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Evander Kane under sex offense investigation


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Evander Kane, a Buffalo Sabres left winger, is the subject of a sex offense investigation by Buffalo police for an incident that allegedly occurred Sunday morning in a downtown hotel room near First Niagara Center, three police sources have told The Buffalo News.

Kane has not been charged with any crime, and law enforcement officials would confirm only that there is an ongoing investigation by officers from the department’s Sex Offense Squad.

“We have an investigation ongoing,” a Buffalo police source said. “We are not naming the suspect, and we do not expect it to be resolved in the very near future.”

Another law enforcement source said the woman was having “memory issues.”

The team reported that Kane, 24, was absent from practice Sunday morning for personal reasons. Kane’s practice jersey was hanging in his stall Sunday morning, with all unused equipment in place, after the team’s practice. The locker room door was closed for longer than usual after practice ended, and player interviews were rushed.

A law enforcement source said Kane is represented by Buffalo attorney Paul J. Cambria. Cambria, when contacted Sunday, declined to comment.

The Sabres have not responded to The Buffalo News regarding a comment on the situation.

Kane’s agent, Craig Oster of Newport Sports Management, did not return calls for comment.

Evander Kane, a Vancouver native, has eight goals and five assists in 25 games in his first season on the Sabres since joining the team from the Winnipeg Jets.

Evander Kane, who arrived in Buffalo via trade in February, has been doing well to fit in with the Sabres after a tumultuous stay with his previous team. He repeatedly asked for trades from Winnipeg and was finally dealt after a reported locker-room incident with teammates that included his clothes being thrown into a shower.

In October, Evander Kane rented a helicopter and took two Sabres teammates to Toronto for a baseball playoff game. He has also tried to reshape his image by donating time and money to the Boys and Girls Club of Buffalo. Evander Kane took 60 children to dinner and an arcade in November, and this month he treated 50 kids from the club to dinner and a $10,000 Christmas shopping spree at Target.

Evander Kane scored a goal Saturday night during a game against the Boston Bruins, in Boston. The team’s next game is at home Monday against the Washington Capitals.


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Just now, Delta76 said:

Here we go again. Not much info has been released.

All I'm saying is innocent until proven guilty

I am hoping people learnt their lesson and are not going to jump to conclusions either way. But that just seems like wishful thinking. This thread like the last one will likely be a gong show.

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6 minutes ago, Green Building said:

I quick-scanned the title as Kane under sex offense investigation and thought "WTH, again?"  

Yea no doubt, in Buffalo too. Kinda strange,

1. An NWO false flag operation secretly illuminating some ancient mystical protocol.

2. A strange coincidence highlighting the frequency of unreported or under reported crimes of similar nature.


#2 is waaay freaking scarier.

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