknell, PHI 2016 5th Round Pick
To Philadelphia: Martin Havlat


To Detroit: Cody Hodgson
To Edmonton: Darren Helm


To Toronto: Ben Harpur, Frank Vatrano, Jonathan Huberdeau, MIN 2016 1st Round Pick
To Minnesota: Brendan Saad, Tobias Reider


To Columbus: Brendan Guhle, Johan Larsson
To Minnesota: Jonas Enroth


To New Jersey: Marcus Johansson
To Pittsburgh: Brandon Dubinsky, Byron Froese, Joey Hishon


To Arizona: Nikita Korostelev, NJD 2016 5th Round Pick
To New Jersey: Sergey Kalinin


To Columbus : Nick Merkley, Cole Ully, Mackenzie MacEachern
To Nashville: Cal Clutterbuck


To Montreal: Carter Hutton
To Winnipeg: NJD 2016 3rd Round Pick


To New Jersey: James Neal, Viktor Stalberg
To San Jose: Marcus Johansson, Patrick Maroon


To Florida: Jonathan Bernier, Marcus Johansson
To San Jose: Petr Mrazek, Steve Ott


To Anaheim: Michael Frolik (50% Retained Salary for the 2015/2016)
To Arizona: Joshua Ho-Sang, Alexander Semin, ANA 2017 4th Round Pick


To Detroit: Matt Beleskey
To San Jose: Ryan Callahan


To New York Islanders: Kyle Clifford, Roland McKeowen, 2nd round pick 2016 (TBL)
To Tampa Bay: Kevin Hayes


To NYI: Oliver Bjorkstrand, Wpg 2nd 2017, Victor Bartley, Tuomo Ruutu, Derek Grant, Wpg 4th 2016
To Wpg: TJ Brodie, NYI 4th 2016


To New York Islanders: Matt Read
To Minnesota: 4th round pick 2016-WPG


To Edmonton: Lee Stempniak
To San Jose: Darren Helm, EDM 2016 4th Round Pick


To ArizonaJohn Scott, CGY 2016 5th Round Pick
To Calgary: Tyler Lewington

To Nashville: Sidney Crosby (11.49% retained for duration of contract), Jimmy Hayes
To New York Islanders: Drew Doughty, Cam Atkinson, PHI 2016 Third Round Pick


To Arizona: ARZ 2017 3rd Round Pick, Mathieu Joseph
To Philadelphia: Matt Calvert (10% of AAV retained for duration of contract)


To Arizona: NJD 2016 4th Round Pick
To New Jersey: Brandon Manning


To New JerseyMike Hutchinson, Danius Zubrus, Matt Green
To New York IslandersValentin Zykov, NJD 2017 3rd Round Pick


To Arizona: 2018 5th Round Pick (If Bachman plays ten games before the 2018 Entry Draft)
To New York Islanders: Richard Bachman


To Arizona: NJD 2017 1st Round Pick 
To New JerseyDavid Desharnais (50% of Contract retained for this year)


To Arizona: Detroit 2016 2nd Round Pick
To Detroit: Brad Richardson 


To Philadelphia: Mike Ribeiro
To Pittsburgh: Mikael Backlund, PHI 2017 Third Round Pick


To New Jersey: Kyle Okposo
To Pittsburgh: James Neal

To Arizona : Chris Higgins
To Philadelphia Arizona 2017 5th Round Pick

To Arizona : Jason Zucker, Bryaan Bickell, Brad Hunt, Sergei Plotnikov, NJD 4TH 2017 Round Pick
To New Jersey Devils: Klas Dahlbeck, Scott Mayfield

To ArizonaNazem Kadri
To New York Islanders
Francis Perron, Scott Laughton, VAN 2016 3rd Round Pick

To Columbus : Aleksi Saarela, PHI 2017 2nd Round Pick
To Philadelphia : Andrej Sustr

To Toronto : Travis Zajac, SJS 2016 3rd Round Pick
To San Jose : Chris Kunitz, TOR 2017 3rd Round Pick

To New York Rangers : Antti Niemi (44.44% of contract retained), Daniel Paille
To Philadelphia : Jori Lehtera, Alex Stalock, NYR 2017 5th Round Pick

