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[GDT] MTL @ VAN | Oct 27 | 7PM | SNV/RDS/CITYM


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Good GDT....

-Carey Price means business when he comes to play the Canucks (he usually wears a cowboy hat to the rink) ,and he puts on a good show....Calgary and Edmonton fans are always complaining because they always get the Habs back up goalie.

-I like WD's lines for this game..I predict one of McCann,Jake,Sven to have a good game...I hope its Jake....

-Alex Burrows will take a dumb penalty...I don't know if it's being a Francophone or being over stimulated....I predicted this last year on the  last Habs-Canucks GDT...,sure enough,Burrows elbowed Lemelin in the head, and gets suspended.

-Will be a good test for the Canucks..Should be a good game..



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As a Canucks fan from Montreal, I really hope they can stop Montreal's streak. So please make me proud in front my friends. 

Would've been better if Kassian didn't crash his car but instead throwing punches with Prust. Canucks won the trade, please win the game too.


3-2 Canucks

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Horvat's line should match up against their 1st line and shut their a**e* down. (their big scorers).

Not sure how our team can go o'fer on this homestand...They win 3-2 in OT McCann with the winner!

Like Willie would put him out if there is gonna be OT :picard:

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I do think our guys get motivated to break opposing team streaks. They don't get intimidated at all they just get that bulls eye in their sights.

Side note hope Kassian is doing better.

Dale Weise has 3 goals and 5 points. More than Daniel, Henrik and Vrbata. Thanks Torts haha

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