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PCFL - 2016-2017 Fantasy Hockey League


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I have been thinking of doing a fantasy league for a long time and now It's finally time to start one.


Welcome to PCFL, this league is a full fantasy draft consisting of 40 players that will happen over the summer until the start of the season. *2016 NHL Draft Eligable players will be included in the initial draft*




Please send me a PM and do NOT post in this thread asking if you can be a GM. Let me know your 2 team options.


ana.png -  Blue Jay 22

pho.png -  Gstank29 
bos.png -  inane
buf.png -  Dion Phaneuf
cgy.png -  Gally
car.png -  Captain Woodget
chi.png -  Patrick Kane
col.png -  Go Faulk Yourself
cob.png -  DoughtysCheck
70x70_dallas-stars_logo.png -  Tigs
det.png -  TheRussianRocket.
edm.png -  MikeyBoy44

fla.png -  BM24
los.png  Drouin
min.png -  Baer.
mon.png -  Spotted Zebra
Nashville_Predators_70.png -  Jaku
njd.png -  Mike Vanderhoek 
nyi.png -  Kazmanian Devil  Featuring  Spoderman
nyr.png -  Alain Vigneault
ott.png - Ilya Kovalchuk.

phi.png -  Squeak
pit.png -  ItsMillerTime
san.png -  Master Mind
stl.png -  Mimerez
tam_nonWhite.1_70x70.png -  kj29
tor.png -  Caboose
van.png -  AriGold
was.png -  OurTimeToShine
wpg.png -  DralJimLahey





Commissioner: AriGold
Trade Tracker: AriGold
Player Agent: AriGold





Entry Draft Rules


1. If you wish to trade picks you must have an equal number of picks going back and forth.


2. Time Limits


May-June - 12 hour Draft limits are 7am-12am PST.

July-August - 6 hour Draft limits are 7am-12am PST.

September - 1 hour Draft limits are 7am-12am PST.


3. At the very end of the draft you will have the chance to send me 2 contracts for players that don't fit their fantasy value. 

EX. Brooks Orpik, David Clarkson, Dave Bolland etc.


Don't send me Sedins or Soderberg etc. 


4. http://www.draftpicklottery.com/ I will use this website to determin the draft order. You have to trust that I didn't cheat. I will shuffle the lottery 5 times. On the 5th time that will be the order we use.



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The scoring structure is:



Goal/Assist: 3 points

PP Point: +1 point

SH Point: +3 points

OT Point: +3 points

GWG: +3 points

PIM: 1 point per minute

+/- : 1 points per each + rating

Hattrick: +3 Points

SO Winning Goal: +1 Point



Goal/Assist: 5 points

PP Point: +1 point

SH Point: +3 points

OT Point: +3 points

GWG: +3 points

PIM: 1 point per minute

+/- : 1 points per each + rating

Hattrick: +3 points

SO Winning Goal: +1 Point



Win: 10 points

OTL: 5 points

SO: +10 points

Goal: 99 points

Assist: 10 points

PIM = 1 point per minute



Goals scored by the players on your team


1) Like the real life NHL, the top 3 teams in each division will make the playoffs, as well as 2 wildcards per conference. We follow the exact same playoff format as the NHL and the same scoring structure from the regular season applies. 


2) In order to keep 15 teams in each conference, we altered the divisions from the ones the NHL uses.


Here are the divisions:


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1) Teams must consist of a 23 man roster. This roster is made out of: 2 goaltenders, 7 or 8 defensemen, 13 or 14 forwards. Teams are not able to go over these numbers.


You may only have 1 starting goaltender. Here is the list of goaltenders that are considered to be a starter. List is subject to change.

Jonathan Quick, G
Devan Dubnyk, G
Pekka Rinne, G
Braden Holtby, G
Henrik Lundqvist, G
Martin Jones, G
Tuukka Rask, G
Roberto Luongo, G
Ben Bishop, G
Craig Anderson, G
Corey Crawford, G
Marc-Andre Fleury, G
Cory Schneider, G
Semyon Varlamov, G
Cam Talbot, G
Petr Mrazek, G
Steve Mason, G
Cam Ward, G
Ryan Miller, G
Antti Niemi, G
Chad Johnson, G
Frederik Andersen, G
Brian Elliott, G
Carey Price
Louis Domingue, G
Jonathan Bernier, G
Sergei Bobrovsky, G
Karri Ramo, G
Jaroslav Halak, G
Ondrej Pavelec, G

2) The Salary Cap for this league will be 71.4M. Please keep this in mind while making moves for your team. The cap floor will be 52.8M. Any teams out of these perimeters will be given 24 hours to make themselves cap compliant or they will face consequences. In the offseason, teams may surpass the cap limits by 10%, as long as they are cap compliant when October 1st comes.

3) Teams may name their own minor league teams. Minor league teams have a limit of 27 players under contract.


4) Teams may call up or send down players freely assuming no waivers is needed. There will be a 12:00 PM PST cutoff for roster moves every day so make sure you make your moves before then to have them eligible for that nights games! 


5) A skater will be eligible for waivers once they have surpassed 26 years of age, or played in 150 NHL games (roughly 2 seasons). A goaltender will be eligible for waivers once they have surpassed 26 years of age, or played in 80 NHL games. Post trade deadline, waivers will be off. A player called up/sent down must stay on your active roster or minor league team for at least 1 week. If an injury occurs to another player, this rule is void if you want to call up the player that was previously sent down under a week ago. Teams can send players down to the minors, bypassing waivers anytime during the offseason until October 1st.


6) Teams will be penalized for all players over the age of 26 that are sent down or "buried" in the minors with a caphit exceeding 925K. The team will have to have the players salary still counting towards their cap, minus 925K. For example, if Player A is 27 years old and makes 1M, and was sent to the minors, Player A's team will be charged with a 75K penalty towards their cap. If Player B is 30 years old, makes 6M, and is sent to the minors, their team will be charged with a 5.075M cap penalty. 