To Arizona : MIN 2016 1st Round Pick, Samuel Dove-McFalls
To Toronto : Kris Versteeg

To San Jose: Mitchel Stephens, TOR 2016 4th Round Pick
To Toronto: Roman Polak

To Arizona: Gustav Olofsson
To New Jersey: Richard Panik

To New Jersey: Dwight King (50% of contract retained until 2016), Jakub Zboril, Valentin Zykov
To New York Islanders: Daniel Carr, Klas Dahlbeck, NJD 2017 2nd Round Pick

To Anaheim : NYR 2016 2nd Round Pick
To New York Rangers: Joel Edmundson

To Arizona2016 Minnesota 3rd Round Pick
To MinnesotaNick Ebert


To Arizona: WPG 2017 4th Round Pick
To WinnipegMathieu Joseph, Mackenzie Weegar


To Detroit: NYI 2017 5th Round Pick
To New York Islanders: Ben Scrivens

To ColumbusNYI 2016 3rd Round Pick, VAN 2016 3rd Round Pick
To New York IslandersPaul Martin

To MinnesotaNYI 2016 5th Round Pick
To New York Islanders: Kyle Chipchura


To Arizona: Teddy Purcell, NYR 2016 5th Round Pick
To New York RangersAaron Haydon, Zack Phillips, WPG 2016 2nd Round Pick
(Trade Backdated to 2016-02-20)


To ArizonaDainius Zubrus
To New Jersey: Cam Ward (50% of contract retained)

To New Jersey: Dustin Brown, JT Brown, Jussi Jokinen, Matt Spencer, Mackenzie Blackwood
To Tampa BayChristopher Gibson, Joel Ward, Mikko Koivu, Richard Panik, Viktor Stalberg

To Minnesota: Filip Forsberg, Mike Richards
To New Jersey
Karl Alzner, Erik Gustafsson, Radek Faksa


To Arizona : Jason Garrison, Ryan Gropp
To New Jersey : Mark Streit (50% of contract retained by Arizona for the duration of contract)


To Arizona : Tate Olson, TBL 2016 3rd Round Pick
To Tampa Bay : Jason Garrison


To Boston: Zach Bogosian
To Tampa Bay : BOS 2017 3rd Round Pick


To Arizona: Frank Corrado
To Boston: MIN 2016 3rd Round Pick

To New Jersey: Kevin Hayes (50% of contract retained), TBL 2016 1st Round Pick
To Tampa Bay: Brandon Manning, Mikhai Grigorenko, Sergey Kalinin

To Arizona : Gabriel Gagne, DET 2017 4th Round Pick
To Detroit Nick Spaling


To New Jersey: Drew Doughty, Daniel Carr

To New York Islanders: P.K. Subban, TBL 2016 1st Round Pick

To San Jose: Viktor Stalberg
To Tampa Bay
: Deryk Engelland, Jack Skille

New York Islanders: Remi Ellie, SJS 2016 5th Round Pick
To San Jose: Kyle Clifford

To Toronto: Matt Calvert, Ryan MacInnis, PHI 2017 1st Round Pick
To Philidelphia : Kris Versteeg, Anders Nilsson (22.73% of contract retained ($1,000,000))


To Arizona: David Legwand
To San JoseBrad Hunt, JS Dea


To Philadelphia: Cam Fowler, Gustav Nyquist, Tomas Nosek
To Pittsburgh: Alec Martinez, Rick Nash (35.9% of contract retained by Philadelphia for duration of contract ($2,800,000))

To BostonNYR 2016 3rd Round Pick
To New York Rangers
: Rob Scuderi (50% of cap retained for duration of contract)


To Arizona: PHI 2017 1st Round Pick, Christian Fischer, Matt Stajan
To Toronto: Pavel Datsyuk (Arizona will retain 50.00% ($3,750,000) of Datsyuk's contract for the 2015-16 season, and 26.67% ($2,000,000) for the 2016-17 season.)


