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[Mafia] Ned's Declassified School Survivor Guide....GAME OVER - Town Survived High School


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I better see people chuckling hard at this title.


But yeah, Ned (only confirmed TP) and the crew going up against Loomer (only confirmed Mafia) and his boys. Characters in this game may or may not have random affiliations from what would appear in the show. Character claim if you're comfortable.


1.  PMs allowed, no quoting host or screenshots.

2.  Lynch, SK, Mafia, Vig is the kill order for this game.  So use that info wisely.

3.  Roles will depend on how many people join.



1. thejazz97

2. Qwags

3. JohnLocke

4. fwybwed

5. falcon45ca

6. Time Lord

7. g_bassi13

8. Aladeen

9. Zfetch

10. Dr.Strangelove

11. Dral

12. one one two

13. Kazmanian Devil

14. Gstank29

15. King Heffy

16. otherwise

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58 minutes ago, WhoseTruckWasIt said:

Do you have to have played before?  I've only played at the campfire.  Sounds ballin' though.

Virt you don't have to pretend you and your dupes are always welcome to play!

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