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Dank became the #1 goal scorer for the Nucks...who was/is your favorite?


Dank is now the #1 scorer in Canuck history..who is your favorite?  

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I grew up in the WCE era, so Nazzy is nostaglic for me. It's really hard to pick though. Linden and Danny are both up there too. I never saw Bure play in VAN live, nor did I see Smyl, so they didn't have that much of an impact on me.

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1 minute ago, ShakyWalton said:

Looks like its between Pavel and Gus..lol....this poll doesnt have Hank because it is goal scorers only in here..Hank needs his own for assists..

I think Hank is our best all time player.  I sure loved how exciting Pavel was though.  

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bure provided the best entertainment value per viewing dollar spent

he was always noticeable and could light things up at any moment

his pure talent was so noticeable, his speed, speed with the puck, nice moves, good shot, take no prisoners attitude

i'll never forget "the elbow"

other players learned to not mess with pavel

and of course gino was always lurking as well

edit: oh . and that pass from brown and resulting goal is also still branded in my brain

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20 minutes ago, Googlie said:

Tony Tanti was one of the best .... 45 goals as a 2 0 year old!!


Daniel could easily have 1500 goals by now had he played in that era with such worthless goalie equipment imo. 

Daniel / Henrik > breathing air > Universe > the wheel > penicillin > water > everything  

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Linden scored at the first game I ever attended. My dad took me when I must have been five or six. He was my favourite player for a long time. Then it was the WCE that really got me even watching the Canucks. But the Sedins have been front and centre for most of my hockey watching life and it's been a treat. I went with Dank on this one.

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