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1 minute ago, Beluga Whale said:

This is TL tunneling right now. He's not even considering Kaka because I'm apparently just soooo scummy. Not very TP of you TL.



Kaka has been posting suspiciously, but that's not out of character for her as TP or mafia.


So maybe it actually is best to judge her faction based on what others say. If by some crazy chance you are TP, I'll reconsider...

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1 minute ago, Baka said:

Sorry for the absence I am truly back and active now. Though I would like to I don't have the will to truly go back through all of the pages now outside of skimming so I may just ask questions on some areas I am gray on.



Did any TP use their kill last night? Or can we assume it was mainly just Mafia kills with one wasted on BW?

Doughty most likely used his kill on BW, and it was saved by his medkit.

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The following is presented as a public service by  RIP Press, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ghostly Press, a division of Wraith Publishing Inc.


Round Two Vote Occurrences


page 39 - fwybwed votes BW
              - JL votes BW
         40 - Virt votes BW
              - Baer votes BW
              - Jazz votes BW
          41- TL votes BW
          42 - BW votes Kaka
          43 - M&H votes BW
          44 - otherwise votes Dr.S  :lol: (joke - rep farming)
               - Otherwise votes Baer
          45 - Bassi votes fwybwed
               - GFY votes Kaka
          46 - M&H unvotes BW
               - M&H votes Baer

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2 minutes ago, OurTimeToShine said:

Vote g_bassi


didn't completely read everything but I tried to scan through most and I tend to believe BW so I'm voting for someone off his list tbh



Yeah but no ones voted for G_bassi, if you want to save BW you should go for Baer or Kaka due to them being the only ones close to BW. Vote for one of them and I'll join you.



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2 minutes ago, milk and honey said:

I didn't like his vote and we need to vote together to win number wise against the bw bandwagon.



vote g_bassi

Yeah but if we're trying to save BW we should go for Baer or Kaka since they already have 2 votes to their names

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