To Columbus Kyle Okposo

To New Jersey : Adam Tambellini, Cody Eakin, MacKenzie MacEachern

To Arizona : Brayden Point, Dan Girardi, Dominic Moore, Markus Granlund, Mike Zelewski, Rob Scuderi, NYR 2017 3rd Round Pick, NYR 2017 4th Round Pick

To New York Rangers Curtis Valk, John Klingberg, Reid Duke, Sam Brittain, Teddy Purcell, NJD 2016 4th Round Pick


To New Jersey : Kyle Connor

To New York Islanders : David Desharnais, Michael Hutchinson (+ Conditional NJD 2018 3rd Round Pick should Michael Hutchinson lose his starter/backup roster spot during the 2016/2017 season), Negotiating rights to PA Parenteau


To Minnesota Johnny Oduya, Ludwig Bystrom, Scott Mayfield

To New Jersey Nick Foligno, Zach Trotman, 2017 3rd Round Pick


To Columbus Mikael Backlund, Jake Gardiner, 2016 4th Round Pick

To Pittsburgh David Savard. Johan Larsson


To Arizona CJB 2016 1st Round Pick (4th Overall), CBJ 2017 4th Round Pick

To Columbus : ARZ 2016 1st Round Pick (8th Overall), NJD 2017 1st Round Pick, Josh Ho-Sang, Kyle Wood


To Arizona : Dustin Brown + Conditional NJD 2018 2nd Round Pick (If Matej Stransky plays 55 or more regular season games in the NHL before the end of the 2017-2018 season.)
To New Jersey : Alex Biega, Alexandre Grenier, Jujhar Khaira, Matej Stransky

To Arizona: RFA Rights of Kevin Connauton
To Minnesota
: TBL 2016 3rd Round Pick


To Los Angeles: TBL 2016 2nd Round Pick, PHI 2016 3rd Round Pick, SJS 2016 5th Round Pick, NJD 2017 2nd Round Pick

To New York IslandersLAK 2016 1st Round Pick


To Arizona2016 SJS 5th Round Pick

To Los Angeles Kings: Evan Smith






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Anaheim Ducks

Stastny - Little - Semin

Schenn - Monahan - Stafford

Roussel - Anisimov - Namestnikov

T.Mitchell - J.Mitchell - Fast

Nolan, Stoll

Keith - Carlson

Suter - Ellis

Kindl - B.Campbell

Colaiacovo, Erixon, Nikulin

F.Andersen - Ramo

San Diego Gulls

Dwyer - Antropov - Horton

Kozun - Ferraro - Ho Sang

Ranford - O'Reilly - Pakarinen

Hannikainen - Varone - Peluso

Bertschy, J.Lowry

Morrison - Falk

Nakyva - Russo

LaLeggia - Edmundson

Valleau - Vannelli

Bachman - Copley

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small.png Dustin Brown - small.png Nazem Kadri - small.png Anthony Duclair

small.png Jason Zucker - small.png Antoine Vermette - small.png Elias Lindholm

small.png Colin Greening - small.png Matt Stajan - small.png Sam Reinhart

 small.png Markus Granlund - small.png Jared McCann - small.png Brandon Tanev

small.png Chris Higgins


small.png Dan Girardi - small.png Michael Stone

small.png Mark Stuart - small.png Nick Schultz

small.png Ben Hutton - small.png Kevin Connauton

small.png Frank Corrado, small.png Lukas Bengtsson

small.png Stephane Robidas


small.png Jacob Markstrom

small.png Calvin Pickard



  Hide contents

small.png Sebastian Aho - small.png Brayden Point - small.png Christian Fischer

small.png Mike Zalewski - small.png Drake Caggiula - small.png Brendan Perlini

small.png Bryan Bickell - small.png Jakob Forsbacka Karlsson - small.png Austin Wagner

small.png Ryan Gropp - small.png Gabriel Gagne - small.png Nic Kerdiles

small.png Samuel Dove-McFalls, small.png Frederick Gaudreau,

small.png Nikita Korostelev, small.png Brad Morrison,

small.png Kyle Pettit ,small.png Dominic Turgeon,

small.png Dmitry Zhukenov


small.png Gustav Olofsson - small.png Kevin Gravel

small.png Scott Harrington - small.png Troy Stecher

small.png Tate Olson - small.png Caleb Jones

small.png Ziyat Paigin, small.png Jonathan-Ismael Diaby,

small.png Patrick McNally


small.png Thatcher Demko


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Boston Bruins Roster:

Evander Kane - Mikael Granlund - Alex Ovechkin

Michael Raffl - Brad Richards - Mika Zibanejad

Andre Burakovsky - Jean-Gabriel Pageau - Ben Smith

Zac Rinaldo - Marcus Kruger - ?????

