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 The moral of this game is school is for chumps, just be filthy rich. 

And good game to all. And thank you for hosting Butler Fetch.

Thanks for hosting, Zfetch. Really interesting twist to the game with the off-campus flavours that we had to choose from.

Unfortunately, it was my choice on one of the flavours that directly killed Baka. But we won so no big deal, right?

In all fairness the Mafia also came to kill me that night so I was doomed even if I didn't accidentally kill myself xD I do love how the only round where Zfetch said the choices were obvious is the one where we shot ourselves in the foot xD I was trying to build up Baer at the time though and make him the juiciest target for the Mafia.

It worked out well though. Gaining a teammate after the 1st round was huge though and made things much easier than playing the role alone plus you carried us and closed out the win which I feel is pretty hard to do late.

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Host Signups:


Kryten - Republican Party

MR - Jack the Ripper



Virtanen - DBZ

Fox Mulder 


Time Lord 

Aladeen - Star Wars pt I

Aladeen - Star Wars pt II

BOH - Mortal Kombat


Correct me if there's any mistakes

Would it be rude if just ignored that list and started a small game right now? The top 4 people on that list haven't even played for a while anyways.



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