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[Report] Carlyle Potentially Returning to Anaheim


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21 minutes ago, Top_Shelf said:

What real good news,  now let's promote Green to fill in Gulutzan's spot. 

I could be completely out to lunch, but I seem to remember hearing that Green only wanted to come to the NHL as a Head Coach, which is why he did not come up when WD was hired.

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3 minutes ago, HerrDrFunk said:

For serious? Are we as Canuck fans totally overvaluing Green's abilities or are Anaheim and Calgary that dumb?

Probably a little bit of both. Though, I can sort of see a slither of reasoning for Anaheim's hire because they want a familiar face and someone who will hold players responsible (Cough, Getzlaf and Perry).


I have no idea what the Flames are doing though. Gulutzan was terrible with Dallas and subpar at best with the Nucks.

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