Joakim Andersson - Devin Setoguchi

Alex Pietrangelo - Brooks Orpik

Erik Johnson - James Wisniewski

Ben Chiarot - Frank Corrado

Michal Rozsival

Tuukka Rask

Chad Johnson

SKA St. Petersburg Roster:

Ilya Kovalchuk - Vladimir Sobotka - Alex Radulov

William Nylander - Robby Fabbri - Nikita Scherbak

Christian Dvorak - Mark Jankowski - Nicholas Baptiste

Andrew Agozzino - Devin Shore - Noah Rod

Dmytro Timashov - Jonny Brodzinski - Spencer Watson

David Booth

Matt Grzelcyk - Travis Sanheim

Josh Morrissey - Patrick Sieloff

Matt Finn - David Musil

Rob O'Gara

Zane McIntyre

Tristan Jarry

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Brock Nelson - David Backes - Blake Wheeler

Scotty Hartnell - Jacob De La Rose - Jimmy Hayes

Clarke MacArthur - Adam Henrique - Ty Rattie

Kevin Fiala - Jacob Josefson - Beau Bennett

Alex Edler - Rasmus Ristolainen

Jack Johnson - Damon Severson

Alex Petrovic - Mark Barberio

Jonathan Quick


Andreas Johnson - Jonathan Audy-Marchessault - Kasperi Kapanen

Peter Cehlarik - Jason Dickinson - Daniel Zaar

Danton Heinan - Artturi Lehkonen - Roope Hintz

Tim Bozon - Carter Verhaeghe - Gregory Chase

Anton Blidh - Rodrigo Abols - Adam Brodecki

Dominik Kubalik

Anthony DeAngelo - Chis Wideman

Stephen Johns - Darren Dietz

Joni Tuulola - Erik Gustafsson

Robin Norell - Niklas Hansson

Brett Kulak - Adam Ollas Mattsson

Matthew O'Connor

Joonas Korpisalo

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Calgary Flames

Bouma Staal Iginla
Domi Eichel Lupul
Raymond Koivu Ward
Gazdic Lecavalier Clarkson
Crouse Reinhart
OEL Ericsson
Murray Oleksiak
Hanifin Tinordi
Nunavut Narwhals

Gaunce Holmstrom Tuch
Bittner Cave Virtanen
Greenway Cotton Smith
Bondra Roy McCarron
Werenski Carlo
Cederholm Heatherington

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Ladd ©- Schiefele - Tanguay

Hoffman - Eakin - Niederreiter

Kenins - Bolland (A) - Clutterbuck

Tolchinsky - Nestrasil - Nastasiuk

Krug - Karlsson (A)

Savard - Orlov

Tennyson - Sbisa





C Joel Eriksson Ek

C Adam Tambellini

C Adam Musil

C Christoffer Ehn

LW Martin Dzierkals

LW Brenden Lemieux

D Robert Hagg

D Gustav Forsling

D Guillaume Brisebois

D Julius Bergman

D Alex Lintuniemi

G Ilya Samsonov

G Majek Tomek

G Kaapo Kahkonen

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Zetterberg Thornton Kessel (Vets)

Ehlers Bjugstad MacKinnon (Young guns)

Moulson Girgensons Grabner (lol wingers)

Ferland Samuelsson Anderson (#grit)

...............Charles Hudon + Viktor Arvidsson............... (shorty)

McDonaugh Petry (great)

Vlasic Nurse (good)

Mueller Boroweicki (meh)

............Slava Voynov............(attaboy)

Ondrej Pavalec (dud)

.....Anti Raannta..... (Hammond #2?)