If the player in the minors with a cap penalty is called back up to the NHL roster, the cap penalty goes away.


7) If a player is placed on the injured reserve in real life, you may put them on the injured reserve in this game, freeing up cap space in the process. To place a player on the IR, just make a post in the thread. To activate a player off the injured reserve, just post as well. If a player is on the injured reserve for your team, but is playing in the NHL, we will notify you in the thread notifying you that you have 48 hours to activate them off of the IR. If you fail to do so, your top player will be suspended for a minimum of 2 games. If the player is still on the IR after these 2 games, your top player will be suspended for a week. If he stays suspended for a week, you will also lose your first round pick.


8) Teams have the option to send their players into a "Prospects Section". Here, teams won't lose out on a year of their players contracts (must be a players entry level contract). To be eligible for the Prospects Section, a player must be on their ELC and are not eligible to be recalled at any point in the year (so be careful with who you designate to this section). At the end of the year, when every other player loses a year of their contract, these players will retain the same contract as they had the previous year. There will be a maximum of 3 contract carry overs per team per year. You must announce which 3 players you are designating to apply for this by the first day of the regular season.


9) For any players selected in the entry draft they will automatically be given salaries based on where they are drafted in the REAL 2016 NHL draft. They will be given the following salaries.


1st - 3rd : $3,750,000
4th - 10th : $2,500,000
11th - 20th : $2,000,000
21st - 30th : $1,500,000
31st - 60th : $1,000,000
61st - 90th : $750,000



1) Teams may make an unlimited amount of trades, but both GMs involved in the trade must PM myself for the trade to go through. Points are not transferred when a player is traded. For example, if Henrik Sedin has 82 Fantasy Points for Vancouver and then is traded to Boston, his fantasy point totals remain on Vancouver. Sedin would start on Boston with 0 fantasy points. Trades are not official until they are posted by me in the thread. All trades are backdated to the day they were submitted to the league and agreed upon by both GMs, so teams will not miss out on any points. Players who are traded must remain at the same league level as they were on their original team at the time of the trade (Active roster to active roster, minors to minors, etc. ) unless they are eligible to be assigned otherwise. Waivers rules apply to players who are subject to waivers before being sent down if teams want to place a player from his original teams active roster in the minors.


2) Teams may retain up to 50% of a players contract for as many years as they want. In total, teams are allowed to retain parts of 3 players caps and teams are allowed to have 3 players with a retained cap per year. All three of the retained players may not have a retained value of more than 10M.


3) We have a zero tolerance for backing out of deals. If you send in a trade, and it is accepted by both GM's, that trade will go through no matter what. If a GM edits the deal, the other GM can invite me to their trade talk conversations and I will let the deal go through. Back out of a deal once, and the deal will go through. Back out of a deal twice, and the deal will go through and you will lose a first round pick. Back out of a deal three times, and you will be fired.


4) Our league honous NTC's and NMC's. To get a player to waive his clause, you must PM the player agent with valid reasons for the player to waive. Some players have LNTC's which allow them to control who they want or don't want to go to. If you want a list from one of these players, please ask the player agent.


1) All unsigned players not eligible for our next entry draft are considered free agents. To sign these players, PM the player agent. 


Unsigned drafted players or free agents will be able to sign a deal worth maximum 925K, but signing bonuses can bump these deals up to at the most 3.775M.


2) Starting October 1st, teams can attempt to resign one pending UFA and one pending RFA. If for some reason one player doesn't want to resign at that time, teams can move onto negotiations with another player until they have signed one pending UFA and one pending RFA.

Once January 1st comes, teams are now free to resign all of their pending UFA's and all of their pending RFA's. Please keep in mind that some players may not want to resign.

Once October 1st comes again in the next year, this process repeats, but with the next years pending UFA's and RFA's.


3) Players that are 26 years old or younger are Restricted Free Agents (RFA's). Players that are 27 years or older are UFA's. Teams must have their RFA's qualified by Jun.30 or they will become unrestricted free agents. To quailfy an RFA, just PM me saying you want them to be qualified. Teams won't be able to resign all of their UFA's and on July 5th, all unsigned UFA's will hit the FA market.

4) On July 5th, all unsigned RFA's are eligible to be offersheeted. When a player is offersheeted by another team, the team that owns the rights to the player will have 48 hours to either match the offer or take the compensation. The compensation is:

Less than $1,205,377 Nothing

$1,205,377-to-$1,826,328 Third-round pick

$1,826,328-to-$3,652,659 Second-round pick

$3,652,659-to-$5,478,986 First and third-round picks

$5,478,986-to-$7,305,316 First, second and third-round picks

$7,305,316-to-$9,131,645 Two firsts, a second and third-round picks

$9,131,645 or greater Four first-round picks


When offersheeting a player, teams must have their own draft picks. If a team matches an offersheet, they cannot trade the player for 1 year.

5) Our league will have two buyout periods. One after the playoffs conclude and one while NHL training camps are on. Both periods will last two weeks long.



1) At the end of every year, before the real NHL draft, we will hold a 5 round draft. Here, you can draft players that are eligible to be drafted in real life.

We will also have a draft lottery and all the teams that missed the playoffs will have a shot at getting the #1 pick.

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1 minute ago, Stamkos said:

What is a PM. I'd understand this if I new what that is

Sorry boss, I would like to help you but you need to spend some time around the message boards before you can enter a league this complexed.


Best of luck.

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1 minute ago, AriGold said:

Sorry boss, I would like to help you but you need to spend some time around the message boards before you can enter a league this complexed.


Best of luck.

Got it

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