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Hockey's Future To Be Shut down July 1st, 2016. Plan the Parade!

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According to reddit, HF will be shut down for good starting next month.


Unfortunately for the world the HF Forums may continue to exist.





Earlier today it was revealed that Evolve Media (the parent company that owns Crave Online, which runs Hockey's Future) will flip the switch on Hockey's Future and on July 1st 2016 and the site will cease to exist.


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It wouldn't make much sense for Crave to acquire one of the largest sports forums on the web just to shut it down. Hockey's Future, on the other hand, is complete crap and I'm surprised it managed to last as long as it has. Prospect ratings were ridiculously inconsistent from team to team, and the articles made it pretty clear that none of the people writing actually watched any of the players they were writing about.


Glad the boards are staying up though. It's kinda like CDC in that as long as you avoid the "main boards", there's decent discussion to be had. 

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3 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

I wonder if the HFBoards were to shut down at some point, how much increase in unfavourable traffic would there be on CDC.





There are already clearly enough HFBoard only users who only come here to troll.

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11 minutes ago, SwedeHockey said:

There is only one down side to losing HFBoards. 


They'll all come to CDC! 

How are you a mod now?


Not chirping, just curious to how you got it so quickly considering you have only been here about a year and a half and have only 1500 posts. 

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