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Playoff Roster

Marian Gaborik - Joe Pavelski - Tommy Wingels
Andrew Cogliano - Mike Fisher - Chris Stewart
Vernon Fiddler - Nick Spaling - Pierre-Edourd Bellemare
Brandon Mashinter - Luke Glendening - Chris Wagner
Tom Sestito

(Possibles: Matt Beleskey)

Brent Seabrook - Shea Weber
Kyle Quincey - Brayden Mcnabb
Trevor Daley - Michal Rozsival

Barret Jackman, Ian Cole

(Possibles: Jonas Gustavsson)

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Landeskog - Toews - Sharp

Kreider - Stepan - Abdelkader

DSP - Coyle - Kassian

Beck - Hodgson - VandeVelde

Kronwall - Scandella

Cowen - Ceci

Holden - Ference

Mike Smith


Barbashev, Sissons, Galiev, Salomaki, McKenzie,

Marincin, Dunn, Fleury, Tryamkin

Grosenik, Comrie

PM me offers, no one is untouchable

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Florida Panthers


Milan Lucic  - Nicklas Backstrom - TJ Oshie

Tomas Hertl - Oscar Lindberg - Jordan Eberle

Sven Baertschi - Chris Tierney - Alex Burmistrov

Steve Ott - Chris Brown - Chris Neil


Colton Parayko  - Erik Gudbranson

Dion Phaneuf - Zdeno Chara

Nikita Zadorov - Josh Gorges



Yevgeni Medvedev

Dylan Demelo

Dylan Mcilrath

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Jaden Schwartz - Eric Staal (A) - Mats Zuccarello

Ondrej Palat - Ryan Kesler © - Tyler Toffoli

Brad Marchand (A) - Cedric Paquette - Troy Brouwer

Lauri Korpikoski - Nate Thompson - Justin Fontaine

Kyle Brodziak - Jay McClement

Andrei Markov - Mike Green

Thomas Hickey - Tom Gilbert

Eric Gryba - Jordie Benn

Patrik Nemeth - Josh Manson

Ben Bishop

Reto Berra


Pavel Buchnevich - Phillip Danault - Nikolay Goldobin

Steve Bernier - Paul Byron - Connor Brown

Matthew Peca

Michael Matheson - Jake McCabe

Ahti Oksansen - Michael Paliotta

Dalton Thrower

Linus Ullmark

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photo.jpgMinnesota Wild

GM: BaerOxHitman

AGM: Gstank29


Andrew Ladd - Jeff Carter(A) - Vladimir Tarasenko
Brendan Saad  - Tyler Bozak - Nick Foligno©
Phil Di Guiseppe - Kyle Chipchura - Tobias Reider
Andreas Martinsen - Jordan Martinook  - Blake Comeau

Ryan White

IR: Bobby Farnham, David Pastrnak

Alex Goligoski - Johnny Boychuck
Karl Alzner - Alex Petrovic
Mark Stuart(A) - Ron Hainsey

Kevin Connauton - Zach Trotman

Darcy Kuemper

Jhonas Enroth

Jonas Hiller

QLHMTOuU_normal.jpegHartford Mariners


Anton Slepyshev - Michael Chaput - Nikita Soshnikov

Lucas Lessio - Dominik Simon - Borna Rendulić

Jeff Tambellini - Travis Boyd - Bryan Ferlin

Brendan Woods - Barclay Goodrow

Seth Helgeson - Raman Hrabarenka

Brett Lernout - Oleg Yevenko

Ben Harpur - Zach Trotman

Petter Granberg

Marek Mazanec

F Vaclav Karabacek

D Michael Brodzinski

G Joren Van Pottelberghe

G Collin Olson

Cap: $71,400,000

Used: $67,900,000

Remaining: $3,500,000

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Silfverberg - Connor - Kucherov

Hayes - Faksa - Rantanen

King - Jokinen - Hemsky

Carr - Eakin - Brown

Reserves: ___



Doughty - Carlson

Keith - Gustofsson

Alzner - Orpik

Reserves: Greene, Coburn









Tambellini - Nieves - Hunt

Poturalski - Karlsson - Zykov

McCormick - Dzingel - Stransky

 MacEachern - Khaira - Hathaway

Sekac - Carpenter - Kero

Nejezchleb - Acciari - Jackman



Skjei - Heed

Nelson - Trotman

Poolman - Spencer

Murphy - Lagesson

Nikulin, Mezseros








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